Call of Duty – Modern Warfare Campaign Walk-Through Part 9 Highway Of Death!

Call of Duty – Modern Warfare Campaign Walk-Through Part 9 Highway Of Death!

the wolf is with the butcher terrorist
cells in the city will hide them, Bravo would clear house to house in
search my people will help you if they try to escape to the mountains there is
only one road sorry I moved the highway of death
the Russians bombed it during the invasion killing the people trying to
escape there is a village at the crossroads
I said hadeel and his fighters there to prepare an ambush Alex and I would join
them and take up firing positions above the road lying in wait for the wolf highway is below Adina’s reinforcements
position to one mr. Luisi pray for the Russians out here yes at window is show
what girls men will be on the hunt he’s lost control let’s move we have to cut the roof up
with the mess before the war this village had families and laughter
laughter is the best medicine tell me a joke what happens when the CIA
goes to sleep what they go undercover well bad probably better in English you
told it in English now such underlay yes my father called her the airship out
what happened to he died put your back into it what the total on
Costa at me emotion alex is waiting for us
I told him to clear our fingers good Alex
checks out 338 Lapua armor-piercing at 600 meters
can get bamboo together myself please use it without heater protect her
with your life she will do the same for you thanks a deer perfect for this
distance I’ll spot for you Alex get us in multiplayer do sniper sniper this
pretty cool got it Ali is the a bill by Ian stay
with him and you’ll see my team neither Oh yep
I see him they’ll support us when we attack the girl cathodic envoy Riza I’ve
been the head of Jindal bus that’s pretty cool it’s like a big old town
down there each one is 200 meters let’s also help
her multiplayer on how to snipe to not do you not just got it it will push your
shots off target use the flags for Direction shoot against the wind done no
fire nice cool my brother your biggest fan
it’s Ryan at a target at a different range it’s cool guys in the distance can
you see it yep visual on the blue house there’s fruit on the ice box range 600
meters wide when you’re ready it’s a well I there we go that’s pretty cool I heard
that hi Owen pay attention boys should be dialed in
now remember use the environment to your advantage
flags for wind direction landmarks for distance understood it’s pretty cool
good now watch the highway for activity they won’t be long now take it throw me
Cohen Ephraim this side nothing but the wind I got time you’re sorry just some strays just dogs keep scanning
the road the woods will be here soon don’t you worry we are watching and we
will catch him we will catch him don’t you worry
okay can the wolf hurry up this pose of the vehicle right side
could be the wolf oh nice men just the men looks like we finally got some
company there’s Scouts for the wolf hold your fire
wait for a clean shot I’m Wayne Fred clean shot using the flags to my advantage I
stopped maybe on the buildin how much let’s do anything farming to the roof a
– on the roof yeah I see him 400 meters fine when you’re ready good hit one more hole baby wait a snap
and king face client contact me padeen is a resourceful he has them
setting a trap for the wolf’s men the truck yeah sure killing the wolf doesn’t
guarantee it’s a stolen gas true if you don’t find I have to hi guys where you going don’t see anybody you know pretty clear then rigging it to blow mocchi and toss
rol is shara the Wolves men will have to move the track to pass through wait
until they’re close then detonate it sounds good take it the detonation is
going to be there are shooting it or one of these guys blowing it do better girl
they won’t soldiers are here Alex right side of the highway vehicles I see
I don’t see what’s right knocking I don’t see em de la salida blocked but the vehicle is it come on don’t be
shy I don’t see the wolf they see it they’re
moving to the track a deer I see yeah get ready Alex detonate the truck Alex you know leg from the body and the body
in the head oh my goodness oh my goodness
it’s gonna be a hard shot I’m gonna go for it hey you think you sniper that god
this is so fun can’t see a dang thing everyone
God just so many people coming up a man fire fire sorry dude glad glad always been gone oh I do one right back up pick the perfect on the duck this thing is strong enough to take down
vehicles not strong enough to go through easy Lobert okay I like you
Walter’s Alex kick them out Brett look for the muzzle flash when they fired Larry Leggio Sean through smoke let
sprinkle I’m trying it’s got good Baba no even skills fast little bugger okay she’s popping – leaving really good i got’em is that I’ve been bad
good shooting Alex thank you becoming or they wouldn’t send these forces to clear
the way stop planting IEDs brother Athena and I will reinforce the
perimeter Alex get to the east bunker and resupply for the roof got a resupply
give me some ammunition Somalis I don’t want the Bison okay I guess it’s want me
to get a light machine gun I’m gonna keep the sniper though more explosives a
deer what’s your distance sounds good check it we’re going back upstairs
calling on the radio you said that sergeant pepper’s radio please
that go 3-1 for actual in contact actual no don’t let them see you there’s snipers somewhere blue I got
that off Alex fuck that’s like think he found me help I see autumn wind
shifted reacquiring alright where are you going I see you crawling repositioning repositioning God I win I can’t even see dang Thank You support thank you Russians barkos army will be
here soon since the smoke what is it Alex find a way to stop that
well how the hell of us was the final way to
stop that that’s exactly what I was thinking what they go I really the tree I can’t I love my pretties no concussed we did the move I can’t say anything Ella okay I’m an American didn’t even have a gas mask kamikazes
everybody we had no choice better all bets are off
now this next listen to me I slowed the gas from the Russians to help us only to
help us tell Farah tell Alex

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  1. The HDR is the sniper if you played the season 1 battle pass you could have gotten Hadirs Right Hand as a variant which is the one from the campaign

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