Brazilian Wandering Spider: What you need to know about one of the world’s deadliest spiders

Brazilian Wandering Spider: What you need to know about one of the world’s deadliest spiders

The world’s deadliest spiders mightn’t have
troubled your conscience much…at least not until now. The Brazilian Wandering Spider
straying a little further than South America, so now it’s time to sit up and take notice.
Recently forcing a family out of their London home after turning up in a bunch of bananas.
So what do you need to know about these toxic arachnids? Well firstly, they’re foreign,
found in tropical South America and Central America, so not just Brazil. And yes they
really do wander, across the jungle floor at night while other spiders are tucked up
at home in their web or suitable lair. But are they really deadly? Well Guinness World
Records certainly think so. Rubber stamping it as the world’s most venomous spider. Its
venom 30 times more deadly than that of the rather more well known rattlesnake. Death
can reportedly happen within two hours, depending on who you believe. One thing is clear, you’d
rather not be bitten by one. Its scientific name Phoneutria is the Greek for murderess.
It’s also called the banana spider as it likes nothing better than hiding in the plants after
a hard night out wandering the jungle floor. Apparently there are actually few fatalities
due to an effective anti-venom, which is fine if you get bitten in the spider’s natural
habitat in South America. Not so great if you’ve popped into the supermarket for one
of your five a day in south London. Luckily they rarely make it to Britain.

42 thoughts on “Brazilian Wandering Spider: What you need to know about one of the world’s deadliest spiders

  1. Has moment of panic and thinks *just bought some Banana's today and they are in the fruit bowl in the kitchen* I'm now scared to go into the Kitchen. O.o

  2. if you see one dont be tempted to pet it or hold it. Just tell it no and walk away and tell someone and they will take it away

  3. Hahahaha…scaremongering at its finest,lol.15 people a year in Britain will die just putting on their underwear! This is far more than death by toxic bites from non-indigenous insects/arachnids.

  4. The Sidney Funnel Web, is far more aggressive, but not as venomous as the Brazilian Wandering Spider. It is quite common for the Wanderer to deliver a "Dry Bite" to preserve its venom. The Funnel Web on the other hand, will not deliver a dry bite.

  5. Even with Sydney Funnel Webs bites are not often fatal in healthy adults and a lot depends om each persons reaction.. saying that regardless getting bitten by one or a wandering spider is not going to be a pleasant experience regardless even if you are near antivenom.

    Nope not nice at all lol

  6. These are brutal.But i still can't get over the fact of how awesome they look.Definitely some unique little critters ha ha.

  7. What I've noticed about this species is that it only becomes aggressive in defence. It doesn't take much to become an annoyance to this species. When coming across this species it's best to avoid it or simply not bother it. I've seen a fair few people handle this species which can make them come across being docile. But being the #1 deadliest spider it's gave people the impression that it's out to get you.

  8. its more of less the deadliest spider due to if you step on it, it can still bite you before it dies, yes right through the bottom of your shoe into your foot

  9. They might only make it rarely to Britain but we have far worst (invited!) foreign invaders making it here and in human form.

  10. Haha. I live in Brazil and when I was a kid I used to live in a island called Boipeba, in Bahia state. Several mornings I woke up with a wandering spider in the ceiling above. If u don't threaten them, they don't attack. Later, when I was like 16 yo, me and my friend found a 3.5 inches wandering spider in my grandpa farm while searching for spiders, scorpions and snakes. It was just huge.

  11. Venom is it not that deadly brown spider probably more powerful per drop… but brown spiders are not agressiva and these babies are VERY, VERY aggressive…kill hundreds of those at home…

  12. Thank God. I live from much than 1500 kms from London. The road the spider takes to Romania , he is 100 percent die. Thank God we receive bananas from Ecuador 😰😱

  13. Good thing I'm allergic to bananas, cause that's a big NOPE from me!

    Although, I do wonder. You dont really hear of a bunch of deaths in Brazil by spiderbite. So, either they are keeping it underwraps for unsuspecting tourists, or Brazillians are spider whisperers…just kidding…

    They must have a respect for it so as to not actively look for it, do very good at pest control, and know how to spider proof their houses as best they can.(not sure how one would even begin to spiderproof though lol)

    I also have seen videos of them being very aggressive while in captivity. These spiders have large territories, as they do crawl across the jungle floor. So you have to imagine how cooped up and probably "hangry" they are. However, this is not to say that there have been videos of them being aggressive in other situations, like being caught in someone's house (wich is not it's natural habitat), and being just startled by being passed by on a trail, so…conclusion…don't mess with them…and if you come across one, back away slowly. Because, I can imagine one of these things actually running at you or jumping…

    And for real, who wants to die with a boner without being satisfied?!😂😂😂

  14. We're currently battling these things in California. They showed up in a bunch of bananas and are very hard to track down. I think the count is like 10 or 11 that we've found so far. It's awful. 🙁

  15. The Brazilian wandering spider that's my buddy he is a friend Justin awesome awesome spider it would be interesting to put in the anthrax robustus with for nutria Fiera and let him go at one another I don't think there would be a winner more than likely they would kill one another to all you arachnid fans out there you have a great night and a better day tomorrow take care of now

  16. i live in alabama…. plenty of brown recluse spiders…. can cause massive lesions if untreated….. they last for months and can cause big scars…. and muscle degeneration… and theres no antivenom

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