Call The Doctor / Medical Words & Phrases / English Addict 44 – LIVE Lesson / Wed 26th Feb 2020

Call The Doctor / Medical Words & Phrases / English Addict 44 – LIVE Lesson / Wed 26th Feb 2020

oh yes guess what mmm well slap me sideways and call me
Dorothy here we go again it is another English addict live from the birthplace
of the English language which happens to be England did you see that did you see that video
clip that was playing just that was filmed last week after we had all of the
heavy rain here in the area where I live – want to see it again
look this is actual video footage that I filmed last week I will show you some of
it again so here it is look at that so that is actually the river which is very
close to my house and I actually filmed that last week just after we had all
that heavy rain so yes that is an actual video clip that I filmed just last week
because we’ve had so much water falling and moving around and shifting all over
the place and there you can see a local River
flooding and looking rather well rather dangerous to be honest I don’t like the
look of that at all and part of that River you can actually drive across it
in your car however everyone last week was warned not to do it they were told
don’t go through the river because part of the river flows over the road we call
it a Ford but last week the Ford was was quite turbulent quite dangerous to cross
and we have had so much rain in this area I can’t begin to tell you how much
rain we’ve had around here anyway I hope you are dry where you are hi everybody
this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay
I hope so are you feeling happy are you happy today I really hope you are
feeling happy because we are here all together once again yes we have made it
halfway through the week it’s Wednesday yes we are here together again enjoying
the English language for those who like English yes mr. Duncan we know it is English
addict you don’t have to keep telling us however for those who don’t know what
this is I teach English here on YouTube and three times a week you can actually
catch me live here on YouTube on Sunday Wednesday and Friday from 2 p.m. UK time
if you don’t know about me well keep watching and I can guarantee over the
next 30 or 40 minutes you will definitely find out what this is all
about I think so oh hello to the live chat as well I
can’t forget the live chat how could I forget you I had a very interesting
question last week someone asked mr. Duncan can you tell me what the
difference is between white collar and blue collar and what do they actually
mean well when we talk about these two sentences or these two phrases what we
are actually describing is a type of work so we often think of white collar
is a person who works in an office or in a professional job for example they have
a white collar so it actually refers to the clothes they wear in their job
however when we talk about blue collar worker we often refer to people who work
in factories or might have unskilled jobs I’m not saying that is the case
before anyone shouts at me and screams into their smartphone so blue collar is
a person who works in a factory they have they have a laboring job so their
job involves lots of manipulation with their hands manual work and if you have
an office job something that might be seen as a comfortable job maybe you work
for a business maybe you work in an office maybe you own a company or maybe
you are a supervisor you have a white-collar job you are a white-collar
worker if you work in a factory you might be described as a blue-collar
worker because of the type of clothes you wear so that’s the reason why it was
mentioned last week because a lot of people noticed my shirt that I always
wear by the way I always wear this shirt on my English addict live stream I hope
you’re feeling good today I really do because it’s been a very hectic week shall we talk about yesterday shall we
talk about the dreadful thing that happened yesterday
can I just apologise to those who sat down yesterday ready to watch my special
live stream which was on Pancake Day yes Tuesday was pancake day yesterday
was Shrove Tuesday so I decided to do something unusual I actually went into
the kitchen to do a live stream I went into the kitchen yesterday and I thought
it would be fun to make a pancake live a terrible idea an absolute awful idea I
regret doing it now so yesterday I went into the kitchen and I did a live stream
and I tried my best to make a pancake something that people traditionally do
on Pancake Day as the name suggests but as you can see my pancake didn’t turn
out very well it was not very successful so unfortunately
my attempt to make a pancake yesterday did not go very well well that was my
first attempt but I didn’t give up because later on I tried to do it again
and I was slightly more successful but there you can see now on your screen
that was my awful pancake that I made yesterday it didn’t turn out very well
for which I really do apologize I do I never so sorry you might say that my
attempt to make a pancake yesterday I suppose I could describe it as a
disaster my attempt to make a pancake yesterday was an absolute disaster mr.
Duncan what a disaster he didn’t work out the way you intended something went
wrong something seriously went wrong your your attempt to make a pancake
turned into a disaster hmm so if something goes wrong if
something suddenly happens that you weren’t expecting something terrible
occurs we can describe it as a disaster I said oh here’s another one another
word I suppose you could use this word as well
calamity it was a calamity something went terribly wrong yesterday when I was
trying to make my pancake something went seriously wrong it was a calamity
everything went wrong unfortunately oh here’s another one I suppose you could
describe yesterday’s pancake as a complete cock-up I really did make a
mess yesterday of my pancake I tried my best to do it right but unfortunately I
made a complete cock-up I did so it was unfortunately a complete
cock-up oh they were it took me ages to find that so a cock-up something that
goes wrong you made a terrible mistake a horrible mistake unfortunately although
I did try to do it again and I was slightly more successful with my second
attempt so if you want to watch the whole thing it is still available on my
youtube channel you can watch it if you want if you dare
calamity so it was a terrible calamity it was a complete cock-up it was oh I
like this one it was a catastrophe yes good word there mr. Duncan good word
catastrophe if something goes terribly wrong if something is a disaster it is a
catastrophe so my poor pancake my attempt to make the pancake yesterday
was a complete and utter catastrophe it went completely wrong we can describe it
as a failure unfortunately I’m afraid I failed
yesterday I failed to make my pancake however I did try again I am not the
type of person who gives up you may have noticed whatever happens even if I make
mistakes even if I get things wrong sometimes I say the wrong word or maybe
I mispronounce a word or a sentence however I carry on I don’t give up even
though I might have the occasional failure sometimes I will fail sometimes
I will make mistakes but what do I do do I give up no I don’t I carry on I
continue despite having failure I continue I carry on I don’t give up and
nor should you hello to the live chat oh hi everybody
on the live chat nice to see you here today congratulations – oh hello –
Martha in Poland Martha Poland guess what you are first on today’s live chat and relations to Martha you did very
well there I think you must have a very fast finger I think so
hello also sweetness hello mr. Duncan how are you doing I hope you are doing
well I am okay however this morning when I woke up my stomach was feeling very
strange and it might be because of my pancake yesterday if you want to find
out why my pancake may have given me a bad stomach watch yesterday’s livestream
if you dare hello flower Espoir Vitas is here watching in Lithuania hello Vitesse
nice to see you back again RHS oh we have Pedro Pedro Belmont is here today
Pedro Belmont is saying Thank You Pedro also Belarusian my roots Cecilia and
sang though hello sang veau where are you watching at the moment I have a
feeling you might be in Vietnam a big hello to everyone who has joined me from
Vietnam over the past few days many people are now watching from Vietnam so
nice to see you here as well Eric nice to be here again Christina says how are
you it is a windy day where Christina is and also here as well it’s quite windy
here although it is also sunny at the moment it’s nice and sunny outside so
that is actually a live view looking outside my window right now and you can
see it’s quite nice we had we had snow this morning we had a little bit of snow
which I will show you in a moment but this is the view right now looking from
my studio window into the distance it is looking rather nice however today
the weather is freezing the temperature is very low so unfortunately I won’t be
going outside to do anything I must be honest with you I really do miss going
outside I I can’t wait to go back outside into my garden to do my live
streams and that is something I did last year if you remember I did quite a few
live streams outside in the garden hower however at the moment the weather
isn’t very good it isn’t very pleasant so I won’t be
going outside at the moment because it’s freezing cold talking of which would you
like to have a look at the view that I filmed this morning Oh take a look at
this so this is something I filmed from my window this morning looking out into
the distance first of all well this is one of the nearby villages not far away
from where I live you can see some houses and also you can see the church
as well there is a lovely church you can see the top of the church that
particular place is called Harley and yeah look at that oh we had some snow
this morning and you can see in the distance you can see there is some snow
on the hills in a distance you are looking at the Long Mynd
and then we will go across to one of the famous Welsh Hills not very far away
from where I live a place called Caer Caradok which is
an old hill fort and you can see there is also lots of snow on there as well so
yes it’s true we had snow this morning not much I know certain parts of the UK
have had a lot of snow but we just had a little bit nothing too
serious so there I hope you enjoy that just in case you haven’t had any snow
where you are I thought I would show you the snow that we’ve had this morning
just a little bit and that’s the reason why it is freezing cold right now isn’t
that nice oh and I must admit I do feel lucky to have such beautiful views from
my window I really do and there you can see some of the blossom coming out on
the trees as well it is really starting to feel like spring is in the air which
of course makes me feel very happy very happy indeed
I hope you enjoyed that hello – leo hello leo watching in Vietnam as well a
lot of people watching in Vietnam nice to see you here today hello – tomorrow
hello tomorrow it’s nice to see you here today
tomorrow eric says hello to everyone as well also we have irene Rolfie is here
hello Rolfie thank you very much for joining me again also we have missed or
palmyra is here Palmero is here palmyra asks mr. duncan have you put any ash on
your head because today is Ash Wednesday yes many people sell
waiting the beginning of Lent and today is Ash Wednesday for those who follow
the Christian belief may be Catholics as well I believe Catholics also get
enrolled during Lent so a lot of people celebrating and also observing linked
from today hello Maria hello also too broken boy
hello broken boy nice to see you here as well a lot of people joining in I always
like to wait for a few moments because I know there are some people who might not
join the live chat on time so I always like to wait I don’t like to leave
people behind and that’s the reason why we are going
to talk about quite a few things from this moment on today we’re talking about
types of story we are going to have a look at types of
story because last week last week I mentioned Sherlock Holmes which did get
a very large response thank you very much for all of your lovely messages
telling me how much you enjoyed my discussion last week about Sherlock
Holmes I didn’t realize there are so many Sherlock Holmes fans here on my
live chat so now I do so thank you very much Sherlock Holmes of course isn’t
real he is fictitious a fictitious character is one that does not exist
like for example Harry Potter Harry Potter is not real he is a fictitious
character he is a character from fiction so when we talk about fiction it is
something created or made up and then we have nonfiction or we can also call it
factual so something that is factual or nonfiction is real it refers to
something that is real and does exists also we’re talking about medical things
today I had a letter last week from my doctor asking me to go in for a checkup
for an examination now there is nothing wrong with me before anyone asks I’m
okay I’m perfectly okay and healthy however here in this country we do have
medical check-ups especially for those who are over a certain age let’s say so
last week my doctor sent me a letter asking me to go in to have a medical
examination or checkup so they will check up they will check your body they
will check your heart and your blood pressure and they will give you a blood
test to make sure your blood is okay so that’s what I’m doing
maybe next week or the week after so we are talking about medical things today
don’t worry there won’t be any blood there won’t be anything horrible to look
at so you don’t have to worry about that hello Krishna
hello also LAN LAN new Winn who is also watching in Vietnam today also my war
Marwa asks how old are you do you mean me are you asking how old I am you should never ask a lady her age
never glad a loop is here it’s a pleasure joining this class and
it’s a pity that I’m here for just a few moments because I’m going to work well
thank you for dropping by quite a loop nice to see you have a super-duper day what is the thing that you are wearing
on your forehead oh I see well can I let you in on a secret it is actually a CD
but a dr. will often use a reflector on his
forehead so when he’s looking closely at something the reflector will reflect
light back onto the thing he is looking at so quite often you will see a doctor
wear something on their forehead and it is it is a little bit like a mirror so
what that will do is reflect the light back onto the thing they are looking at
however on my photograph it isn’t it’s actually a CD stuck to my head
hello Noemi you have a very good Health Service it is a good idea that your
doctor called you yes I think so we have the National Health Service in this
country so the NHS the National Health Service is a way of getting free
medicine free medical care you can go into hospital and you don’t have to pay
anything so everyone pays a certain amount of
money in their tax and part of that tax will go to fund the National Health
Service so yes we’ve had that for Wow quite a few years now I think after the
Second World War the National Health Service was was officially created so
yes we are very lucky in this country because we have the National Health
Service however there has been a sort of Health Service around for a very long
time but the National Health Service is one that is given for free so all of the
tax payers in the UK will pay a small amount from their salary and it will go
towards keeping the National Health Service going even though it would be
fair to say that it’s not perfect it isn’t a perfect service hello
broken boys mr. Duncan who should be the leader in a family oh I don’t know
so I suppose in some families it depends who is in the family so maybe if there
is a single parent then that parent will be the leader or the head of the family Belarusian says I like your doctor dr.
poke and prod would you like to see a photograph of dr. poke and prod here is
so this is the doctor one of my famous characters that we haven’t seen for a
long time dr. poke and prod he is my local doctor
and he will often call me in for an examination he will say Duncan can you
please remove all of your clothes and bend over hmm
what can you say what can you say hello to Pedro yes I suppose the person the
main person in a family might be the person who brings in the money the
person who earns the money or a person who earns the wage so yes Pedro says
maybe you mean the breadwinner well the breadwinner is the person who
earns the money in the family hello my royal Mayra wha my wall asks what is the
difference between mist and fog well mist normally is something that is
formed on the ground so you often see mist rolling across the land or rolling
across the hills fog is something that is in the
atmosphere itself so fog is normally all around you it is something that is
created by maybe cool and warm air meeting or sometimes
fog can actually be caused by pollution as well so mist and fog might seem
similar but they have some differences Mohammed Atef hello I am watching you
from Pakistan nice to see you here today mr. Duncan what is your opinion about
Chinese traditional medicine that has existed for over 5,000 years now verbal
medicine some of it I think is quite useful however some of it is is not
useful for example certain types of Chinese medicine will use specific parts
of an animal’s body that’s all I’m saying
so certain types of Chinese medicine or herbal medicine I think can be
beneficial however I suppose it depends which type of Chinese medicine you are
talking about so some of it is good some of it’s not so good
sweetness says I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes however I am reading
books and watching series series TV shows of this amazing character Thank
You sweetness I did talk about Sherlock Holmes last week because I am also a
very big fan of the character and also dr. Watson as well of course it’s worth
mentioning that Sherlock Holmes was not a perfect character he had many flaws
many strange quirks in his character for him some of the stories he actually uses
drugs illegal drugs so not all of Sherlock Holmes character not all of his
his personality was perfect in the stories he is
person who is very good at what he does solving crimes and mysteries
however he has many flaws so if you talk about a floor f L a W it is something
that is not good a part of your character that is not perfect so
something that is not perfect or maybe something that might be seen as bad a
bad part of your personality something that is not perfect can be described as
a floor hello sir Rt hello Pakistan and China equals love
well I I suppose I’m not going to argue with that
definitely not hello Shion or ching ching lei hello from Vietnam another new
viewer I think watching in Vietnam Christina says Sherlock Holmes used to
smoke a pipe yes he would smoke a pipe and also cigarettes as well and do you
know where Sherlock Holmes kept his tobacco can you tell me Sherlock Holmes
kept his tobacco for his pipe in a very particular place can you tell me where
he kept it somewhere very unusual I wonder if you know hello also to Leanne
also watching in Vietnam I suppose I should give a very big special hello to
everyone watching in Vietnam thank you very much to you and also Alex D
Alex D who is a very good a very good English teacher on YouTube so we’re
talking about lots of different types of story there are many different types of
story many different types of story that can
be told or read or expressed you might you might recall a story from your life
so when we talk about story story can be anything that happened in the past you
are talking about something that happened in a very specific way you are
talking about the people involved or the occurrences the things that happened so
there are many types of story and of course every story has a theme and plot
so when we talk about themes we talk about the things that it relates to the
things that happen in the story and the plot is what happens so when we talk
about plot we are talking about what actually happens the events and
situations that occur in the story there are many types of story we can also say
genre so when we talk about genre or type we are talking about the types of
story the genre the type of story for example you might have something that is
a drama drama so maybe something is happening that is very serious maybe
there is a lot of action taking place in the story it is very dramatic a dramatic
story has a lot of things going on in it oh I like this one thriller a thriller
is a story that might keep you in suspense
it might be something that makes you feel a little afraid and excited at the
same time so there are many types of story that might be described as a
thriller mystery a mystery story a story that has lots of things happening in it
but some of the things cannot be explained so you might describe Sherlock
Holmes stories as mysteries because he is trying to solve a mystery something
that happened that can’t easily be explained then of course we have crime
stories stories about people doing bad things
maybe they robbed a bank maybe there is a bank robbery in the story maybe there
is a murder in the story a lot of people like reading crime stories I don’t know
why stories can also be related to intrigue intrigue it’s a great word that
so if you intrigue someone it means you get them interested they want to know
more about what it is you were talking about so if something is intriguing
it is fascinating it is something you want to find out more about oh that is a
very intriguing story so a story that has intrigued intrigue is a story that
keeps you interested you are constantly interested in the story you want to read
what happens next every time you turn the page the answer
might be there it might be revealed in the next chapter intrigue oh I do like
that I also like this a bit of romance of course there are many stories that
involve love people falling in love people finding love people losing love
romantic stories stories that talk about love
people falling in love a boy and a girl meet on a train and then their story
begins to develop as they fall in love and find romance we also have science
fiction as well science fiction things about space the future technology that
hasn’t been invented yet science fiction I am a very big fan of science fiction
fantasy is very similar to science fiction
however fantasy can be anything anything anything that seems out of the ordinary
or unusual fantasy a fantasy novel or a fantasy book things that are fantastic
things that seem incredible gothic you might have a gothic story gothic stories
so when we talk about gothic this can refer to the Middle Ages or the Dark
Ages it can also refer to a story that has very dark and sinister tones so
maybe something that has a very dark theme something that makes you feel
slightly afraid so the word gothic can be used in many ways
and then of course we have horror horror stories a lot of people like reading
horror stories I remember when I was a child I read a story called jaws a very
scary book which was also a movie and I have to be honest with you yes it did
scare me a lot so there are many types of horror story then of course we have
happy stories funny stories or is that involve funny things
happening so you might talk about humor or you might talk about a humorous event
something that is funny something that makes you laugh something that makes no
sense might be humorous or comic something
that is funny so there are many types of stories around many ways of describing
stories many types of stories however I suppose it would be fair to say that
these days fewer and fewer people are reading books
unfortunately no Jean says I like horror stories okay I’m not sure if I like
horror stories all the time I like reading horror stories
I like watching horror films but not all the time quite often I will watch things
that are funny or humorous things that make me smile and laugh hello from
Husein I am watching you from Iraq a big hello to Iraq nice to see you here today
I love science fiction I must be honest with you I do like science fiction a lot
science fiction books and also science fiction movies as well when I was a
child I used to read books by Ray Bradbury and also philip k dick as well
who who wrote the story that Blade Runner is based on did you know that
hello Christina I love Lord of the Rings I suppose you would describe that as a
fantasy novel a fantasy story something that seems unreal or amazing so I
suppose you might also describe Harry Potter as a fantasy book so it is things
that don’t really but seem real you are living in a
fantasy land something that seems real but isn’t a book reader lives 1,000
lives before he dies I like that that’s a great sentence I like that very much
de Wong says you speak English very well thank you very much that’s very kind of
you to say Russia is here hello Russia nice to see you here as
well we are going to talk about medical things in a few moments are you ready we
are going to get deep into medical things but first of all I thought it
would be nice to show a video clip so let’s have a look
ah yes there it is a little video clip an excerpt from one of my many many
English lessons which are on YouTube and this particular lesson is talking all
about health and exercise hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are
you today are you ok I hope so are you happy I hope so
in today’s lesson we will take a look at two aspects of our lives one is
something we take for granted while it is there but miss it terribly when it
has gone the other is an activity that we are all encouraged to do but few of
us seem to have the time to carry out in this lesson we will take a look at health and exercise when we talk about our health we are
actually describing two things first we refer to our physical health the way our
body is functioning how well it is working how all the different parts of
your body are functioning then we refer to our mental health how each one of us
feels emotionally if you feel tired after any sudden activity such as
getting up from the sofa and walking a short distance or feeling out of breath
after climbing a few stairs then there is a good chance that you are out of
shape you are unfit your health is poor there are many words connected to
exercise such as aerobics exercise that makes the heart beat fast through
constant body movement we call this cardiovascular exercise burn this word
is used to express the energy being used up during exercise recreation a general
word for any exercise or leisure activity keep fit the act of taking
exercise or following a course of exercise routine there are many simple
exercises for keeping fit and healthy the most popular ones include walking
yes just go for a walk walk to the end of your street then around the corner
across the field up the hill and back down again walk in a big circle around
the streets and along the roads keep on walking until you arrive back home Oh
you can also jog jogging is quicker than walking but not as fast is running you
can jog to the end of your street then around the corner across the field
up the hill and back down again jog in a big circle around the streets and along the roads
keep on jogging until you arrive back home oh you can go for a run one two
three oh yeah it’s okay I’m just exercising my word power please yourself
believe it or not it is possible to exercise too much you can do too much
exercise there are many sporting activities that
can give you a vigorous workout and help keep you fit such as badminton football
squash tennis and volleyball another great activity is swimming which is good
for giving you a relaxing all-over body workout as you float in the water
without all that tiring muscle strain ah that’s better I don’t know about you
but I’m getting exhausted just watching that so there it was one of my lessons
one of my many lessons that are available on YouTube oh just watching that lesson has made me
feel quite exhausted to be honest with you hello again welcome back we are live
once more across the Internet hello to everyone wherever you are watching in
the world it’s mr. Duncan that’s me by the way and
I am here on YouTube live every Sunday Wednesday and Friday from 2:00 p.m. UK
time you can find me on YouTube right here don’t forget also to give me a
lovely like your lovely thumb so please give me a happy like and also if you
want you can also subscribe as well do it now go on like me like me does that
sound desperate maybe maybe just a little bit thank you
very much for joining me today so many people here well we have a big big
audience at the moment we are talking about medicine yes we just had a video
lesson talking about health and exercise would you say that you take care of your
health are you a person who is health-conscious a health-conscious
person is a person who often thinks about their health and well-being and
they worry about whether they are healthy or not they try to look after
their body they try to take exercise and of course they go to the doctor on a
regular basis the doctor is the place that many people go to even if they
don’t feel well sometimes you can have medical checkups or examinations like me
I had a doctor a doctor’s letter last week telling me that I have to go for or
for an examination they have to look at my body to make sure everything is all
right there’s no answer to that really is
there hello to Eric again wow it seems like you can speak Spanish too
oh I think that is for someone else apparently I will get a dislike from one
one of my viewers oh okay then well there is a there is a way of dealing
with that if you don’t like it you can go somewhere else that’s what I say
hello also to Luis Mendez hello Luis watching in France at the moment a lot
of people all around the world Kazuma sir
Kazuma sir hello to you and thank you very much for your thumbs up and also
your donation as well with the super sticker thank you very much it’s very
kind of you how lovely and welcome is it your first
time here Kazuma sir Narita now that does sound
Japanese that does sound Japanese to me so if you are a big hello to you hello
Cory I do love Spanish I love Spanish very much says Cory personally I don’t
know much Spanish I don’t speak Spanish very well just maybe the occasional word
but not many words unfortunately al-khair says hello mr. Duncan do you
like cold days no I don’t I I don’t like cold days at all to be honest I prefer
springtime and summertime I prefer those days I’m not a big fan of winter to be
honest lela lela basher says this is my first
time here on your live chat is it really hello Leila welcome Layla nice to see you here today
and I bet this morning when you woke up you didn’t think that a strange English
man would be giving you a round of applause on the Internet
I don’t think so hello Palmyra also sweetness says Sherlock Holmes kept his
tobacco on the fireplace in a small metal box I will tell you where Sherlock
Holmes used to keep his tobacco he used to keep it in a slipper that was hanging
from his fireplace so there would be a fireplace in his big living room and
above the fireplace hanging there was a slipper and inside the slipper was his
tobacco so he kept it by the fire so it would stay dry it wouldn’t become damp
so there’s the answer to that question a great piece of trivia a lovely trivia
question when we say trivia we mean a small piece of information or a fact
that might not be interesting to anyone trivia a small fact or a small detail
can be described as trivia hello also to Red Wolf hello Red Wolf
Red Wolf gamer apparently it’s your first time here as well Red Wolf gamer thank you very much for
joining me today also Mohammed must eat mr. Veeck says
hello how are you I’m okay thank you very much not too bad I was here
yesterday on YouTube live I was trying to make a pancake did you see me
yesterday oh here it is again for those who want to see it for those who want to
see my failure once again so here I am yesterday trying to make a pancake in my
kitchen and this was something that I did live on YouTube however as you could
see my pancake didn’t turn out very well unfortunately it was a complete disaster
so I didn’t do very well unfortunately so even though yesterday I
did try to make a pancake I didn’t do a very good job however however I didn’t
give up I didn’t quit I did I did it all again and that the second attempt was
successful so the second time I did it it was actually quite good it turned out
quite well thank you very much Rolfie for your encouraging words let’s get mr.
Duncan to 1 million subscribers how lovely
that’s very nice thank you very much so we are talking medical words well we
have quite a few words to look at here to be honest there are many many medical
words so when we talk about medical words they are words connected to things
that are there to help you get over an illness or to recover from an illness
quite often we will use the word medicine medicine so medicine can be
used in many ways we can use the word medicine to mean the general
practice of curing and helping people who are ill so medicine can be used
generally as a mass noun it can be used to describe all types of treatment that
is given to help your body also medicine can be a type of treatment may be
something you have to drink or maybe something you have to put on your skin
to help you so medicine can also be the treatment something that is given to you
then we have the word medicinal where we say medicinal it means something that is
generally curative something that will help you to recover from an illness so
medicinal something that is there to help you recover or to overcome an
illness it is something that can help to cure you of your disease or illness it
is medicinal you are using something for medicinal purposes maybe you take a
certain type of medicine that is medicinal it is there to help you get
well then of course we have healing healing so to heal is to make better to
heal is to make something repair itself or to encourage something to repair
itself maybe you have a cut on your hand or maybe you have broken your arm you
have to heal they are you have to heal the cut you have to make it better it
has to repair itself and if there’s one thing that the human body is very good
at doing its repairing itself I think the human body is amazing so something
medicinal is curative thank you map AK map AK monopoly or name by the way
very interesting here’s another word doctor the doctor is
the person who treats you they are the expert they know about your body and how
it works and all of the things that might go wrong with your body maybe you
have an illness or maybe a disease or maybe an injury something that is going
wrong with your body quite often you will go to the doctor and he will sort
it out we can also use the abbreviation there you can see there is the
abbreviation of doctor so doctor is the word but also when we are talking about
the title we can also use that as the abbreviation for example my old friend
dr. poke and prod would you like to see him dr. poke and prod there he is dr. poke and prod our famous doctor he
is always there to help you with your aches and pains so you can also say GP
GP or MD quite often we will use GP in British English and in American English
people will say empty GP MD GP means general practitioner general
practitioner MD means a Doctor of Medicine I know what you’re going to say
mr. Duncan it’s the wrong way round no it isn’t I think that’s exactly what
it means so when we say m.d it can mean medical
doctor or it can refer to adopter of medicine as well so there’s the word
general practitioner in the UK a doctor normally a local doctor
so in the area where you live there will be a doctor nearby they will live nearby
and they will have a place where you can go along and be treated so when we talk
about a general practitioner normally it means a local doctor a doctor who helps
people who live in the local area and then we have a doctor of medicine which
is more often used in American English or of course as I said earlier we can
say em D we also have nurse nurse I need the nurse nurse come here quick I need
help quite often in hospitals you will have a
nurse who will help you with your daily needs maybe you are in bed and you can’t
move the nurse will come and look after you they will give you your medicine
they will also make sure that you have everything you need such as food and
drink and maybe in sometimes maybe sometimes they will have to give you a
bath in bed have you ever had a bed bath I must admit I haven’t I’ve never had a
bed bath ever here’s another interesting word to do with medicine and medical
things paramedic paramedic is also known as a first responder so a paramedic is a
person who will go to a place where an accident has happened and they will give
emergency treatment so a paramedic is someone who will go to a certain place
maybe there has been a road traffic accident maybe a car crash and the
paramedic will go there to give instant first assistance or treatment we might
also hear the phrase emergency medical treatment quite often you will hear this
used in the USA EMT or emergency medical
treatment so when we talk about a paramedic a paramedic is someone that
gives emergency medical treatment normally at the scene of an accident
normally they are there to help save a person’s life and quite often they do
they do a very good job as well not an easy job to do therapists when we talk
about therapists we have a person who can give treatment for a certain thing a
therapist so there are many different types of therapists that you can go to
see so maybe a therapist who might give you advice on the state of your mind if
you are having mental issues or psychological issues you might go along
to a therapist and you will talk about your problems and then they will help
you help you to deal with the problems that are happening in your life
another interesting word also using the word therapist physiotherapist a
physiotherapist is a person who helps your body to become stronger with
movement or with manipulation so a physiotherapist will help you to become
mobile again maybe you injure your arm or your leg and you can’t move very well
a physiotherapist will help you to get your movement back so they will help you
to move your body they will also use pressure or maybe they will hold or
manipulate a part of your body can I just tell you something I think I might
need to go and see a physiotherapist I think I might because the last few
mornings I’ve been waking up in the morning and I’ve had
backache my back could be really hurting so maybe I need to go in see a
physiotherapists consultant when we talk about consultant a consultant is a
person we go to talk to a professional who will give us advice on what
treatment we should have so a consultant is normally a very qualified a very
experienced doctor who will give you advice on the type of treatment that you
should have consultant and then we have surgeon a surgeon is a person who
operates on your body they will cut your body open and they will have a look
inside to see what’s going on maybe there is something wrong inside your
body maybe something serious or maybe something minor or small the appendix is
a part of the body that is no longer used however some people have problems
with their appendix the appendix is a small part of your body it is inside
your body and sometimes it will become infected and the doctor will examine you
and sometimes you will have to have it removed from your body so the surgeon
will cut your body open and take your appendix out thank you to Roby
hello Roby I am an endocrinologist an endocrinologist in Rome an
endocrinologist now that is very hard to say
first of all endocrinologist I wonder what that to do with I wonder what that
is connected with maybe it is connected with your your endocrine system which is
the system of vessels and small things around your
body that move substances around your body so maybe maybe Robi
can you explain more what an endocrinologist does am i right or am I
wrong there is a good chance that I’m wrong
don’t forget I’m not a doctor so a surgeon will cut you open you will have
surgery so surgery is the actual action it is the action of having an operation
surgery you have to go into hospital to have surgery the doctor will cut you
open and do things to you things inside your body I’m very lucky because I’ve
never had surgery ever in my life so I’ve never had to go to hospital and
have surgery so my body has never been cut open ever
fortunately here’s another one pediatrician is a type of doctor who
normally tends to children so a pediatrician is a person who specializes
in children and childhood illnesses pediatrician and then we have gynecology
gynecology is an area of medicine that involves the female reproductive system
and also illnesses that affect girls and women gynecology and the doctor who
treats that is called a gynecologist these are some great words by the way
some amazing words Rolfie says I I guess the endocrinologist treats hormones in
your body yes you have an interesting supply of hormones and things that have
to circulate around your body and you have your endocrine system
I don’t it I don’t understand it fully because I’m not a doctor but it is a
type a type of flow around your body thank you very much to Palmyra years ago
oh five years ago I had two surgeons on two surgeries or two operations on both
of my wrists because I had pain in my wrists I say okay so Palmyra had surgery
and operation on both of her wrists I don’t like the sound of that not at all
oncology or an oncologist an oncologist is a person who deals with tumors
growths things that grow inside your body things that aren’t supposed to be
there I suppose you might also describe them as a person who deals with cancer
as well an oncologist oncology is the study of tumors and also the treatment
of tumors which of course sadly includes cancer as well
unfortunately it also includes the horrible stinky disgusting cancer damn
you cancer damn you remedy I like this word a very
positive word something nice to make a smile the remedy is the thing that will
make you better the remedy might be described as the cure the cure is the
thing that will make you better or make you feel better remedy and as I said it
can also be described as cure you can cure something
so you cure a person of their illness cure so the cure is the thing that you
give they will make the person feel better cure I like it then we have
preventive medicine preventative medicine is a type of medicine that will
stop you from having a particular illness so preventive medicine is
something that is given to prevent illness or prevent something happening
to your body preventative medicine something that is given to stop the
disease or the illness from from occurring
a certain type of preventive medicine is of course vaccine a vaccine is something
that is given it is introduced either in your mouth or into your blood supply or
into your flesh it is given into your body it is pushed into your body through
a needle or through your mouth vaccine there are people who don’t trust
vaccines however they are very useful things
an antigen an antigen describes the actual thing that is introduced into
your body it is something that helps to create things called antibodies
antibodies are very useful they flow around your body and they help to fight
certain viruses they help to keep you healthy they also make sure that things
that shouldn’t be there in your body are removed or killed antibodies at the
moment I suppose we have to mention the corona virus because it is something
that is in the news right now a lot of people talking about the corona virus
the the nori 19 virus and it’s something that’s being talked about a lot many
people trying to find a vaccine for corona virus however unfortunately
because it takes a very long time to develop a vaccine so when we talk about
vaccines they often take many months or even in some cases many years to be
developed so vaccines how do we give the vaccine well we describe it as a
vaccination so the action of giving vaccines is vaccination another word we
can use is immunization as well I like that word immunization so if you
immunize someone it means you give them protection from a certain virus or a
certain type of illness you immunize someone you give them an immunization
you give them a vaccination okay here’s something that I hate I’m going to show
you something horrible now so please prepare for a shock
wait for this injection I don’t know about you but I don’t like injections at
all I don’t like having a needle stuck in my arm
I feel very afraid of having an injection so I don’t like having
injections to be honest and there you can see over there we normally give an
injection with one of those a needle and syringe oh I like that word syringe so a
syringe is something that is used to introduce fluid into the body via a
needle so the Deedle will go into your skin and the
syringe will introduce the fluid into your bloodstream or into your muscle
tissue Thank You roll fee for your lovely message an injection can also be
called jab as well in American English people will often refer to the injection
as jab have you had your jab have you had your
flu jab so the word jab might be used in American English and also British
English we use it quite a lot here as well so an injection or jab you have a
jab you have an injection in American English they will often say shut if you
say shut if you have your shot it means you have had your injection you have had
your vaccine the vaccine is given via a shot you have a shot when you go to the
doctor and maybe you are concerned about your health maybe you have to go maybe
once a year to see the doctor because they want to have a look at your body
like me I will have to go to the doctor next week because I’m going to have a
checkup I’m going to have something called a
checkup there it is so when you have a checkup
it means the doctor will examine your body he will listen to your breathing he
will listen to your heartbeat he will take your blood pressure he might also
examine your ears the inside of your ears and maybe also the back of your
throat he will have a look in your mouth they might also look in other places as
well especially if you’re a man that’s all I’m saying Noemi says c-czar Milstein won a nobel
prize because of his investigation about antibodies that he did in Cambridge
there are many people who have advanced medicine over the years many famous
people I suppose a lot of people have heard of Louis Pasteur Louis Pasteur is
the man who helped develop antibiotics penicillin
Louis Pasteur very famous for inventing penicillin finally and I suppose I
should mention this there are also other types of medicine that are described as
alternative medicine so when we talk about alternative medicine we are
talking about types of medicine that are different
from the medicine that is normally given so alternative medicine and there are
many types of alternative medicine such as herbal medicine so we mentioned this
earlier so for example Chinese medicine a lot of Chinese medicine traditional
Chinese medicine involves herbal remedies herbal medicine so there are
many types of alternative medicine however in this country there is a lot
of skepticism there is a lot of doubt about how effective alternative medicine
is so some people don’t believe in alternative medicine whilst other people
do it all the time they use it all the time Eric says I have to get really
ready for sandboarding over a live volcano Eric what are you doing out
there I have to get ready for sandboarding
over a live volcano I’m not sure I don’t think that sounds very safe to me I
really don’t Alexander Fleming yes of course
Louie pesto was the other guy Alexander Fleming was also very famous as well and
let’s not forget all the others as well all the other ones as well there were
other people as well not just one or two hello
Kasim aza thank you very much – Helena says Kasim aza nice one of the things I
love about doing this is people from all around the world join together and we
all have one thing in common we all love learning English and don’t forget you
can catch me here every Sunday Wednesday and Friday from 2 p.m. UK time every
single week I am here my next live stream will be on Friday don’t forget it
will be the last live stream of February because on Sunday I will be back and it
would be March so on Friday I will be with you and also next Sunday I will be
with you as well the first lesson of March 2000 and 2008 I’m really looking
forward to seeing you and of course mr. Steve there he is mr. Steve will be back
on Sunday definitely so I can guarantee I can tell
you now that mr. Steve will be here on Sunday
definitely for all those who love mr. Steve yes penicillin was Alexander
Fleming you are right I apologize for that I was getting very excited there
could you tell Alexander Fleming was the penicillin
thank you very much rose sir is mentioning alternative medicine
homeopathy homeopathy yes
some people believe in homeopathy it is a very controversial thing here in the
UK there are people who believe in homeopathy and there are people who are
very skeptical they don’t believe that homeopathy is a real thing I would love
to explain what homeopathy is however it is quite complicated to explain but if I
put it briefly it means you are using a very small amount of liquid that is
normally dissolved in a very large amount of water homeopathy something
that a lot of people use nowadays however there are many people who don’t
use it because they don’t believe in it they don’t believe that it’s effective
thank you very much to RHS Thank You Louis it is almost time for me to go we
are coming up to half-past three here in the UK wow what a day it has been Thank
You Louis thank you very much for your pasteurisation oh yes
pasteurisation is the way of sterilising things by heating it up thank you very
much for that Louie Pasteur of course pasteurising is
named after Louie Pasteur now Emmy says I’m sorry because I have made a lot of
mistakes writing in the chat don’t worry Noemi guess what we all make
mistakes I sometimes make mistakes you make mistakes we all make mistakes
sometimes it’s called being human that’s what we call it Thank You Mohammed
Schuch hello mr. Duncan from Somalia I connected to your channel more than
three years or I’ve been watching your channel for more than three years thank
you very much you are welcome I’m going now I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s
live stream thanks for your company thanks for
joining in thank you wherever you are watching in the world at this very
moment can I wish you a good day have a good week I will see you on Friday
stay happy and healthy doo doo doo doo but I have the power I have the power by
the way if you’re wondering what I’m talking about
there was someone on the live chat trying to cause problems but but I used
my magic finger and I made them disappear thank you very much for your
company thank you zoo Zika thank you very much Christina thanks for
your company today it’s been very nice to see you by the way if you want to see
my disaster you can check my youtube channel out and you will find
yesterday’s live stream when I tried to make a pancake and unfortunately I
didn’t do a very good job of it if you want to see that it is there Thank You
Nestor thank you very much for watching me today stay happy keep that smile on
your face and I will see you on Friday 2 p.m. UK time this is mr. Duncan in the
birthplace of English saying thanks for joining me today
see you on Friday 2 p.m. UK time and of of course you know what’s coming next
you know what’s coming next yes of course you do this is the moment when I
wave my hand in the air ta ta for now 😎

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