100 thoughts on “Chelsea Clinton made millions since serving on investment firm board: Report

  1. THOUROUGHLY investigate chelsea the deepstate democrat scum and imprison them all their all pedophile child trafficking molesting and murdering of innocent children in their devil RITUALS. Go Trump go

  2. Surprise surprise! Chelsea looks just like her REAL Daddy—Webb Hubbel. Soviet dictator Nikita Kruschev banged his shoe on a table & bellowed “We will bury you!” Turns out, the Dems did it for him.

  3. I dont agree with the hypocrisy but nobody would pass up 1 mil a year. Most of you would take a trip to Epstein island for that much money.

  4. I wish I could get pushed through an elite college when not qualified to attend the college. My guess is she took very few exams during her time in college. Then make millions doing nothing by landing a job I’m not qualified for.This is Capital Cronyism and it’s disgusting.

  5. Remember during the 2016 election when Chelsea's mom was running for president? And Chelsea answered a reporter's question about money with "money just isn't important to me."

  6. This isn't capitalism and just because it has gone on since the beginning of time doesn't make it right. Who gets paid that kind of money with no experience.

  7. Chelsea Clinton first is not qualified to sit on any the board of any company doing anything, she is Bill and Hillary Clinton's daughter and that is all she is qualified to be. I don't care where she went to school, I have heard her speak, she has been setup by her Mommy and Daddy, it's not capitalism brother when unqualified people get to climb the pole us success not from hard work but because the are related to someone.

  8. I'm sure Chelsea Clinton is a real prize just like her parents. For one example, I hear the people of Haiti are huge fans of the Clinton's. Ask them when the Clinton's can return there for a visit.

  9. You guys act like you wouldn't help your son or daughter get a job somewhere if you were able to. I hope you would if you could; you'd be a pretty cold parent if you didn't.

  10. Say it ain't so, corruption runs in the Clinton family? No, I would've never thought that could be. Just wonder when she's going to take over the family's killing business?

  11. Don’t you just love these spoiled millionaires if they ever had to really work like My wife and I do every day get up drive to work EVERY DAY pay bills pay taxes pay for heating oil kids food at the end we have little for ourselves TRY THAT EVERYDAY CLINTON

  12. Well atleast she's got a degree

    "In 2003, Clinton completed an MPhil degree in international relations at Oxford. … In 2011, Clinton transferred back to University College, Oxford, from the Wagner School of Public Service at New York University to complete her DPhil degree in International Relations."

  13. If hillary cannot get the cash she will make sure by hook Or by CROOK a family member will even if they have half a brain 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. The hypocrisy on here with everyone jumping to defend trumps kids as if its somehow different. Just because he wasnt in elected office doesnt make it any less cronyism.

    Like clinton, trumps kids only qualification is who their parents were.

  15. Yep, it sure is! Walking in the crooked footsteps of ma and pa. Politics at it’s worst. Business as usual for Clinton’s!

  16. Funny how politician kids who couldn't mow your lawn without getting their face up in the blade can pull down millions in no show jobs….

  17. This is what’s wrong with the world people say this is fair?
    What possible contribution of work and expertise equates to 9 million ? The average and above average joe is appalled. All these politicians seem to have Board kids. Peace

  18. The Clinton's are politically rich, Trump's have been international business people for decades. How can they possibly compare the two? Could you imagine Chelsea sitting down with CEO's at board meetings? Unreal.

  19. How does a parent as bad as HRC indocrinate their kids into badness and evil and satanism? I mean, how does one do that. Are their morning lessons everyday, or so the kids not have a mind of their own, or know what is right? [I can't even get my kids offa the couch!] That part I don't understand? But I know it happens.

  20. OMG pay to play is different then hiring a real candidate! This is not capitalism this is corrupt as hell!

  21. Comparing a government employees child to private business is INSANE! This is wrong and those not seeing the difference in using WTP's money and influence over private is just as bad!

  22. Just business? It's called bribery and kickbacks. Of course all these companies received valuable favors from the Clintons. Nobody buys their products because of Chelsea's name recognition.

  23. Chelsea is just corporate hospitality. She commercializes the company.
    Barry Diller must be ancient.
    At least she's not fronting Hunter Biden's gangsters.

  24. The question is not about hiring the murderers kid, it is about the hypocrisy of getting these jobs and then calling foul when others do it.

  25. 90% of the foundation`s money went out to help the needy? HA-HA-HA Ohhhhhhhhh HA-HA-HA. It was the other way around and they stashed that money. What a way to wash some money. They were taking it out of the mattresses and washing it clean. Get it while you can kid because for my money? You`re not half as bright as some have told you that you are.

  26. We should drop off the whole Clinton crime family in downtown Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I'm sure they'd like to have a word with them….

  27. Prince Harry is planning on doing the same thing when he moves to Canada. Sit on the board because of your family connections, make millions.

  28. Chelsea Clinton and hunter Biden are both traitors and crooks to the American people. Making big bucks from the crimes their parents set up and covered up.

  29. I want joe and hunter biden and polosi, schiffty, swallowell, nadther and obama and clintons on the stand to answer some questions that Americans want to know….

  30. good thing she has money because in the looks dept she struck out ,but in the end she is an awful human being regardless ,has the blood of haitians on her hands

  31. Most people on corporate boards are not qualified. I stopped voting on proxy years ago. The fix is in on just who you're voting for. If I don't like what's going on…. I just sell the stock. The worse board member was a former employer who was on a bank board of directors. The only thing he was qualified to do in live was play golf and duck hunt.

  32. And yet people ridicule that actress from full house for actually paying extra money to get their children into a good school. I'm not saying paying for the grades they would otherwise have to earn. Like Clinton's daughter!!!!!

  33. The first guy said yeah this is good they need Millennials there working this companies I don't know if he know but she isn't one of the I'm 43 years old and I know she is at least a few years younger than me..sorry what he said popped out at me because I remember being in high school and seeing her with her father and mother in the White House that was the early 90s

  34. The problem is the HYPOCRISY. The MSM ignores all Dem corruption, pedophilia, treason, sexual assaults ect… and over reacts or flatt our lies about Republicans. It's been going on since Carter and will continue until media monopolies are busted up and libel and slander laws are changed.

  35. It's in the Clinton DNA. 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰😱MOOORE, I WANT MOOORE😱

  36. She's made a deal with the Devil? A little girl soul is on the line? Nobody realizes the danger this child is in Consulting with the devil's chosen people? Fear.

  37. Can you imagine if that was your parents and obviously she's following suit and be just like them as corrupt and power driven and the next thing you know she's going to be in politics and we're going to have to endure the Clinton name again. For the love of God will somebody make it stop

  38. Just know this there is corruption on both sides of the aisle in our two party system is a failure and left-wing Liberals are convinced the Donald Donald Trump is the Antichrist and you know that there is not one single viable Democratic candidate. Until there's accountability which I don't ever see happening things are never going to change and it's just going to be more of the same and Hunter Biden and Chelsea Clinton AR two peas in a pod and God help us all

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