Buttigieg reportedly adds audience applause to town hall clip

Buttigieg reportedly adds audience applause to town hall clip

100 thoughts on “Buttigieg reportedly adds audience applause to town hall clip

  1. Pete butt boy when people dont want to see or hear from you , you should give it up because you butt boy will NEVER WIN !!!!!

  2. Haha the left only has one move. Making up victimhood status was old when Trump got elected in 2016. The real question is "Will they ever learn?"

  3. 2:00 I think also tiniest person to ever run for president. I mean just look at that f**** picture looks like a kid in his dad's suit.

  4. Would’ve been nice to actually talk about the title of the video rather than just a snarky passing comment from Mark

  5. The problem is these candidates are not viable for the people. Take $1000 bucks a month. Not socialism. Not identity politics. Yang 2020. Humanity First.

  6. This is shallow, but I get frustrated with Mark. Stutters too much for me. Hard to understand, but Tucker really likes him, so I let it go.

  7. That's Scary, a Millennial running the country, OMFG, not that he will be, but just think about that for one minute.

  8. The crime of the century!
    What about a pen and a map and a hurricanes path.
    Oh and a big ol' 'whopper', 'boo-boo', "did I do that"?

  9. The Democrats are just a sad bunch of Bunngling idiots! Look at the things they do? The bungerlers were trying to take over the presidency from President Trump. Look at Iowa? Warren lying about her kids going to a private school? This guy trying to use Trump roar of the crowds? They are just sleaze balls!

  10. The bathrooms at Trump rally's are more crowded than this 🥒 sucking morons events.
    He's unable to fix his towns problems as a mayor, and he is running for president 😄😅🤣😋🥳

  11. Pete Buttigieg reminds many college liberals of the creepy hall monitor back at the dorm they hate doing the job to the letter in order to pad his resume & who'll happily report them for any infraction.

  12. Well Pete Budigudge can always go back to being a "pirate" after he drops out. The guy sure seems "butt-hurt" all the time..

  13. We already had presidents that takes it in the brown eye – we don't need that + one that tears a Cinnabon to pieces then nibbles the pieces like a rat – a.k.a Cheat Get-an-edge.

  14. Lol republicans complaining about Golman Sachs ppl going Pete, I HATE that! BUT let's not forget Trump did stack his cabinet with them too….like he didn't know? Gimme a break

  15. I love that Little Peter lines the people behind him with black voters so it gives the impression black people like him. Clever lol.

  16. """IMPORTANT FACT"""" If reelected, Trump clearly has Medicaid , Medicare & Social Security cuts in his sights. He has already made proposals for steep cuts in our Medicare & Social Security entitlements.

  17. It's coming, the awesome 2020 memes and satires of the elections in the US. I never had such a good time as in 2016, every day was hilarious with the fails of Hillary, Bernie, little Marco, Obongo,…

  18. No different than Sarah Sanders manipulating the footage between Jim Acosta and the White House mic grabbing intern or Trump manipulating a weather map with a sharpie.

  19. ?? HOW exactly does that old, mumbling blow hard know what us millenials think… to be sure grandpa, Buttigieg is not square! He is sexy as all hell… nothing more attractive than a real man with a brain.

  20. Hi, I’m a random white guy. I’m going to use my whiteness to complain that there are too many whities in this comment section without any sense of irony in hopes that you like this comment. Remember a like for this white guy is a like for POC everywhere.

  21. SJW: “your objectification of female bodies is problematic and leads to harassment. As a white man you should be using your platform to up lift the marginalized.”
    Mark: “sure”

  22. I love how Fox news talks about corporate holograms, yet they have unconditional support for Trump who gave corporations a 15% tax cut which has added to the deficit. Economic growth isn’t going to circumvent the added deficit. It’s why the FED has kept raising interest rates because they are predicting another collapse. Your kids will be paying for that. The GOP are the real Corporate hacks and Trump will be their puppet as long as he gets to “win”. You are all being played.

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