Black Wolf Turbo Plus 240 Tent – Features

Black Wolf Turbo Plus 240 Tent – Features

– This is the Black Wolf
Turbo Lite Plus 240 Tent set up behind me here. It comes in both a lite
and a canvas version. I’m gonna take you for a
full walkthrough today, and tell you about all the features. Let’s have a look. (upbeat music) The evening sun is here guys down at the beautiful Brownhill Creek Tourist Park in Adelaide’s eastern surburbs and this a really quiet
getaway if you live in Adelaide or great place to park
your van or set-up a tent if you’re just passing through. I’ve got some space down here today to run through some products with you. And this is the Black Wolf Turbo Plus 240. I got the lite version
set-up behind me here. It comes in both a lite
and a canvas version. I’m gonna run through all the features and differences for you. Now, this is a great tent for
just general family camping or even for touring families. It’s got two rooms with
a divider in the middle so you’ve got a sleeping area at the back plus living space or you’ve got a separate room for mum and dad. When it’s packed up, they
measure about 125 centimetres in length by roughly 30
centimetres in diameter. And the lite version
weighs in at about 24 kilos whereas the canvass one about 32 kilos. I’m gonna start by telling
you about the fabrics. And the lite version here,
the fly sheet is 150 denier ripstop polyester and this
has got a 2000 mil water head. Now, if you were to
buy the canvas version, this would be a 230 GSM
ripstop polycotton canvas which would have a 5000
millimetre water head. Moving back to the inner tent here, and this on the lite version is also 150 denier ripstop polyester. On the canvas version, a 230
GSM ripstop polycotton canvas. The mesh in the doors and
windows does differ between the lite and the canvas as well. This is a fine mesh in here whereas with the canvas version you
get a really heavy duty fibreglass mesh that’s much stiffer and much less prone to ripping
or catching anything in it. And moving down to the floor, the lite version is a 500 denier polyester with a 5000 millimetre water head. Whereas the canvas
version, is a 600 denier siliconized polyester with a
10,000 millimetre water head. So a lot more weather
protection on the base there. And the frame, there’s
a slight difference. The lite version, 23
millimetre tubular aluminium frame here, whereas the canvas version has a 25 millimetre frame. But these alloy knuckles
here are the same as is the plastic hub at the top there. Now stepping round to the
side of the Turbo Tent here. We’ve got guy ropes. Two guy ropes on each corner of the tent and they feature in their own
little storage pockets here. So they zip away, makes
it easy for pack-up. They’re not hanging around and
getting tangled up in things. Always recommend using the
guy ropes when you’ve got it set-up for a long period. I’m gonna take this down shortly so I don’t need to set them up today. Moving a little further along, there’s this window which sits underneath this cutout of the fly here. So all these fabrics here are waterproof. The fly’s just cut away
above the window here. And this window, can be set
up in one of three ways. Firstly, how it is here
completely zipped closed. Alternatively, we can zip it right open. There’s a little Velcro tab
at the bottom here as well. And we can roll this
right up and out the way to allow ventilation through the tent. There’s tabs at the top here
so we can secure this in place. And the third option, is to
set it up as a gusseted window. There’s two zips in here. If we undo, do up sorry, the lower zip. It creates a sort of
gusset, one on each side. And then there’s brass
eyelets in the corners. We can use the extra guy
ropes that came with your kit to peg this out as a
gusseted window like this to allow ventilation in
while the rain stays out. Now this window features on this side and is mirrored on the
other side of the tent. And the window in the rear of the tent that you see there, features
all the same features so you can also peg that one
out as a gusseted window too. I wanna step inside the tent and show you the features there ’cause that’s pretty much it for the outside. Just coming inside the 240 Plus Tent here. Now I’ve got it set-up with some airbeds to show how you might live in this space. Now in terms of how much room you’ve got, it’s about 240 by 240 or just
under by my measurements, couple centimetres under
in that front section. So that’s up to this divider here and then from this divider
back it’s still 240 wide but it goes another 180
centimetres in depth. So I’ve got a double high
queen airbed in the back here which is about 200 centimetres long, about 150 centimetres wide. It’s just touching in
the back corners here. No room for storage but it
does fit pretty comfortably and you could fit two,
sleep two people comfortably in the back here. It’s also about 50 odd centimetres high so you’d fit a stretcher
back here as well. In terms of other features in the back there is a little storage pocket here. It’s actually got four little pockets in this storage area here. That’s the only storage
pocket in the tent. And you’ve got this
window at the back here and just above that there’s
a little lantern hook. Dividing this rear room
with the front room are these zipper dividers here. So if we undo one of these we can create two separate zones inside the tent. This has got a zip that
runs across the top. And also a zip down the middle here, so we can actually zip this
side and this side together to create two separate zones. And then in the front here, these are two XL single airbeds which are about 190 centimetres in length
and about a metre in width. So they fit pretty comfortably here with walking access down
the middle to get to the rear room of the tent. Each side here are the windows and as I move up in the tent
here, in terms of height about 190 centimetres at the
very peak of the tent here, so I can stand just
off-center a little bit. Just under the peak is a
little plastic lantern hook that we can hang our light off and below that is this loop. Now this is actually the
handle to help collapse the tent down so don’t hang
anything too heavy on that or your tent’s gonna collapse
on you during the night. To each side of that there
are a couple of roof vents, internally openable roof vents. So that’s gonna help a lot
with condensation inside the tent particularly on cold nights. We’ll also mention the seam
sealing around the top here. All of these seams here
are sealed and waterproof. So the tent’s gonna be
reasonable waterproof without the fly but we
always recommend you use the fly for full weather protection. Moving down from this clip
here, some Velcro tabs on the corners here for
securing a power cord. And that runs right down
to power access point. The other thing I
haven’t talked much about is this awning at the
front of the tent here. Now this is about two metres
wide from pole to pole or edge to edge here and about
1.8 metres out from the tent. Now underneath here are
all the zips and Velcro that you need to be able
to secure optional walls and also even screen rooms inside here to be able to enclose
this room or this awning for an extra room inside your tent. Now Black Wolf say,
this sleeps seven people but realistically it’s a good tent for a family of four or
it’s got sleeping space and living space for a touring couple. Now you can grab these
online at at our lowest prices everyday. Got any questions about it, let us know down in the comments below. If you wanna see more
videos like this one here, subscribe to our channel
and we’ll send you all the latest information or head here for some more Black Wolf Turbo videos. (upbeat music)

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