Candace Owens Clowns Herself on Fox News

Candace Owens Clowns Herself on Fox News

>>Candice Owens went on Laura Ingram’s Fox
news show and said a lot of dumb things which means this is the perfect opportunity to roll
out our latest new segment, Dumb Fox>>I define peace as the ability to defend
yourself and blow your enemies to smithereens.>>I’m from San Diego, man those are my tacos. The sweets have pure genes. Finns, a matter of the Finns, so they have
a pure society.>>Shut up and dribble.>>So Candice Owens has some strong thoughts
on racism within the Democratic party. Let’s hear what she has to say.>>Bloomberg is done only because he decided
to run as a Democrat. And unfortunately, the one thing that you
are not allowed to do is talk about the truth if you’re deciding to run as a Democrat. So it’s the same exact thing that he was basically
saying that we saw Barack Obama saying 2008 about father absence and how it harms Black
Americans and Latino Americans because they don’t grow up with the father in the home. But because Bloomberg said this under the
Democrat Party, he’s done. The good racist, the best racist on the left,
by the way, is Bernie Sanders because he pretends to be their friend. He lies to black America space when he knows
he is going to be the one like Lyndon Baines Johnson. He’s Lyndon Baines Johnson 2.0 was going to
enact and that’s policies that are going to harm black America for the next 100 years.>>Laura, I mean, did she talk about Lyndon
Baines Johnson->>Yes.>>And the Civil Rights Act, voting rights? Okay, she lost me.>>I assume that she was doing this appearance
to promote her latest historical analysis text.>>What was that?>>I don’t understand what any of that meant.>>Yeah it was just nonsense. Okay, so she actually took to Twitter and
tried to elaborate I guess. And she said Lyndon B Johnson, while in Congress
for 20 years voted against every single civil rights bill put before him. He only signed the Civil Rights Act because
he was forced to as president. He was a racist hence, then she’s, a tribute
to a quote to him,>>Which people do-
>>Which people do.>>Which is not actually necessarily something
that he said, although he probably>>Right, there’s no evidence to indicate
that he actually said that and I don’t want to repeat it. But nonetheless, just to give you a little
bit of a history lesson, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ended segregation in public places,
and banned employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national
origin first proposed by President John F Kennedy was signed into law by Kennedy’s successor,
Lyndon B Johnson.>>So Bernie’s gonna pass bills that are harmful
to black Americans for a 100 years like the Civil Rights Act? I don’t understand what-
>>I->>I guess maybe like I often wonder like,
so when you’re outside of the community looking into it like the right wingers, I guess that
means something to them like they know something secretly about having technically the right
to vote and why that’s secretly bad. But I’m not a part of the community, so I
guess I don’t get it like an inside joke almost.>>I would be embarrassed if I made a point
like that anywhere on televisions and it’s amazing that but that’s what they look for. It’s like okay, let’s keep inviting these
people on who know nothing about history and who spin things in such a weird, perverse
way. But by the way, it’s not just about the Civil
Rights Act. It’s also about the Voting Rights Act, which
Lyndon B Johnson was also behind. Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into
law on August 6, 1965, with Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders present
at the ceremony. The Act banned the use of literacy tests provided
for federal oversight of voter registration in areas where less than 50% of the non-white
population had not registered to vote. And authorize the US Attorney General to investigate
the use of poll taxes in state and local elections. Wow, that sounds super racist.>>It’s pretty bad and and look just like
a two weeks ago Ben Shapiro was arguing. He said, I don’t mean a literacy test, but
there should definitely be some sort of proof that you know what you’re doing before you
vote. That was 50 years ago or more than 50 years
ago this point, but we’re still fighting that battle. There’s still people on the right that want
there to be these same sorts of discriminatory tactics. But even if that was, even if she thinks that
there’s something in that some point that she’s making, she’s just simply saying, and
Bernie’s like that. But when we’ve been talking about Bloomberg
gonna show, we don’t just say Bloomberg’s bad. He do bad things, I think he’s bad. We talk about specific things that he’s said
and done as evidence for the argument that we’re providing. I guess I didn’t watch the whole segment. Did she provide some sort of evidence for
why she believes that Bernie Sanders is gonna be Lyndon Johnson 2.0? So Lyndon Johnson voted for 20 years against
all of these bills. Okay so let’s talk about all the bills that
Bernie Sanders, over 20 years, the bills that he’s voted against that would have been good
for non-white. No, there’s no examples of anything like that.>>I know that this gets brought up a lot. Because it’s relevant. When Bernie Sanders gets attacked with these,
Bad faith arguments regarding his racism. Yeah a racist person doesn’t get arrested
during a civil rights demonstration in 1963, right? So this is the iconic photo of it. I’m sure all of you have already seen but
this is a guy who fought for not just black people but various disenfranchised communities
throughout his entire career throughout his entire life. I mean, he was fighting for gay rights. Decades before anyone in congress was doing
so. And, look, that’s what people like Candace
Owens don’t really care about. Look, I don’t even really know what Candace
Owens really cares about. I know she cares about that cold, hard cash.>>She wants to get paid. I get it. In the same way that there are some people
voting for president, or think that they’re gonna become president. And there are some people there because it’s
an easy way for someone to pay for you to travel around the country. There’s some people who are in this field
because they actually care and some people who want to do it because it’s admittedly
a lot easier than most other jobs. I’ve had real jobs, this is easier. So I guess in that way, it’s better to get
paid, I suppose. But the thing is that she’s not there to advocate
for somebody that she truly believes and Laura Ingraham isn’t having her on because Laura
Ingram thinks that she’s Intellectually->>Smart-
>>Honest.>>Right.>>I have people in my show, the Damage Report,
that I think are reasonable and intelligent and fair. There are people that I believe are absolutely
full of it. And I don’t have them on my show, because
I have no interest in that. But that is not how they operate at Fox News.>>Right, exactly, the objective of your show
is very different. With Fox, it’s not about having a smart discussion,
which is why Dumb Fox. And I’d like to see that bumper again, I can’t
help myself, it’s so good. Intern Jorden made it and he is so skilled
and talented. Just one more time guys just give it to me
injected in my veins I love it.>>I defined pieces the ability to defend
yourself and blow your enemies into smithereens.>>I’m from San Diego, man. Those are my tacos.>>The sweets have a pure genes. Finns, a matter of the Finns, so they have
a pure society.>>Shut up and dribble.>>So good-
>>Those are my tacos!>>The music, and the flag in the background,
so good.>>Sean Hannity non-ironically used the word
smithereens.>>Yep, yep, I know.

100 thoughts on “Candace Owens Clowns Herself on Fox News

  1. You would have to have no morals and no soul to publicly sell out your own community the way that Owens does. It’s disgusting.

  2. @Jim French.. Right on..I love the great comebacks on these idiots.I was right there when the greatest cats in Jazz were staying at your house. Knock the damn fools out Jimbo..Knock the damn fools out.

  3. Thought TYT supported strong independent women ??? Oh i see she is not a liberal so TYT thinks she doesn't deserve support !! 🤔

  4. Candace is gorgeous. It's not much of a platform for anything but straight dismissal of political positions. Sexual, hmmmm.
    'Here's my hotel key. Don't steal anything. I'll pay you.'

  5. I just have a question , why is it that if you bring up the huge number of absentee fathers and single parent households in the black community as a problem you’re automatically called “Racist!”

  6. Totally Berny the guy that went to jail FIGHTING for the rights of black people is racist, why would any racist fight for black people's rights and go to jail for it? Makes a lot of sence

  7. Lyndon B. Johnson said it, period! This wasn't the only recorded racist quote by him. Also, I found out this year John F. kennedy & Jacqueline Kennedy disliked Martin Luther king Jr. None congratulations will be given to a person forced to submit to black civilians demands. Candace Owens politically/socially sold out her people so she isn't receiving any support over here, but honestly when dealing with Johnson's past he was most definitely a racist. There's saying within our community concerning Democrats and Republicans, both symbolize the two wings on the same bird (or Eagle). Both parties have screwed over the black community on many occasions while pointing fingers at other as a pandering tool. This year 2020 I'm identify as an independent. So if Democrats/Republicans want our votes a fair trade is in order: Reparations/Tangibles or No Vote.

  8. Why do liberal women get triggered when they see outspoken, articulate, good looking, and smart conservative women like Candace Owens? She's a rare gemstone black woman.

  9. Republicans freed the slaves, Republicans gave blacks the right to vote and Republicans ended Jim Crowe laws and Democrats fought it at every turn.

  10. Nothing says disingenuous deliberate shill station like having a sellout black woman on your show that's literally paid by racist old white men to shit in the political waters and drag the discourse into sickening filth to deliberately lower the bar. Owens is political trash and she's brainless and completely devoid of the ability to say anything remotely useful.

  11. Even the uneducated black citizens know who's got their backs in the political world. The corporate Democrats do next to nothing but republican party members want to go back in time to the land of Jim Crow. You go ahead and support trumpty Dumpty Candace. An Aunt Tom.

  12. Candace Owens… the girl who claimed she never had to face racism until recently, when she sued another kid and a school board for racist comments and actions against her when she was in high school. Just another lying piece of shit CONservative.

  13. in the bizzarro world of the fox news cult, bernie is the racist and tyt are the regressives 😄 what a dumpster fire of idiots

  14. Johnson had a childhood friend, who was black, who influenced Johnson's anti-racist views. Owens is a sell-out. Dumb Fox attracts the sell-outs.

  15. The problem with Candace Owens is that she's so pretty and talks very well. So you have to not be stupid to know how stupid she is. And a lot of people are stupid.

  16. Check out other black conservatives on YouTube; Jericho Green, Amazing Lucas, Kevin’s Corner, Brandon Tatum, Lionel Harris, ABL, David Harris Jr.

  17. It’s so funny to me that Republicans even have the nerve to talk about racism or lying or bad policies when they have the EPITOME OF ALL THOSE THREE in the WH and defend him to political death every day!!

  18. She is one disgusting little racist who is the worst kind who puts down her own race . Ugly little smash face pig think's she so smart I wish someone who practice voodoo make a doll and punish the white man's mattress.

  19. Candice Owens is looking to fit in she's trying to show that she's not black anymore so she trying to impress her Republican in-laws

  20. Can someone please get her a black stylist…If ole girl gonna be out here earning her Butter Biscuts she could AT least have a up to date look…ijs

  21. Candace needs a deep condition followed by a hot oil treatment. Her hair is so stiff. As much she shakes her head in faux outrage, the strands go nowhere.

  22. Just so you know, I think Candace was referring to Johnson's involvement in the creation of the nanny state, the welfare state, the phenomenon that she believes caused the death of the American black family. And that's her biggest concern about what happened to the black population – much of it traced to Johnson's policies. If you follow her you would have known that.

  23. She says Make America Great Again..will which era is she talking about Slavery, Women not able to vote, jim crew, black face…etc🤔

  24. She’s 100% right. LBJ was a well known racist. Very shrewd calculating politician.

    Black Americans even Millennials and Gen Z are mostly Democrats because they’ve been raised to THINK (erroneously) that the Democrats are the party of civil rights. They THINK they’re on the side of social justice. But things are not always as they seem: 

    Re passage of the 
    Civil rights act of 1964:

    House of Representatives
    Democrats 153 of 244 —63%
    Republicans 136 of 171 —80%

    Democrats 46 of 67 —69%
    Republicans 27 of 33 —82%

    same with the Voting rights act of 1965
    To enforce 15th amendment

    House of Representatives
    Democrats 217-53 —80% 
    Republicans 111-20 —85%

    Democrats  49-17 —74%
    Republicans 30-1 —97%

    And the SAME with the 1968 housing rights act…  
    Democrats, NEED to know they’ve been fed lies by liars and the duped.. for their whole lives.

  25. The democrat party has ALWAYS been your problem, black Americans. Always. As recently as 155 years ago they held your chains, ripped you from your mother’s breasts, stole your labor, and bought and sold you like as if you were property and they paid you with whip and lash! So… WHY, god WHY did you abandoned ship?! It was the Republicans who came to your aid! You LEFT the party that willingly sacrificed its own flesh and blood to fight for you and secure your freedom. The party that recognized the humanity in all men! The party of men who fought for freedom and liberty itself. But… Instead you chose a party that DESTROYS your families and communities. A party that used you for votes and Disempowered you! Broke up your families by offering MORE welfare incentives for single parent black families. The party that told you you CAN’T do it without government assistance. Without Government dependence. The New Deal Great Depression Democrats offered you a poisoned carrot and you took it because you were hungry. And they’ve kept so many permantly enslaved to government dependence, demoralized & impoverished… living under democrat policies that have left homes, schools and communities in shambles! Giving away your jobs to people who came here illegally, etc.

    There’s still time. I hope you will use it well. Learn the TRUTH about the Republican Party. Your party. The party of of Abraham Lincoln, emancipation and the abolition of slavery, the 13th 14th and 15th amendments to the constitution, that set you forever free, made sure you were full and equal citizens, and had the right to vote your minds and will… like any other man! The team that overwhelmingly supported the civil rights act while Democrats filibustered; the party of the first female, black, latino, asian congressmen, the party of equal treatment under the law, The party of the level playing field/same rules applying to ALL, NEVER race based legislation! the party of self-reliance and standing on one’s own two feet! the party of freedom and liberty! The Republican Party! YOUR TRUE party. Where your REAL allies, with open arms, await your return.

  26. I would like to see Ms Owens recieve the Stacy Dash treatment. She needs to be thrown away by both blacks and whites while being ignored at every turn.

  27. Candace Owens plays a major part of the, (Willie Lynch Theory.) Unfortunately by her not knowing black history, she always just use Republican black stereotype talking points straight out of( Richard Nixon's Republican Southern strategies.) Poor child don't even realize she's being used. She knows nothing about real black people or their struggles.

  28. I understand what she saying she sayin in a nutshell black people understand that they both are racist and most of them are its just if u weigh it out one is running to look less racist than the others and the bill she talkin like for example black prisoners that has served their time can register to vote but they add a stipulation which is you cant register unless you pay off all fines and tickets off which gone hurt most of them because they just got released they can barely get jobs because nobody wants to hire felons so its a double edge sword

  29. The Young Turds should talk they are as bad as the Clown News Network hey Cenk Yogurt Mark Dice said hi bubble brain. Trump 2020👀👀👀

  30. When you sign up to vote, as a male, you are forced to register for the draft. Or at least that is what I was taught. I could be wrong.

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