Cartoon Hangout | Ultimate Spider-Man Season 4 Episode 16 Review

Cartoon Hangout | Ultimate Spider-Man Season 4 Episode 16 Review

Hello lords and ladies. Welcome back to Cartoon Hangout, your place
for all things cartoon. As you well know if you’ve been watching these
reviews, I’ve been very harsh with this season of Ultimate Spider-Man. Sure, lately I’ve responded better to more
recent episodes far removed from the Sinister Six plotline, but clearly I don’t look on
this show favorably. With that being said, I was beyond excited
to learn that the next four episodes being released were Spider-Verse ones, aptly titled
“Return to the Spider-Verse.” The Spider-Verse theme of season 3 is what
pulled me back into the series in the first place. They were the only worthwhile episodes in
that season, in my opinion. And I’m hoping that’ll remain true for season
4. In a move that actually surprised me, considering
the show in question, this episode circles back to the fact that Peter and Miles destroyed
the Siege Perilous earlier in the season. That was back when Ock was attempting to recruit
Ultimate Green Goblin. You know, the more comic book accurate one. It shocked me because I’m not exactly used
to the show doing a stand-up job with their continuity and storytelling. In fact, before the previews for this episode,
I didn’t even think they’d return to the Spider-Verse. I just assumed the final episode would have
Miles return home and that would be the end of things on that front. So yeah, color me surprised. And even better is that I think this Spider-Verse
arc might surpass the first one. In the first event, the only connective tissue
between episodes was Goblin traveling between universes collecting, what was it, spider
blood? Now don’t get me wrong, they basically just
swapped Green Goblin and spider blood out for the Wolf Spider and the shards of the
Siege Perilous, but the character is honestly more fun and there’s a bit of mystery behind
his identity…despite the previews probably spoiling it. Because screw giving the fans anything to
theorize over, let’s just tell our viewers who Wolf Spider is! But then what else should I expect from this
show? Either way, even with the identity of Wolf
Spider being fairly apparent, I like the idea of a Spider being the antagonist the main
characters have to deal with. At this point in time, I’ve stopped expecting
any comic book accuracy, so it comes as no surprise that this show’s version of Blood
Spider has almost zero connection to his comic book namesake who was a villain who appeared
in only four issues. In this episode, he resides in a more Victorian
world overrun by vampires led by the Lizard King, ultimately feeling more like Marvel’s
version of a mix between Batman: Gotham by Gaslight and Red Rain. It’s actually not that bad of a take and I
enjoyed seeing a somewhat horror-esque tale right off the bat. I just wish we could have seen if this Blood
Spider was Michael Bingham or just a Victorian Peter. Heck, I feel like we learned barely anything
about this world besides it being overrun by vampires. How did Lizard become the Lizard King? Why did Marvel choose this as why Blood Spider
went by that name? I just feel like this incredibly interesting
world wasn’t done justice. I know there’s only so much time you can put
into one episode, but surely this could have been a two-parter. Compared to the rest of this season, I’d say
this episode was really fun and a good time. That’s not to say it was without mistakes
or things that rubbed me the wrong way. One thing that was even dumber, I think, than
the reason for Blood Spider’s name was the show clumsily avoiding the idea of him killing
the vampires. So instead of the stakes killing them, they
just…what was it he said…dust them? And then they’d respawn later? Seriously, Marvel? You apparently can kill off the Scarlet Spider,
but the undead dying is too much for you? I don’t know. Maybe this is a nitpick, but I was rolling
my eyes when I saw it. Oh, and I probably got way too excited at
the Leopardon Easter Egg! I think it’s so funny that I bring him up
just one review ago and he shows up. Okay Marvel, I’ll give you that one. Really good job…now freaking put him in
one of these episodes. As for the rest of the episode, I do think
the pacing went by a little bit too quick, (we just jump right into the whole universes
colliding thing without much build-up) but for the most part it was a satisfactory opening
to what I’m hoping will be a great story arc. And heck, it’s cool to see this Spider-Verse
referencing the events of the comic book storyline, ‘Time Runs Out,’ which involved the universes
slamming into one another and causing incursions. Maybe a better written animated universe will
slam into this one and take it out. What? Too harsh? And those were my thoughts. What were yours? Leave your hate comments down below, I look
forward to them. Thanks for watching and take care.

7 thoughts on “Cartoon Hangout | Ultimate Spider-Man Season 4 Episode 16 Review

  1. The problem with these Marvel Toons is that all of them are soulless and generic. Exactly and every damn episode is a Marvel villain wants to conquer the world and a Marvel hero needs to save the day.

  2. the problem with this show is that it's boring and there are no stakes no tension nothing also this show just seems to make peter break the fourth wall for no dam reason that's what pisses me off but that's just my opinion anyways good video and i hope you have a good day and take care man

  3. Sorry if I spell things wrong. Here is what I think of the marvel shows now "look bad guy let's stop him but don't kill him" They are copy's of each other it's so dumb that u can just watch one of the episodes and know every other show. Now let's look at wolverine and the x men(I mean the 2009 one not the 1900's one), spectacular spider man, and avengers earths mightiest heroes they are all so different and have there own story line and plot and things that impact the main charter or charters. Plus the reason they canlled the avengers show is so dumb "It not the same universe as uliltmite spider" "It needs to show off the movie because it's popular" You know what f u Disney

  4. Nobody DIES EVER! This is a Disney-Marvel series, nobody involved with this show thinks kids can deal with "death" on TV.
    Scarlet Spider survived (obvioulsy) too!
    This show has more dumb censorship than the 90s' S-M:TAS
    Some executive producer of this : "Can you imagine the trauma a child would go through if his little mind realised mortality is a thing, he would totally freak and I don 't want my show to produce a future derranged serial killer! I don 't care, nobody can die, there are absolutely NO stakes whatsovever!"

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