Chris Wallace warns Republicans ‘salivating’ over the rise Bernie

Chris Wallace warns Republicans ‘salivating’ over the rise Bernie

100 thoughts on “Chris Wallace warns Republicans ‘salivating’ over the rise Bernie

  1. Your caution will be worth it if you are sincere…you’re not, so it’s not worth it. Mind you , Trump phenomenon then was not crazy in reality, it was what common people wanted… but Bernie’s case is different, he’s so far left, even the moderates are crying…and independents are not for his ideas.

  2. Bernie will be assassinated before he is inaugurated if he ever happened to win the election. Communism must never rise in America.

  3. Fox you're deceiving Americans, by omitting real crimes committed by the Deep State! Seems you're no different than NBC or CNN! You've been corrupted by the politics 0f this day!

  4. Trump support is growing. We are excited to vote and will show up in record numbers. We dont care about the anti Trumper chris wallace!!!!!

  5. Chris Wallace nobody looks to you as a man with any intelligents wisdom or common sense. All you have is jealousy anger and unpopularity.

  6. Don't worry if burney wins you won't have to worry about Cuba and communist in Cuba because burney will have them running the country as in Venezuela that is what happens when you let communist stay in power only 90 mile from USA.

  7. Chris wallace hates America juat as much as his father did…
    Nobody cares what you think..
    Go back to the demoncrat news channels….

  8. Both these ppl suck. They are horrible excuses for human beings. I wish them no harm but they are completely irrelevant and they still don’t know it.

  9. How Chris Wallace keeps the job with Fox is a mystery. They might justify it with 'balance' but most of us would say stuff balance and sack the prick.

  10. Admit it Chris you do not like trump and you know it why don’t you quit putting on a show and man up admit be a man.

  11. Chris Wallace and his smug attitude towards Trump is getting old. He seriously can't stand Trump. That's ok though, because the American Patriots/People/Citizens LOVE him.

  12. I don't think we have anything to worry about Chris. Americans that have never even voted before will be coming out of the woodwork to support Trump in the 2020 elections.

  13. The demofarts nominee's look like they need to apply for another position and not as a leader of a country because they all look ready to go working as underground managers and create a public holiday for the people to see them of on their journey to hell

  14. President Trump can't Loose, the Democrats are a bunch of loosers! they are Stupid Morons, The main one is a Crazed Bolshevik Communist Nut that belongs behind bars of a Mental Institution, a Dirty Rotten Good For Nothing Communist Russian Lover. He wants to make America just like Russia, and Idiots are buying into it. Just imagine your children living like Poor Russians living in Tents all over America, and every American city with human crap on sidewalks. That is what Crazy Bolshevik Bernie adores!

  15. Trump calls climate change a hoax. This way it gets easy for people like Bolsonaro to pursue his economical progress. The only thing the populists want is immediate gain. 120,000 square kilometres of tropical forest were lost in 2018
    The world’s tropical forests are shrinking at a staggering rate, the equivalent of 30 football pitches per minute. Whilst some of this loss may be attributed to natural causes such as wildfires, forest areas are primarily cleared to make way for cattle or agricultural production such as palm oil and soybeans. Deforestation contributes to global carbon emissions because trees naturally capture and lock away carbon as they grow.

    When forest areas are burnt, carbon that took decades to store is immediately released back into the atmosphere. Tropical deforestation is now responsible for 11 per cent of the world’s CO2 emissions – if it were considered a country, tropical deforestation would be the third-largest emitter after China and the US.

  16. If by some ungodly event Bernie Sanders were to be placed as president there would undoubtedly be a huge war against communism on American soil. My take on Bernie is that he is only running to gain another house and paycheck from the DNC

  17. So tired of John Roberts putting out Leftist ideas in his reporting. He does it in a covert unassuming way. But if you consistently listen to his reporting you can see a pattern of him trying to undermine President Trump and all of US that support the President. John Roberts is a danger to the RIGHT. I urge all of you to listen and understand just what John Roberts is. He is FAKE NEWS and THE ENEMY OF FREE PEOPLE. Chris Wallace is cut from the same cloth as John Roberts.

  18. Chris Wallace, you needn't worry, we all will be out to vote and make sure President Trump keeps his job and we take the House and keep the Senate. I'm sure much to you and your friends chagrin.

  19. Maybe it's actually Chris Wallace whose salivating over the thought of Bernie Sanders winning the presidency. Frickin Communist.



  21. Chris is right tho. It will be a big mistake for conservatives to take Sanders as a joke. Don't underestimate his appeal.

  22. Ok Chris. We all know you hate our great President! Say what you will but no one can compare to TRUMPS RECORD. NO ONE WILL COME CLOSE.

  23. We the Republicans need to Salivate A lot more for what this President Trump went through and the Republican Party……But we are Not over confidante The Silly DEMOCRATE Party,.thinking they got the world with your Corrupted ,.Evil Party as they are….Hate as you will….
    We the Republicans will go on to VICTORY TO ENJOY OUR SUCCESS AND FREEDOM……

  24. Chris Wallace's father would roll over in his grave if he knew what his loser son is spewing. No integrity like his Dad.

  25. We The People are not planning to become Communists …. the Democratic Party shouldn’t have any chance to win if we love our Nation.

  26. Chris Wallace, Republicans aren’t afraid of anything let alone Bloomberg. Didn’t Hillary have more money than Trump ? She spent millions trying to win . Where did that get her ? Plus she committed voter fraud on top of that and still she didn’t win .

  27. Yeah, lets get rid of everybody who may have an opinion that differs from ours! Who the hell needs free speech anyway? What we need is a press that only shares our way of thinking, controlled by one party with an all powerful ruler! Yeah, thats the ticket!

  28. I still can't understand why we allow Women & Bolshevik Commies run for commander in chief of our country. But I'm just a silly woman what do I know.

  29. I have no use for Wallace, as he is not far & balanced. He comes across as a socialist sympathizer, therefore he must have communist leanings. He will be exposed if it is such, as all will be by Father God.

  30. turns out that there is some appeal associated with a Jewish carpenter that advocates for the poor and the sick running for president.

  31. Hey Fox News We know you are under Disney's leftist control now but if you want to continue having viewers I suggest dropping Wallace, Williams, Cavuto, Rivera and Judge Nap just for starters !

    BERNIEE IS WAY TOO OLD PHYSICALLY??😳😳😳🍄🍄🍄🐷🤚🤚🤚🤚🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛

  33. Difference between Socalist voters and general population voters. Socalist stay home because their parents are too busy to shuttle them to a polling place to vote.

  34. Bernie's strong showing is a win win for Trump and Republicans (and America). It leaves us with two scenarios – Sanders wins outright and Trump destroys a socialist (and socialism) in the general. As the DNC knows too well, every single poll with any semblance of credibility at all shows that America as a whole will not abide a socialist in the White House. It's why they had to ensure that he would lose to Hillary in 2016 (that and their big money donors don't like Bernie's policies) and why they have to find a way to make sure he doesn't win in 2020 which leads us to scenario #2 – A brokered convention where the super delegates steal the nomination from Sanders and hand it to their preferred choice which would lead to violence in Milwaukee and the implosion of the Democrat party (my personal preference).

  35. I gave up on Trump when he gave up on the working class that elected him.
    Bernie 2020
    The best last hope of the working class in this century.
    Vote Blue, but only Bernie will do.

  36. None wants Socialists governing this BEAUTIFUL country!. Democrats are leftists, socialists, liberal, killers of babies, they will not win. No Communists in this nation. Go to Cuba or Venezuela!!! Impossible to think Democrats will win. No, this will be a chaos. God help us.this nation will be down!!! No more power, no more America great again! Bye. Bye.

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