Can Prince Harry and Meghan Markle really become financially independent?

Can Prince Harry and Meghan Markle really become financially independent?

100 thoughts on “Can Prince Harry and Meghan Markle really become financially independent?

  1. come onnnn Fox Biz, this is Harry, he's restricted from building his own business empire because he's not allowed to earn or keep any money he worked for. being independent means he gets to keep the money in his own coffers under his own name and business. that Invictus Games is but a sampling of what he's capable of creating and building. as a business channel chock full of business minds wouldn't you have recognized one of your own?

  2. If the Kardashians can do it with no talent and no work … then Harry and Meghan can do it. Start by hiring The Momager.

  3. meg has been drama from day one…..and they wonder why? all the press? their actions are in bad taste……while in Canada nobody bothered them…they could live a quiet life if they wanted to. Problem is meg has a BIG mouth and BIG ego so royal lifestyle won't work.

  4. Clever Meghan has been suckering HM and RF from the minute "I now pronounce you"…Royals are fools for not seeing it and allowing her to pull it off. This is the "Scam of the Century" She is American and Archie is half American, it's why she left him behind and now fled the UK.

  5. Did anyone else see that little gold digger's plan for attention when she married him? She has done nothing but the to get attention since she convinced that dummy to marry her. This is an attention seeking stunt from his attention seeking wife. Next issue please…

  6. Those social parasites will never do any actual work. They will just turn their life into a reality show and cash in on their brainless, moronic fans. Disgusting.


  8. This is news? Really! This is an insult to even 'fake news'! I hope they don't find themselves homeless & penniless! Surely a 'Go Fund Me Page' can be set up in their names so that they can support the lifestyle they are used to having! I just can't for the like of me have the 'Royals' out on their posh butts…..perhaps having to EVEN rub elbows with just the mere millionaires of Canada……perhaps pathetic 'Lottery winners". Oh save them from this peril!! GO BACK HOME & STAY THERE!

  9. I don’t understand this ridiculous notion that Harry and Meghan can’t be financially independent. Harry is worth over 40 million dollars and Meghan has 4 million dollars of her own money. There will be offers on this side of the pond too. Money is the least of their problems. Frog-more was given to them by the Queen. It is theirs mortgage free. They are an attractive intelligent couple. They can make their own way with little problem.

  10. His new role will be going to the throne and dropping a royal log! =8^o I bet he ends up on some news station as having inside news like James Clapper or John Brennan. He can forget about the public here bowing down and kissing his butt!!!

  11. If she was worth $5M, I’ll eat my hat! She even lied about that and used her mother’s house as part of that so-called 5 million — what other part of that “Net Worth” was also fraudulent? And if she was left on her own, she would have used every penny she had, just as she used up all of her father’s lottery earnings. This woman is a total leech and in no way would a foundation of hers work to benefit a charitable organization because she is so self-centered!! Period! Punto! End of Story!


  13. Isn't the Duchy controlled by the first born? Harry & Meghan see the writing on the wall. They probably don't want to receive an allowance & beholden to William & Kate for their well-being. Look at what happens to lesser Royals when the public loose interest in them. Princess Margaret children had to sell her jewels to pay taxes when she died.

  14. It won't be too hard they'll become the new Kardashians, cry about the intrusive cameras following them through their mansion as they talk about their meaningless non existant problems and throw in some virtue signals make themselves victims and that's a 200 mil series right there.

  15. Prince Harry his Meghan Markel lives in UK or street corner next to the boundary wall of BHEL MIG Vidyuthnagar, Ramachandrapuram, Sangareddy, Telangana, India🇮🇳502032. These representing their royal popas-momas in India-Asia-Africa-Europe-Middle East-South Africa-South America-Canada making social sales business marketing and raising funds for their union families. Nations like India🇮🇳 giving them labor and employment benefits. Capitals.

    So Harry is Japanese🇯🇵 and Meghan is Punjabi Canadian🇨🇦? Punjabi of India🇮🇳 province or Pakistan🇵🇰 province? India-China-Japan and whole Asia is land of harlots-veshyas-concubines-prostitute's-sex trafficking business which also spread to Africa under islamization sodomy business.

  16. Meghan is crazy she knows what she was getting into. I don't think she married Harry for love, I think she only married Harry for the money and the title she probably used "Budu, to make Harry deeply falling in love with her and to listen to whatever she asked him to do since that African American knows how to do it. I'd seen African American woman performed Budu in New Orleans. I don't know if it's for real but i believe still people out there doing it for real.😵😈

  17. Absolutely! Stop hating folks you’re wasting your time they are a brand and can soon make more money than that duchy gives them. They are not freeloaders!

  18. My life ain't special or grand. One thing is for sure> I love my kids. They are gonna be alright. I'm sure there are good federal jobs.

  19. Markle couldn't help her petty activism now set out to divide and desrtoy the Royal family .. If she didn't like the way they do things she could have said NO … NO one forced her into anything …more LIBERAL tears ..

  20. Yes they. Can

    Give them the freedom to do good

    Are good people

    Doing great things

    And even greater

    In the future

    Good luck

    Harry Meghan
    And family

  21. Kudos to the most loved couple in the world. The world applauds your decision. The Royal family and the British media are hateful and racist. Let's see who the hateful British media is going to hound

  22. Yes the can be financially independent, it's called both of them go get a job!! They dont want to be in public service, she can go back to acting and he can go fly helicopters. Then they can quit whining, no staff, no nannies, no titles, go work and shut up about it!!

  23. They already are His great grandmother left him a fortune. I hope they go to. Canada, because she will not be welcomed by the average people in the US. We have enough entitled elites.

  24. Seems weird that you have a problem with someone’s parents giving them money. Since when is it a crime to be born wealthy? I hope to one day be able to give my children a fortune. That’s The American Dream.

  25. I guess The British are all liberal but jobs, to think they are upset because they can’t spend their tax money on providing for a couple of millionaires.

  26. When the media literally killed Harry’s Mother, Princes Diana, I think the seeds were planted. He played the role, but the moment the media started harassing his wife the same way, he stepped in.

  27. So she wants the money that comes with the royal title, the privilege of living a luxurious life off the British taxpayers, the right to trademark their royal positions to privately profit from them, when such royal positions were ironcially not actually given to them by the Queen, but by the United Kingdom that is supported by its tax paying citizens. Without the British taxpayers' willingness to support the royal family, there will be no royal family, have they learnt anything from the French revolution or the Russian revolution? Their titles are not given to them because iits their birth right, the royal titles were bestowed on them by the people of the kingdom, through the Queen, because the British people's support of the royal family, and with such support, there is a certain expectation of them. The Queen should rip their titles off and tell them to go work in Hollywood as full time actors.

  28. MM mother has came up with 9 mil dollars. said to come from MM clothing allowance that she didn't use because she wore cloths that were given to her to advertise. So she soled that money to use later. Yep! This was all planned.Queen needs to cut them off everything. looks like they got enough!

  29. This girl is going to mess him up. Hopefully he'll wake up before to long. I see child support payments in his future.

  30. Of course they can, just lik ethe Bidens, Clintons, Bushes, Pelosis, Kerrys' and many of them Elites members of the criminal deepstate globalist syndicate

  31. I remember when this kid was a young trump hanging out with Nazi's. He wised up with the chick. Must be the American in her 🇺🇸

  32. Introducing the new Margaret Wallace Simpson and her husband the Duke of York, formerly known as Prince Harry! What a couple of dopes! They will be so miserable in a year or two after their exile.

  33. Part of the problem — as royals they were not supposed to be earning money outside, however, Cringe and Whinge have been merching from day one. Cringe has sold her clothes, jewelry, accessories and hawked what seemed to be deadstock on her website — Meghan's Mirror. It is said she got kickbacks on clothes she wore — she even merched 'Archie's' few outfits that the public got to see him in. Harry has been looking like an unmade bed most of the time since meeting up with Cringe. The foundation they started is not registered in the UK as a charitable foundation in the usual manner but is a registered business I believe in Nevada because it would be tax free. She's trademarked everything possible. Cringe has been actively making money since day one. The IRS should be loving these 2 in the not too distant future.

  34. what are they waiting for ? they need a job ? roll out your sleeves Harry boy and your crying Madonna.. we in Australia are shocked you haven't showed up yet ! you both show the world how once more you're hypocrites and climate change FARTS

  35. Of course she stepping back. She’ll make more money branding their name and don’t have to spend time on people the way the Royal family does

  36. They have friends that can help them to become financial independence Harry and Meghan are worth together 30 million dollars

  37. They are going to merchandise and personally profit their Sussex titles and they have trademarked Archie’s name…the Queen gave them their titles and she can take them away…..HM needs to absolutely do this.

  38. Why don’t you do your homework ,get your fax right before you open your fake news mouth . I have confidence they Harry and Meghan will do well away from the “FIRM”. Good luck to them.

  39. They are the UK’s equivalent of Hollywood’s rich elites. I find them incredibly unappealing. They want the royal goodies without any rules. He’s Diana’s Son, all right. I must be the only person in the World who was never ga ga over her.

  40. they have targets on their backs as pawns to be used by Obamas and other socialists ! it is loving to cut off their allowances !

  41. They just want to become Royal welfare recipients. Do no work, get money and lodging, rabble rouse. The Trans wife and the weak son.

  42. Charles needs to boot them out and take back all their money – see how long they last then. Call them out – lets see if they can really make it on their own.

  43. Prince Harry is a millionaire and mm has money so if anyone had their resources they could really be independent .The way they have treated the Queen and Prince Charles it would serve them right if they cut their money out of the equation and let them get on with it .But seeing as they have acted like two very spoilt brats they will probably be using all sorts of excuses if this blows up in their faces .At the minute the are using racism which is the biggest load of crap ,I've ever heard no one that went out to see them hurled abuse ,why because Harry was beloved and they wanted to welcome his wife but she started to rub Britts the wrong way with things she did and the top hat was when she said she was only exsisting when they were spending tax payers money .As the UK has had to pull it's belt in she had a bloody cheek .

  44. Harry would be a big improvement over the current Canadian prime minister. probably cannot happen and They would be back in the spotlight again. so won't happen but Canada sure needs to get their act together.

  45. I'll live financially independently with food stamp. I'll be working full time like Californian working once every 3 months updating my file at the stamp offices.

  46. They've been hanging with Mr and Mrs O and getting tips on how to accomplish what they want. A foundation they've been told is lucrative, Am sure they will learn much from the tutors "O"….

  47. They have everything planned website, registered Trademarks – and new company with companies house MWX Trading Ltd registered last August.
    So feeling upset about photographs at Christmas seems odd? If they are both struggling and not coping I think they should have clean break – not have their titles and just go their own way. Harry has £30+ million and Megan has few million so they are financial sound

  48. Man, this dude could probably have people pay him for a lot of that family's secrets, you'd be amazed he'd give up ?! 😨😱

  49. Of course they can, they can pimp themselves to the holywood Elite and make money of the gauliable liberals just like the Obamas. The Queen should cut their credit card and let them deal on their own

  50. So why caint they just stay as Duke and Dutchess. And do the paperwork and business issues. Yet leave out the photo ops and travel to everywhere to shake hands and to do speachs.!! Just step back. Not Down.

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