china white 1989 full movie( sub .english )

china white 1989  full movie( sub .english )

“China White” Hey, fuck off. What the fuck you mean by fuck off? – This bike is mine.
– Yours? How to prove? Don’t fool! Give me. Go back to tell your big brother. This is our Vietnam’s territory. Don’t you ever come again. Let’s go… Let’s eat. Let’s eat. Uncle Chi. Uncle Chi. Bobby, Danny. How are you? Come on in. Be seated. Bobby. – Something wrong?
– No. Bobby. Uncle Chi, happy birthday. Happy birthday to you and – May you a long life.
– Alright. Thank you. Let me do it. It’s so nice. I said he’d like it. What happened to you? Nothing. Don’t fool me. What happened? The Vietnamese said the Saigon Restaurant is theirs. It’s Phong’s boys. Did you take the money from you? No, they just took Saigon’s. Damn it. I’ll rip their heads off. – Danny.
– Yes? There will be no blood on my birthday. We can’t let them get away with that. – Danny.
– What? Cool down. Don’t forget that today is his birthday. Come. I want you to find out where the bastards are. – Come back to tell me asap, got it?
– Got it. Get some new clothes. Don’t wear like a beggar. – Thank you.
– Go ahead. – Uncle Chi
– Yes? Why don’t we control Amsterdam? What do you mean? There is more out there than just Chinatown. We can drive away the Italians and Turks so that we can control Amsterdam. There’ll be more trouble. Do you think the Italians and Turks will just disappear? By then, we will have to fight for every corner. Then we’ll fight back there will be chance we win. Bobby… a lot of people will die for it. I’d like to keep the present situation. Okay? I know. Alright. Uncle Chi, – we’ll meet you back at the restaurant later.
– Okay, see you later. What exactly do you want? – Okay, later…
– Be quick. Put it back to your pocket. See you later. Don’t take me to pick up chicks. No. He always asks me to introduce a chick for him. That brat. Look at this. Watch carefully. Stand up. Turn around. Turn around. – Look at her butt.
– Alright. Wait. Look, that’s a nice butt. Her butt is round and big. – I can help myself.
– Let’s go, Danny. I can’t take anymore. – Why the haste?
– We’re busy. I must do her. Please. Please. You go on ahead, I’ll see you later. Danny, we have to go. No, really. Just take five minutes. Why the impatience. She won’t leave. But later on, she’ll not going to be a virgin. Danny, don’t be that silly, will you? She’s not a virgin now. She’s new girl. Wait here. Alright. She’s yours for tonight. Alright. You can take your time and do her. Thanks. Shut the fuck up, bastard. It isn’t your street. You mother fucker. Damn it. In the future, I won’t allow… the existence of such people in my territory. – What?
– We need order. Amsterdam is too chaotic. Everyone has its own little stand, and fight for every little piece of action. The fucking Italians sit back and watch. It takes muscle that we ain’t got. No, it takes organization that we ain’t got. As long as we can control Chinese. It’s very simple. Stop dreaming. We’re Chinese, we aren’t those Caucasians. Do you remember what Chi said? Yes. If a Chinese sticks his head above the crowd, it’s likely to get chopped off. You got Chinatown dicked. No real headache, no real hassles. – No real money.
– Who said that? We got a lot of money. That’s real money. – Big brother.
– What? The Viets are there having tea. I got to go. See you in the restaurant later. Danny, just teach Phong a lesson is alright. And keep it clean for Chi, it’s his birthday. How can I forget? I remember. Hi… Mr. Scalia. Mr. Scalia. Can I get you something? A cocktail, perhaps? No, nothing. Was your flight pleasant? I came on the train, Amead. I didn’t come here to make idle conversation with you. No, of course not. Why aren’t you selling? Nowadays Amsterdam is difficult. There’s lots of competition. So? The Chinese, the black. They all sell. This is my business. What are you talking about, Amead? You’ll move the blackies and the yellows. If you can’t, well… Then, I’ll have to remove you. Do you understand? Hey, grease ball. It’s the prince of the chinks. – I must be Friday.
– Yeah, just like the clock work. – Where is he?
– The cop’s over there, table seven. Thanks, are you coming to the party tonight? No, I got something to do. Who’s that guy? It’s Demon Scalia. Another greaseball, huh? Good evening, please place your bets. Good evening, Captain. Ah Bobby, well, it’s perfect timing. I’ve seen it. You betting on the game tonight? No, too close to call. I heard Italy opens by two. Italy? Really? Right! Shit! Why are taking my money? Why you taking my money? You want to make love with me huh? Why don’t you try another table. You talk too much, bitch. Deal the card. What the fuck? Lawrence, you take the bet for the ball game tonight? Right. Let’s go. Black Jack. Mother fucker! Phong Ming. hey, where’s your table manners? What? This is also your concern? You shouldn’t play if you can’t afford to lose. You are a fucking loser. Fuck you! Get the fuck out of here. Hey, cool. You play? No, I’d play with you except that I saw now. You finished this guy off. Look, there’s nothing up my sleeves. It’s not the money, I’m afraid of losing. Well, come back when you’re feeling less timid Mr…. Bobby Chow. – Bobby Chow.
– Anne Michaels. Alright. Next time. You chips. Thanks. Hello. How are you? Fine. Karen. Your luck. Thanks. Happy birthday, Uncle Chi. Uncle Chi, happy birthday. Thank you. Hi, – Are you having fun?
– Yes. Have your fun. Uncle Chi. Hello. Thank you, thanks for coming. – Chau.
– Happy birthday. – Long time no see. Thanks.
– Happy birthday. Thank you for coming. Hi, Chung. When will you have a drink with me in Germany? Good, it’s my pleasure. Be seated. – You’ve grown up.
– Long time no see. What do you want, mute? – Don’t move
– Phong, you know the rules. Fuck off! Good boy, sit. Sit, baby. Phong, your boys have been creating hell lots of troubles these days. Well now we are sitting together, let’s settle it down. Good. Chi, Amsterdam is yours now. But you never had an eye on us. We can’t live on. My brothers are hungry, I can’t control it. You want to eat good, or you want to fool with me? Phong. You should show me your capability. Tell me what you can do. Let’s do it this way. I let you play with the Mahjong Parcour in west district. Uncle Chi, thanks. You are so generous. Enough already, if such an easy thing and they can’t do it. Let them go back Vietnam to be farmers then. Today is your big day. I don’t want to ruin it. Blessings to you. And God bless you always, go. Uncle Chi, would you mind to put the flowers properly? I want you have this. – No, I don’t want.
– Come on, take it. – No,
– Really, you have this. Okay, thank you. – Uncle Chi, good morning.
– Good morning. Morning. Uncle, what time is it? Now it’s eight o’clock. See you are the Godfather or I am. Uncle Chi. Phong, Jesus Christ. I’ll kill you. Carol… Go to hell you motherfuckers. Am I cool? I’ll run over you. Fuck ya. Mute, come in the car, go. Hurry up. Go! Hey, stop. Go, go… Don’t move. Bet… How much? One thousand. – One thousand.
– Good. How much you have, how much I bet. Tuko… You don’t even say hi. Should I? How is it. Collect it? Sure, why not? Good. Eight years in jail ain’t too long. Deal. I lost more than you did. If you stupid fool didn’t go crazy, and fight with cops. We won’t be like this. I gave it to you when I was in the jail. Now it’s my turn, okay? Sure, who said no? Go ahead. Nine, nine. Come on. Pair. Next time when you see I open the dices, you should shout Kill! Hear me? Don’t just sit and eat ice cream. What do you thinking you’re doing? Robbery. You wait. Catch him. Catch him. Stop him! Freeze! Freeze! Damn it. Stop him. You mother fucker. What is it? Dope. You bastard. All I have been doing is just for this. The cop is coming. You mother fucker. You fucking baldhead. You boss now? No, let’s move back. Sorry. Sorry. She’s a hot pussy. Alright. Cheers. Thanks for coming, my guests. Honey, I’m coming to your show, and then your bed. – Right, men?
– Yes… You don’t worry about this. There’re many brothers here. It’s not your turn, gentleman. – Right?
– Damn right. You bitch, who do you think you are? Play me? Tuko, we’re all friends. You’re just out, better be quiet. Who the fuck are you? Is this bitch yours? See who’s got the money. You have money? Tuko, you listen. Look at my left hand. You scare me? Mother fucker. Sit, scare you, yeah. You don’t save my face? You know it’s my place, and you invade. Your face, so what? I’ll play with you, get the weapons. Shut the door. Surround him. Wait. I’m tired today and will not play with you. – Fuck that, let’s go.
– Why, you chicken. Watch your steps. Okay, it’s okay. everybody goes on. I think he came to pick holes last night. We can’t just sit and wait. Right, we’d better break his neck first. If we don’t, we’ll be in troubles. Don’t fight all the day. Tuko just out, give him a chance we’ll see. No, we must do it once and for all. Bobby, come to eat. Danny, come, you too. Daddy, I’m full. Can I go? You can’t go because you’re full, you don’t eat now, you’ll be starving to hell. Brother, forget it. Give them a break. Let me and Yen Hung take them out, okay? You do as godfather tells. I need to chat with big brother. Come on, let’s go. Bye-bye. It’s real. Great. Get up… Sleep home. Come on, let’s go. I’ll send you home. – Godfather, bye-bye.
– Big brother, bye. Bye-bye. Godmother, bye-bye. Bye-bye. Bye. Big brother, be careful. You go in. Go in. Father. Choi… Choi… Take care of the two. Choi! Move. This way. This way. No! I’ll honor you, Uncle Chi. Chiu, Mute, burn the car. – Where is he?
– Let us in. Shut up, shut up. And you haven’t seen anything. Watch out. Slowly… You’ll be alright. What happened? – Which room?
– Five. Oh, my god. It’s luck you guys alive. It’s been all over the news. Take it easy, it gonna hurt a little bit. You’ll be all right. Take it easy, damn it. Don’t make it hard. You’re fucked up. Bobby and Danny are still alive. If they find out that I’ll do anything to do with it, So, I’ll take care of it. You’re stupid, a fool. Take this and move here. That is your money. Excuse me, Mister. Hey, watch out she cheats. Come on, let’s be friends. Look, I’m sorry about the other day, okay? I got a little pissed off that’s all. – I’m not used to losing.
– That surprise me. I overlook that that, you know. I’m now a good friend of your boss. He and I are real tight now. Just like this. Yeah? You must be on bottom. You’re a fucking bitch to the core, you know that? Lorenzo. All you want is someone to teach you a lesson. Lorenzo. Phong, leave. He can’t protect you all the time. Okay, let him go. – You okay?
– Yeah, I’m fine. Annie… you hear anything about the killings in Chinatown? Not on my end You should be more aware of what’s happening on the streets than me. Yeah, it’s just some black man is asking a lot of question that is no concern to him in the heart of Chinatown. It’s an easy way to get yourself deep in a hurry. Rasta, our assignment is Amead and Scalia. Look, dinner is ready, why don’t you join me? Your taste in food is about as good as your taste in music. No soul. I want you to keep it easy and eyes open okay. Okay. Uncle Chi, please bless me. I’m going to kill that mother fucker Phong. I’m going to kill him even if I had to chase more into hell. You are dead Phong. You’re dead. Where you go, stop. Leave me alone. We’ll kill him, but not now. We’ll wait until he gets his guards down. Got it? Do you understand? Okay. Good, now we’re back to business. Now we can go after Phong. Take the stuff out. Now tell me what’s been on here. There’s no respect for Uncle Chi. Phong has taken all the red-light business. And the Turks control all the selling. They kill anyone who tries to compete. Turks? Yeah, they even sell us the white powder. Now even some of the triads are fighting each other. Because there isn’t enough to go around. Clean this place up. Lock it down. – Check more carefully.
– Okay. Good night. Pick her up. Leave me alone. – Bitch
– you deserve it. Have fun, huh? Just put the powder on her hand. – This bitch.
– How much Long Hair had put on her? One pack. Asshole. – Where’s Long Hair?
– Downstairs. – Well done.
– It’s a thrill.
– Yes. Boy, it’s your good job. You whole lot are idiot ass. What the fuck you sit there for? What’s the fuck use of taking a dead fish back? She’s not dead yet. Get her out of here. All bloody assholes. Hey, you go and see. Come on, asshole. Hand over the gun. Mother fucker. Kun? Chyun? Freeze! I knew this is dumb man. Fuck what Scalia says, It was a dumb idea. Lorenzo, calm down. This may work out through. Oh, yeah. How about if our Chinese friends find out you were behind all these. and come after us like they did Phong. Don’t worry. They won’t. After all, Scalia would help. Here they come. What’s nervous about their coming, yeah. Big brother. We have suffered a terrible loss. The wisdom that we relied upon is gone. Now we must find our own way. Unify to a common goal. Unify? to a goal? Under you, so you two are in charge? How come these poor guys gonna be the boss? What do you think? Shut up! Where the fuck were you while we were fighting Phong, huh? You think it should be you, you think there’s better idea. Stupid bastard, fucking dumbass. – Fuck, what did you say?
– Danny, c’mon. Bobby, what can you do? The Turks had taken away our stand. What can we live on? Yeah, we can’t fight them. The Italians are on their side. Fuck the Italians. Fuck, fuck, fuck, you Singaporeans dare to fight, huh? What the fuck to do with you? We are from the same motherland. Sit down and shut up. Fighting, killing is pointless. The Turks would win, we all know that. So, do you have a plan? Yes, I have a plan. A plan that will benefits everyone. I need a month where we leave the Turks along. Then we’ll starve for a month. Unless we got stuffs from Buddhist land for stock. He’s right. I’m a dealer. If there’s no stock now, how can I keep the customers? We’ll starve death then, what to do, huh? A huge amounts of money. You won’t starve, it’s only a month. Okay, we’ll wait. You lucky, the Chinese call it palm thunder. The bastard who cut you didn’t know what the fuck he was doing. He could have killed you. I’m fine. It’s only a slight cut now. Anne, I’m sorry for not being there. I’m your partner. I should have been there. Rasta, it’s not your fault. Phong was a nobody who had something to prove. Listen, we knew this job is dangerous when we started. It’s just a part of the territory. I know, but this is… You stay, I’ll get him. Hi, how did you… They told me in the casino. I hadn’t seen you for a few days. So I stop by and see if you were okay. Bought you some flowers. Oh, thank you very much. Please come in. Hope I’m not imposing. No, not at all. Nice place, nice views. Thank you, a bit low for you. Yeah, okay for me. C’mon. Bobby, this is Rasta, Rasta, Bobby. I leave you now. I got to go. Okay, excuse me. I’ll be right back. Bobby, I’ve been cooped up here all day. Would you mind if we go out for a walk? Why no? So you are from America, huh? All of my favorite heroes are there. Yeah? Who? John Wayne? Ronald Reagan? No, it was Ross Perot he got a weird sense of humor. and Howard Hughes too. Yeah, Hughes was crazy, just before he died. No, he was crazy all his life. Only he was rich and no one care. Is money that important? Well, it’s still the protection against uncertainty. Like the uncertainty in Chinatown? What make you say that? Well, people are getting killed there. People like Phong, – who would want to kill him? A lot of people including myself. Well, he tried to hurt you. Bobby, it just seem so senseless. Well, it’s Chinatown, when you grow up in it. It all make sense. We just unable to live with each other. It must have been tough. Kong, come here. You must use two guns, remember that. First gun. Pull out. You shoot above the cloud. So all the innocent bystanders dodged. Their lives can be spared. When your target shows up, second gun. Always remember that. I’m really sorry about Chi. He was more to me than just a Dai Lo of Chinatown. You know? The shoot out at Phong’s has really put me in hot water. Bobby, too many murders. Phong had it coming. He’s the one who killed Chi though. That doesn’t change things. I’m afraid I’m going to need to arrest on this one. Arrest…I see. You got some bullet fragments, some finger prints. I can make the case. I’m going to need some security help captain. I’d like to put you on a retainer at, say, twice as well what Chi paid. Twice would be fine. Good. Then it’s settled. – Cash.
– Alright. But I need one special favor. Have you talked to Amead? Carrillo, Yeah. He says the police took it. That’s bullshit! Bull shit? Police wouldn’t have stolen dope. Money! Yes, but dope, never! That’s too risky. Mr. Scalia, Lorenzo is on the phone. Mr. Scalia, remember me? Lorenzo. Frank’s nephew. Of course I remember you, Lorenzo. I called because there’s something you got to know. Amead is trying to rip you off. I see. Amead hides 50 kilos in the casino. Where’s that? In the wine seller. Are you sure? Yes, I am sure. Hey, Mr. Scalia. Can we do some business after this? Of course we can do some business. Good. Thank you. Hey, not bad. That was good. Lorenzo, after tomorrow Amead is going to be dead. It is only fair because he ordered Chi killed, right? Lorenzo! Right? Yes, yes, sir. But that was Scalia. He made him do it. That’s what I thought. Have some coffee. Thanks. Lorenzo, I’ve got a proposition for you. I want you to be our front man. I’d handle everything, the drugs, casino, everything. But as far as anyone is concerned, that will be your operation, do you understand? And you can just sit back and collect five grand a week for doing nothing. Cash, no tax. Or… Or my brother is going to blow your fucking brains out. Okay. It’s a deal. It’s a deal. Lorenzo, you’re our team now. Don’t let me down. Leave me alone. This is outrageous. I told you the police stole it. The police! I have nothing to do with it. Oh, I’m so stupid. I don’t know how they got there. Really, I have no idea. You have to believe me. You simply got to believe me. Scalia. Oh, my god. Interpol Headquarters Amsterdam – Amead is dead
– Yes, I know. Six months we spend building a case against this man. Six months and he gets himself killed. Anne identified this one. I think he’s a supplier. His name is Scalia. Tell Anne to stay put. Whoever killed Amead might step into fill the vacuum. And if we can link that man with him, we’ve got the case. One more thing. Some information points a finger at a man named Bobby Chow. It seems he is mag some moves to increase his influence. But that’s no good man. I have seen that guy. I guess I met him in her apartment. I think we should tell her. No. That would compromise the whole investigation. This could work in our favor. What if she falls in love with the guy? And he turns out as bad as we think he is. Then it would be a perfect undercover operation. When the time comes, she’ll be a cop. – Leo.
– Hello, bobby. – How are you doing?
– I’m alright. Good to see you Leo. – How is your wife?
– She’s alright. You know, I came to say goodbye. – Goodbye?
– Where are you going? Back to New York. My wife thinks it’ll be better. – Well we’ll miss you.
– Thank you. I gonna miss you guys too. Of course. If there’s ever anything we can do to help. As a matter of fact, I’ve been thinking about doing a little dealing when I’m k home. Can you get me started? Absolutely, you look like family with us. Thank you, bobby. Good luck, Leo. – Don’t forget us when you are rich, huh?
– I never will. Uncle Chung, have your thought about my proposition. Money is no problem. But mentioned that with Mafia is too dangerous. You’ll get yourself killed. That’s my business. If I support you, but you fail… That would be my business. Do you think you just come and worship Chi’s grave and that’s enough? But I think it’s not enough. Chi is dead. You should more take care of yourselves. Uncle Chi brought me into the triad. He made me have today’s accomplishment. I can’t let him down. I’m setting out for another town. Someone will be your contact. Whatever is happening when I’m not here has nothing to do with me. Have you organized our traveling arrangement? Yes. – We are ready to travel tomorrow.
– Alright. Hey, sorry, we are not open yet. I’m looking for Bobby Chow. Big brother, she looks for you. Hi, this is my nephew, Kong Jai. – Hi, nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. So what are you doing here? I was wondering if you are free for lunch. Sounds good. Any place for Chinese. Okay, great. Let’s go. Why don’t you make yourself at home? Open the wine and I’ll get the food. I love sunset. Me too. It’s my favorite time of the day. I’m going out of town tomorrow – for a week.
– A week? Yeah. I’ll bring you back something special. That’s no need, just hurry back. Alright. Back as soon as I can. Hello, Bobby. Nice to see you. And you Mr. Qi. It’s just six years since we’ve been last. No, eight years. One hand. Do you remember him? – How can I forget you, my fellow.
– Hello, Mr. Qi. Fine. Please. Mr. Qi, you’re looking as fit as ever. It’s the massage girls. They make me young. Mr. Qi, I’m expanding my business in Amsterdam. And I want you to set up a meeting for it with General Shing. General Shing? It’s not the right time. He’s in serious trouble. It might be difficult. Let me worry about that, you just take me there. We must be getting closer. (Thai) Hi, General Shing. Long time no see. They are friends from Holland. We have brought some fresh food and lots of things. Perhaps we could talk at lunch, shall we, huh? I’m at war. I have no time for lunch. Napoleon said a soldier doesn’t march if he’s starving. Surely a general is no difference. Everyday the fight gets worse. I’m sick of this pointless skirmishes. Khmer Rouge. Vietnamese. When will they leave us alone? General, do you have anyone back at the mountain… No. And you? What brings you to the jungle? Hundreds of miles from room services. I come to trade, General Shing, to do business. Another heroin dealer, don’t waste your words. My men don’t have time to pick poppies for you. Perhaps they should make time. I can give you drugs for the jungle. You can give me drugs for city. How much do you have? That’s the cases, full of this. (Thai) I can deliver this every month, guaranteed. On top of say two thousands a key of your best opium paste. Five thousand a key. (Thai) How is it? Why don’t you give a try? General Shing. If you can supply a hundred copies of this a month. I go down for four thousand a key. Three thousand. Please come with me. Most of the dealers are fools. you are smart man. You do your homework. Thank you, General. So this means we have a deal. Hurry, he’s only got thirty minutes. So mom, he got some afternoon delight everyday? Perhaps I should open me a casino. By the way, I checked that name you ask me to. And the man is clean. Yeah, you sure? Yeah, I’m sure. I checked everything okay. Bobby Chow, Bob Chow, Robert Chow, Rob Chow, Cat Chow, Dog Chow…chow c, every Chow, – The man is clean okay?
– Okay, thanks. – Where is the bug?
– Sure man. Okay, good. Alright. Let’s go. – C’mon Rasta, hurry up!
– Okay. Okay, testing. One, two, three, four. It’s clear, everything’s alright. Goddamn it! – What?
– I can’t find my fucking car keys. Ah, here they are. You must have dropped them in there. – Thank you.
– Welcome. – What did you want?
– It’s not important. Okay. Anne. – Yes?
– Bobby on the phone. – He wants to tell you when he’s coming back.
– Okay, thank you. Hi, Bobby. Hey, how is it going? Did you make it? – Don’t dangle me.
– We got it. That’s great! We’re going big time. Chow brother. – I’ll catch you up in a minute.
– Bobby, where are you going? Aren’t we going to celebrate? Fucking bitch, go. We’ve got to break. Francoise calls, he says we have to go with… Oh, no, sorry. Not this time. Maybe next time I will. Thanks for coming, bye. Goodbye. Be careful. Watch out. Police Freeze. Come on! Stop! Freeze! Let’s go! Go! Go! Go! I don’t like the whole thing, the whole thing, dude. I think we are doing things supposed to be somebody’s dirty work, man. Why, because of Smite? Damn straight, that fat cop never gave us the time of day before. Now all of a sudden he comes up with the location of the Mafia’s lab? He’s a dumbass. I agree, it’s too easy. You and Anne will slipped back to Amsterdam. That’s where the original tip came from. Close the door properly and switch off all light. Hey Bobby, come on. Get in the car, we had to talk. – You want me to come along?
– No, I’m okay. Well, let’s talk here. Jesus Christ man, our supply’s been cut off. He’s probably in prison now. I mean, this is fucking serious. Lorenzo, relax. Relax? They fucking busted Scalia and you say relax. How far away would they be from me? They weren’t arrest you. They’ve done it already. Sure? Yes, I want you to go home, take a drink relax. I’ve taken care of everything. Oh, shit, Anne, shit man. I’m very proud of you, you have done well. Holland is yours. Now everyone can earn more for their merchandise. Anne, come here. Come on. Alright, ready. One, two, three. Two champagne please. Are you alright? Yeah, I’m fine. Don’t lie. What’s the matter? Something must be wrong. Tell me, what do you want? You’re marrying this fucking blonde chick or what? Yeah, what’s it with you? Fuck it, we are Chinese! Did you forget that? You… The blonde chick is just for fucking around, not getting serious. Are you mad? Danny, you sound like Uncle Chi. His words make sense. Hi, Danny. My champagne please. Yours, thanks. Did they say that right? No, that’s okay… Was that supposed to be Chinese? Uncle Duan, Mute, come… Cheers… He gets too much drink out these days, so a little upset. He doesn’t like me, then. – Why?
– No, it’s not you. It’s just that he doesn’t believe it’s going to work between us. Bobby, I love you. – I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.
– I love you too. He just has to get used to it. Anne, can you get away? I mean right now. I want to take you away somewhere. Now? Just for this weekend. I guess I could. Ya, I’m sure. But I… What’s that shit you pulled at the party today? Bobby, you are big brother now. Everybody was talking about you. But you keep fucking around with this blonde chick. How is it going to look? C’mon let’s not screw things up. You don’t have a point. What’s my love have to do with the organization? You didn’t see that? Bobby? Don’t forget we’re Chinese people. You can’t trust outsiders. Now it’s always been like that, and it’s never going to change. Now you sound like Chi with this traditional bullshit. – Look what era we’re in.
– What era? You’re the one who wanted to be big brother at any cost. This woman might hurt you… No, not at any cost, Danny. It’s my life. Where are you going now? – Going to Paris for a couple of days.
– With that bitch? Don’t you ever say this word. Don’t you ever curse her before me. What’s the matter with you? Grow up! You’re going to call right. I’ll call. They weren’t arrest you. They’ve done it already. Hey, man, you are right about that Bobby. Yes, I thought so. Hey man, are we going to tell Anne about this, huh? No, give her the tapes. Let her find out accidentally. She will come to us only if she’s devastated. Hey, I got to go man. Anne’s at the door. What are you doing here? I’m going away for the weekend. Going away? With whom? I’m taking a break. A break? Jesus. We’re getting a sort of relax, aren’t we? Taking breaks while we are still undercover? C’mon, Rasta, I’m going out for only two days. Besides, there’s nothing happening here anyway. You are not true mom. Some new development. Francoise calls and he wants those transcription on his desk on Monday. Well, wouldn’t you do it for me? No way mom, that’s your job. Besides, I have photos to shoot. Alright. I’ll go out! Hey, Dai Lo, get in, I’ll give you a ride. Hey, Lorenzo… what the hell you’re doing here? Waiting for the Chinaman. Scalia wants to have a dinner with you. Go! I’d like to know the name of the cop who set me up. Motherfucker! I would like to know the name of the cop who set me up. Fuck you, gringo. Your courage has won the respect, so I will repeat this again. I would like to know the name of the cop who set me up. Fuck you. You betrayed me, Lorenzo. I don’t blame you. You couldn’t help cause you’re weak. It’s my fault. I trusted you because you are Frank’s nephew. – I…
– I know. I know. I let emotion climb up my thinking. It’s my mistake, not yours. I apologize for your fault okay? I love your uncle Frank like a brother. It’s okay. I tell him. I’ll tell him you’re dying beautifully. Okay? Anne… don’t upset me now. I want you to think about something. About what? Bobby. It’s beautiful. I want you to be my wife. (French) … fucking busted Scalia and you say relax. How far away would they be from me? They weren’t arrest you. They’ve done it already. Sure? Yes, I want you to go home. I’ve taken care of everything. Hey, Bobby, I trust you. They weren’t arrest you. They’ve done it already. Sure? Yes, I’ve taken care of everything. Hey, Bobby, I trust you. I’ve taken care of everything. Hey, Bobby. Leo, how are you doing? Nice to see you. Thank you, Bobby. How do you know I was here? I’ve called Danny. Excuse me, Madam. Mr. Chow is in the coffee shop. Madam… If I could score, just one big one. I’ll be the top dock. How big you are talking? Two to three hundred keys. It’s a lot, Leo. Yeah, think of the money. We could split at least 40 million dollars. It’s tempting. What are you crazy? Look, we should have slightly like what we’ve done before. No one will look after the quantity. It’s two to three hundred keys, Leo. It’s a bit risky, isn’t it? We’ve done it before, besides, neither one of us will be there. So what do you say? I’ll arrange to have a shipment arrive on Rotterdam. And we will use the old oil making render. Think of the twenty million dollars each. You’re attempting to make this work. I bet it’ll be done. We got the deal? Hey, that’s the only chance. Yeah, – it’s a deal.
– Alright. Hey, what’s wrong? What are you doing? I should ask you that. Why? Who’s that man you are talking to in the restaurant? He’s an old friend, he’s here for a while. How can you lie to me? What? I was sitting right next to you. I head the whole conversation. Anne, I wanted to explain this to you. Don’t touch me. Don’t you dare touch me. You’re a drug dealer You’re a fucking drug dealer. Anne… Anne… All you care about is money, you don’t care who you were. That’s not true. I love you. Anne. I’m standing here. Fuck. Mr. Chow, telephone for you. Bobby, you got to go home. What? Why? One Hand was killed. Fucking Mafia. Prepare weapon, I’m coming home now. – Hey, Tony.
– How are you doing? Long time no see. I’m alright. Hi, Leo, Leo… Over here. Frank… – Hello, Frank, how are you?
– Fine. – Sit down.
– Thank you. – You want some wine?
– Yeah, thanks. Good. Leo, I call you because I got his friend who needs some favor. Sure, Frank, anything. It’s not so simple, so we took your wife. Frank, please… Please C’mon, Frank. It’s okay. It’s okay. As long as you would do as what you were told. Nothing will happen to her. Jesus Christ please. Give me a break. It’s okay. It’s okay. Leo, it’s just business. Hey, Scalia… You slimy greaseballs go and tell Scalia not fuck with Bobby Chow. Your little friend Bobby… is starting to cause me a great deal of trouble. As a matter of fact, he starts to piss me off. We had a code that we operate under him. Tell that little fucker that if he wants to live by the goddamn code. And I’ll tell you that the son of bitch is going to die by fucking code. I know. Tell me when is that ship coming in? I said motherfucker, when is that ship coming in? The day after tomorrow. Well, if you want to see your goddamn wife again, the son of bitch got better be there, you understand me? What about my wife? Two to three hundred keys. It’s a lot, Leo. Yeah, think of the money. We could split at least 40 million dollars. It’s tempting. What are you crazy? Look, we should have slightly like what we’ve done before. No one will look after the quantity. Bobby, Jesus, where have you been? We’ve been looking all over for you. We were in big trouble. Why? What’s wrong? Scalia, I just found out that he’s going to hijack our shipment. – Listen, maybe we should call it off.
– No. Scalia, that guy got balls. Good. – Let’s get this over.
– Now you’re talking. They both will go, he’ll be there. You’re good, Leo. Very, very good. I think your wife will be alive the next time she sees you. Now get out. I came to resign. Sit down. Anne. Resign? Right This undercover thing is taking it’s toll on me. It’s getting harder for me to decide between right and wrong. Is it because of Bobby Chow? What? We’ve known about you and Bobby for a long time. We thought it would be best for the investigation. So you used me, you manipulated me. I can’t believe that. Look, I know you got something on Bobby. Because DEA spotted you, Bobby and Leo together in Paris. So you’d better tell me what the fuck’s going on. What do you think you are doing, getting mixed up with some shitty drug pusher. Don’t you realize? I’ll make you fall in jail, if this is not accomplished. You got no choice Anne. Think about it. Anne, you’re still a cop. You always be a cop. Don’t get your personal life confused with your professional life. Now when is he coming in? The day after tomorrow. Where? Carrillo, find out about the abandoned oil tanker in Rotterdam. – Rasta, in here, you.
– Yo. All units, stay back. What’s going on Francoise? Where the hell are the Chinese? Scalia. He’s not supposed to be here? He said he wouldn’t be here. It’s your time to die. Not today, Chinaman. Die! What are we going to do now? Nothing, we’ll stay back and let the bastards kill each other. Die, mother fucker. Bitch! Goodbye Chinaman. Scalia… God damn it, everybody move in now. Get down. – You mother fucker.
– You pussy. – Fucker…
– Shoot! – Die!
– Bobby, don’t do it, let him go. You’re a cop? Yeah, I’m a cop? Jesus Christ. Don’t move. Go on Bobby, run, get out of here, please. Go! Anne…I love you. I know. Don’t talk, sweetie. I love you. Today the Grand jury failed to induct Tony Scalia, the unofficial crime boss of Amsterdam. for his roles of the murder of Bobby and Danny two weeks ago in Rotterdam. The Jury claim said it insufficient evidence. Mr. Scalia did plead guilty to the misdemeanor charges of professional fire arm However he will not spend time in jail. Mr. Scalia, Mr. Scalia. Now the trial is over. Can you tell me how would you feel it. I feel the same way I felt before the trial. I feel great. See, I was innocent before I started, I am innocent now. All the court did was to make it official… He’s dead. Get everybody out of here. Did you see anyone? No.

38 thoughts on “china white 1989 full movie( sub .english )

  1. Most of the movie were spoken in English, but what was the odd part is that there was a misnomer that the Hong Kong actors and actress were billed in leading role for the entire movie, which in the contrary, most of them were merely appearing for about 10 minutes (with the exception of Tommy Wong Kwong Leung, who was in a lot longer in the film).  The most ominous part is that the way how those Hong Kong stars managed to appear in the movie, to which it became a common knowledge within the entertainment industry in Hong Kong as at least 3 individuals were abducted and forced to fly to the Netherlands at gunpoint.  One was later stripped topless and had photos taken as punishment for refusal to cooperate in shooting another movie, and the photos later appeared in a tabloid magazine a decade later and caused a huge uproar within HK entertainment.  That magazine was forced to be sold off to avoid further retaliation.

  2. Wow the uncle is played by Shaw Brothers star from the Duel, New One Arm Swordsman, and Duel of Fists.

  3. now a days i am watching that the newer chinese movies are not dubbed in english ,please dubbed them in english then it will be understable by everybody

  4. me dad @ 14:32 handing a red envelop
    also @ 40:40 wearing nike trainers and brown leather jacket
    and @1:09:47 second last row left
    most of the extra's were real chinese made guys from the 80's in Amsterdam. Cool uncles

  5. The Malevich-poster at min. 44:10 points to the reconstruction of Malevich et al.'s opera Victory over the sun (Pobeda nad solncem; Победа над Солнцем, 1913) at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1983. Yes, it does. There was an international attention to that 70 Years after its premiere.

  6. Long time ago and Saskia is awesome, Dutch pride. Chinese maffia is for real on the seadijk Amsterdam. They are still there, but you never here them. Even police are afraid and cannot wipe it out. They are by far the strongest maffia in Amsterdam, nobody messes with them. This is for years now.

  7. The Dutch, Greek and Swedish (both PAL and in the European Union) copies of that movie on VHS feel nice than that hence both countries use texts in their respective languages also Portugal (another PAL and E.U. member country) and especially Turkey (yet another PAL country but not in the E.U. and instead, being in the E.E.A. aka European Economic Area)…

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