Bucky aka Winter Soldier-Falcon MCU Streaming Show

Bucky aka Winter Soldier-Falcon MCU Streaming Show

Yeah Feige ain’t savin’ no Netflix shows!

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  1. Marvel keeps trying to getting us hyped on B list characters no one cares about at all, just like the horrible movie coming up Captain marvel. All B list or in captain marvels place c list characters are being pushed to the top and I ask why? Marvel believes these b listers will bring the butts to the seats but they won't people go to see characters they know not ones they don't. It's a really simple business concept…

  2. I feel like Kevin is making a play to not only dominate television with this new streaming TV shows but takeover Marvel TV from the other guy.

  3. "Feige makes it offical" ? Ah what ? Till now Marvel hasn't released an offical statemnt on the show, I mean it's probably happening am just saying Marvel hasn't made an offical era on it.

  4. frack that, I want to know who the villains will be in these shows. Because at least Netflix had some really really high quality antagonists in their series. Fiege made 20 films and only 3 villains were compelling overall, and Winter Soldier was one of them!
    If these shows will be MCU light, I'm out! The high budget films have worn me out with their lack of creativity and deep story telling.

  5. None of these Seasoned- Actor have said "I don't want to be type-cast" cause that ruined any chance of moving up to get that Oscar award.

  6. The only two Netflix characters that deserve to be brought into the new streaming is punisher and daredevil. The others maybe later down the line in a hero’s for hire show. But I have a feeling Disney is turning these streaming service shows into one off seasons and not full on series.

  7. As far as a streaming show, the duo of Falcon and the Winter Soldier would be a great dynamic. It is a bit a demotion in the MCU movie side of things but I have a fondness for well done series because, if done right, you can get the same character and feel that you experienced and loved in the movie in 12 or 22 hours instead of 2. I know that some of you don't like Marvel's Agents of SHIELD but after their first season they were really about to pick up with much better writing and story lines. Whenever someone tells me that they tried the show but couldn't get past the first season I tell them to read a spoiler review for the first season and the first half of the second season because seasons 3 and 4 are spectacular. Season four is one of my favorite TV show seasons of all time. Also they did ghost rider better than the movie with a smaller budget. Just food for thought.🤔

  8. Grace i think that your info is scewd this is a great idea because this is just a chance for them to have major developement for these characters

  9. I think they are probably going to have all of these characters such as loki scarlet witch bucky and falcon going between shows and interacting with each other. This is a great way to give them all more depth and bigger story lines

  10. I think Scarlet Witch, Vision and Loki will be a good show since the Witch has taken a popularity way in pop culture again.

  11. Must watch TV naw just because it won't be nearly as good as Netflix Marvel shows. If it was on Netflix and not tied to TV14 rather than TVMA it won't be as good. Daredevil and Punisher have set the scene for action sequences in streaming.

  12. I don't understand why they don't just do a Vision/Scarlet Witch show to mirror the limited series from the comics back in the day. They also need to define her real power set and not this watered down version of Jean Grey's abilities. Great video Grace! 😁

  13. I’m really sad that the character of Bucky is being demoted to the small screen/streaming show. The Winter Soldier fight scenes were amazingly brutal and his transformation to the White Wolf had potential. Bucky would be better suited to a Black Widow Movie, they obviously have history and I don’t think fans are sone with the brutal action that Bucky Barnes brings. Bucky has a big fan base and Sebastian Stan is a likeable guy.

  14. I wonder if they are going to give up on continuity for the B and C list characters. They would have to hand out streaming shows to so many varied characters, no? If things go in that direction, I think the best deal would be to have teams, ie Defenders with Vision & Scarlet Witch as members, which actually happened in the comics

  15. What if the streaming service is to tell the story of who will pick up the Captain America mantle so they can take their time to develop it and then lead to Avengers 5 SECRET INVASION.

  16. Note if DC does it it's a move in the right direction. If Marvel does it? "It's a step down." One sided Grace back at it again.

  17. I don’t believe that cause scarlet witch can always come back to a big movie. If they ever make her kill off a bunch of mutants

  18. Basically, at this point, I only watch superhero movies. I want the DC movies to be good so I have more movies to watch, but that's why I won't see any of the actors in anything else.

  19. Why would there be both a Scarlet Witch show AND a Vision show? Wouldn't it just make more sense to have one show (and one budget) that focuses on that couple?? I always just assumed Vision would be featuring in her series anyway.

  20. I would love for Bucky to eventually become "Nomad" and have that show for straming. To this day Nomad is one of my favorite comic book characters and story line.

  21. Yea, I’m not going to be watching any of these marvel tv shows. I don’t have the time or attention span to watch a bunch of cliffhanging episodes. I like the movies because it’s 2-3 hrs and done. That’s the reason why I haven’t watched agents of shield or really any tv shows in general.

  22. No, the BEST idea would be to once and for all extract every bit of Edgar Wright's unwanted and unnecessary contribution to the MCU like the fucking cancer that it is, and return Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne to their status as young superheroes and Avengers in the MCU and get rid of Scott Lang and Hope "I-don't-exist-in-the-comics" Van Dyne once and for all. The only characters relevant to the MCU are the ones in the Avengers, and the only characters named Ant-Man/Giant Man and Wasp that have been in the Avengers for the last 50 years are founding members Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne.

  23. The original story I saw at The Hollywood Reporter about these Disney Streaming shows made a point of saying that only characters that wouldn't have their own films would be highlighted. This isn't news. Is it a demotion for the actors? Possibly. But the characters are ones they've decided against giving their own films so I'm happy to see them in other ways. I don't think it's as cut at dry as them being unable to carry a movie either. They can only juggle so many film franchises at a time and they can only release so many films in a year. With thousands of characters to explore the TV and streaming shows give the characters more options.

  24. To be honest, I think this is a great idea! I never really looked at some of the Avengers as the B team, but it makes sense. I think if they can't be the stars of the movies, make them the stars of their own shows! I'm all for it! I was going to subscribe to the online Disney streaming service because of the Star Wars show, but this keeps getting better and better! I hope that Disney can put all the Marvel shows on their streaming service and DC can put all their shows on their streaming service! It's just more convenient that way!

  25. I wonder why you continue to call it a demotion. With the upcoming merging of the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters into the MCU, there's only so many movie slots to go around. This is the perfect way to get more time with these characters. And contrary to what you believe, I doubt there will be any problems with these characters bouncing between the streaming service and big screen.

  26. I say double them up..Scarlet Witch and Vision show (good stories) and Hawkeye and Bucky yep and have Black widow in that and have other characters pop in from time to time. 🙂

  27. I get the backlash for Benioff and Weiss' proposed Confederates series. But…we can do "What if the Nazis won World War 2" stories but not "What if the Confederacy won the Civil War?"

  28. Scarlet Witch and Loki CAN'T carry movies, they can't even carry their own comics for any length of time. A tv series is good enough. I actually don't think they WILL be making any more Avengers movies anytime soon, the X-men are going to become the flagship characters. Mark my words…

  29. This just made me believe that young avengers just might be the next movie after avengers 4 unless they make that a TV show. They might just be doing xmen and fantastic 4 movies next.

  30. If they move ahead with Scarlet Witch and Vision, maybe this can be the introduction to Wiccan and the other Young Avengers? O.O

  31. I have to admit I almost spit my drink on m computer screen when you were talking about Cavil not being able to drink the potion right. The screen shot was friggin hilarious.

  32. I want Taika Waititi to make a Thor TV show lol, even with a smaller budget, the dialogue in that show could be hilarious.

  33. I remember reading that Tales of Suspense arc after Natasha's death and I was not disappointed. It was a great run for all of the characters, especially Hawkeye and his chemistry with Bucky.

  34. I say as long as they are working on quality projects who cares if its's on a streaming service. Everybody isn't able to carry a big budget film on the big screen as the main actor, just keep putting out quality projects with a great supporting cast, that's how you maintain longevity.

  35. I don’t watch Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, or Henry Cavil because they’re not their super hero characters anymore. The characters they play are bigger than they are. So, when they’re not that character, I just don’t care.

  36. I'm fine with a streaming series from Scarlet Witch (though I would have preferred a movie), Vision and Loki (I would looove to see Teen Loki especially the stuff that's with the Young Avengers) and I will watch the HELL out of the limited series of Falcon and Bucky but I think it's a mistake to not follow the comics canon with not having either one of them take on the mantle of Cap while Steve is "dead". I want Bucky to take on the mantle in honor of Steve because it would allow us to see more of him and for them to give him the chance to be a more complex character like he was in Winter Soldier which is still my favorite MCU movie and I think the most interesting of him so far (though I of course love him in a healthy mindset). I'm sure he has hell PTSD from things in the past which is part of the reason why he felt unworthy in the long run of being Captain America and I think it would be interesting to see. It can definitely be in the same tone as Winter Soldier as that film had a different tone from the other films.

  37. I think Chris Hemsworth would do better on screen by being himself and letting his humor shine through. Thor 3 was super fun, and a lot of that was collaborative.

  38. Thor, Bifrosting into Wakanda in Infinity War was the best action scene in the MCU. Other than that Daredevil owns all the best Marvel Fight scenes.

  39. the darker side of the marvel universe was huge for netflix, it sucks that it's the casualty of disney bullying its way into the streaming market

  40. If all these characters are getting pushed to TV, what the hell are they going to use for the next phase or phases ? More garbage like Captain Marvel ? Whats next, Kate Bishop ? America Chavez ?

  41. I am here for a Falcon and Winter Soldier tv show, I don't care about the rest that have been announced …I have been waiting for something with Falcon and Winter Soldier b/c they do build a solid relationship in the comics and that development could benefit from the amazing friendship that Anthony and Sebastian have with each other.

  42. I could see Ant-Man end up on the streaming service one day. Granted, a smaller-budgeted show may not be able to pull off the visual effects needed for the concept, but I feel that the characters themselves don't need the big-screen treatment.

  43. I wouldn’t mind certain people having their own shows like Loki if they still were in the films. I think Thor is useless without Loki so I don’t know how Thor films moving forward would work without Loki but I’d love to see Loki adventures on the small screen because like you said he won’t get his own film. The Bucky/Falcon Show sounds great but again will they bring back Cap’s besties when he comes back to life in the future? Like how will all of this work?!

  44. I don’t think a tv series on a streaming service is a demotion, it has the potential to be just as big as the big screen. Look at game of thrones and stranger things along with many other tv shows on streaming services. If written and produced well they can really achieve a huge audience.

  45. Seeing as these characters are already so far in the background, I don't think it'll be that out of place. We barely see them as it is. This just gives us more of an opportunity to see them. The only challenge i can for see is the quality. They can't have it be such a stark contrast from movie to show.

  46. I feel like the Marvel Netflix shows and the B-List Silver Screen Actors should merge on the new streaming service in new shows.

  47. I say leave Bucky in Wakanda until he’s ready to be captain America. Let him be the white wolf until Sam can’t be Captain America alone and let them both carry the mantle as partners. And oh, keep them OFF the smalls screen so people don’t have a chance to get sick of them!

  48. It's called the falcon and the winter soldier coming in fall 2020
    Hawkeye coming in fall 2021
    It's called Disney+

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