[CC/FULL] You’re All Surrounded EP14 (3/3) | 너희들은포위됐다

[CC/FULL] You’re All Surrounded EP14 (3/3) | 너희들은포위됐다

But will Yoo Ae-yeon come for real? She’ll come. She’ll come. She’ll come. What do you think about your daughter appearing quietly even now and wrapping
up the case as quickly as possible? No way. As soon as the she appears the
connection between the Assemblyman and his daughter will be revealed and
subsequent political impact will be too great. But as long as the other side is
holding onto the crucial evidence. Let’s go. I don’t think she’s coming. It’s past 10 AM. Yeah, mom. What? Who came by? I’m really sorry. I’m a dad with an immature
child so I have nothing to say. Oh my goodness, what are you
doing when you’re an Assemblyman… No. It’s alright. My daughter has been suffering a severe
depression for past several years. Since her father is in politics, she has to be careful all the time and she can’t do
anything. So I think it became resentment. It’s all my fault. It’s my flaw. I thought it was strange. Now I understand. You’re suffering a lot as an assemblyman. You must be busy with the nation’s matters… Thank you so much for your understanding. Of course… Of course… My daughter is here. My son came too. Team Leader and Squad Leader. Team Leader, please stop
suffering because of this case. I decided that it never happened. Mom. Mother. The Assemblyman
apologized to me several times. I’m fine now. Well then… I’ll be… Yes. I won’t see you off too far. Please be careful on your way. Mom. How can you let this end like this? Do you think he was sincere? I understand too. Do you think it’s easy for a man over 70 years old to bow to someone like
me because of his child? But mother, if someone committed a crime,
she should be punished appropriately. Mother. People like that completely
change as soon as they turn around. Our mother is soft hearted
that she’s deceived again. It’s fine. What’s the use of sending a
person not in her right mind to jail? But I got something out of it. Look. Look. He was bowing down so low. Mom. There probably not that many people who
received an apology from an Assemblyman. Mom. Detective Eo. You leave for a moment. Come. Come here. Soo-sun. I know you’re upset but since it turned out like this,
just let your mom feel at ease. You started this for your mother anyway. She’s also being like that because she’s
worried that you might get hurt. That’s why I’m asking her
why she’s thinking that way. Yes Detective Eo. It may be hard emotionally but the investigation is
over through the agreement anyway. Yoo Ae-yeon. Do you have that many
crimes that you committed? Are you that afraid of the Police Station? What is he saying? You’re the one who wrote the agreement first. I came to warn you first. You might’ve luckily passed this by hiding behind your father but next time,
I’ll catch you with my hands for sure. Remember my face clearly. I’m Eun Dae-goo from Gangnam PD Team 3. You really don’t know anything? Your name is Eun Dae-goo? Who do you take after? If you went through something like
that you should spare yourself. Chief Kang. It’s me. Since when did you start
becoming the boy who cried wolf? If you neglect to stop that kid from appearing before my eyes, I’m going
to take care of him myself. Do you understand what I’m saying? Yes. I understand. I’m sorry once again. Kim Sa-kyung. Come here. I’m so dumbfounded. I couldn’t sleep a wink that night. You’re saying that you don’t know why I
stamped the divorce documents? You said we should get divorced first. I did it because I was the sinner. But you’re saying that you
don’t know why I stamped it? Yeah. I don’t know. Why do you think I stamped it? I stamped it because you told me to. Why are you acting like this? I’m the man who was abandoned. This is why you’re not going to cut it. Don’t you know why I
shoved the divorce document to you? Because I’m the sinner. I thought so. Why are you doing this? I’m talking to you. You really don’t know? I’m asking you because I don’t know. Then stay not knowing
for the rest of your life. Stay consistent. Hey Sa-kyung. Kim Sa-kyung! Who is it? Team Leader. Don’t talk to me. Team Leader. Don’t talk to me. I’m not in
the mood to talk to you. Then please just listen. When I went to London for a week last year, I met Team Leader
Kim Sa-kyung at a traveler’s lodge. I fell in love with Team Leader Kim Sa-kyung at first sight but she
just treated me as a little brother. And what happened that night
was because I begged her. I asked her to give me a
hug out of humanism. Humanism? It’s fine. I don’t want to hear it. It’s fine. I don’t want to hear
about what happened that night. I don’t want to hear it. What are you doing? But I still think that I didn’t do
anything to get hit by you. I still haven’t made advances to
Team Leader Kim and I’ve never given any thought to anything
as your team member. And I’m quick with my senses so I don’t start
a game that I have no chance of winning. So what’s your point? I’m sorry but I’m not sorry. And I heard what you two
were talking about earlier. Do you sill don’t know why Team Leader Kim
shoved the divorce document to you? Should I tell you why? It’s fine. I don’t want to know. Leave. Yes, sir. These team members of mine… One of them is disrespectful to me and one of them is
disrespectful to my woman… It’s a drug trafficking case that the team 1 requested us to co-investigate the
mid-level boss verification. In order to infiltrate a coffee shop full
of gangsters, we need a disguise. Eun Dae-goo and Eo Soo-sun. You guys are acting as a couple. Ji-gook and Park Tae-il. You guys are acting as friends. Yes. We need to confirm if Seong Yoon-ki is among the gangsters so everyone
take a careful look at his picture. Look carefully. Okay? Okay. Be careful. We’ll be back. Eo Soo-sun. Your outfit looks good today. Fighting. Detective Eun is in the progress
of identifying Seong Yoon-ki. Seong Yoon-ki is not present. We’ll take pictures of the
gangsters and send them to you. Honey. Take some pictures of me. Over here. With the best angle. Alright. With the best angle. Take it. Take it. Best angle. One, two, three. One, two, three. Little to the right. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations on your hundred days. Blow out the candles. One, two, three. Hey. You guys should kiss. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! I’ll do it. I’m jealous. I’m jealous.

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