BLACK PANTHER Avengers Infinity War Post-Credits Scenes Explained

BLACK PANTHER Avengers Infinity War Post-Credits Scenes Explained

In time-honoured Marvel tradition, Black Panther
includes a couple of cool post-credits scenes with teases for upcoming films. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, it’s Jan here
and today I’m breaking down Black Panther’s end-credits scenes to explain how they set
up Avengers: Infinity War and I’ll also be revealing some Marvel easter eggs you might
have missed. If this is your first time here, I do regular
videos on Marvel movies and I’m also starting my Black Panther Funko Pop giveaway! For a chance to win, you just need to be a
subscriber and leave me a comment below with your thoughts about the film. Quick spoiler warning, I will be discussing
the end credit scenes in full, explaining their link to the rest of the movie as well
as talking connections to and potential speculation on Avengers: Infinity War. The mid-credits scene begins with T’Challa
attending the UN in Vienna and delivering a speech to the international community. In the speech, T’Challa announces that, for
the first time in his country’s history, he’s opening up Wakanda to the world and offers
to share their knowledge and resources. Wakanda has, up until now, isolated itself,
using its technology to hide its precious vibranium resources “in plain sight”, but
at the UN, T’Challa implies that it’s no longer right for Wakanda or any country to hide itself
way. In fact, he wants Wakanda to be an example
of how we should all treat each other, and as he says, “in times of crisis, the wise
build bridges while the foolish build barriers”. In response, one of the UN delegates asks
what Wakanda can offer the rest of the world, because in his eyes it’s just a “nation of
farmers”. The scene stops at this point, with Black
Panther, Nakia, and Everett Ross all smiling knowingly at the utter foolishness of that
question – and Ross perhaps recognises too just how wrong he was earlier in the film
when he shared that delegate’s attitude. Still, we can assume that T’Challa would go
on to reveal that Wakanda has reserves of vibranium and has developed technology and
medical treatments beyond what is available anywhere else in the world. By taking this step, T’Challa has acted on
Nakia’s very real concern that during her time as a Wakandan spy abroad she has “seen
too many in need to turn a blind eye.” It’s clear from the film that opening up access
to Wakandan medical technology, for instance, has the potential to revolutionise how people
recover from injuries as Everett Ross fully recovers from being shot in the spine in just
one day after being treated by Shuri. Access to Wakandan vibranium could be a double-edged
sword as although it will likely be useful in the fight against Thanos, once the secret’s
out, it could attract other villains to try and get their hands on it, as was the case
with Ulysses Klaue. And, along with Thanos’s search for the still-to-be-uncovered
Soul Stone, that could be another reason why we see in the Infinity War trailer that the
Mad Titan has sent his Outriders to invade the country. But this opening up of Wakanda also has huge
implications beyond Avengers: Infinity War as it means we’re likely to see future Marvel
movies cross over with Black Panther and Wakanda. The world, characters, and tech of Wakanda
are so rich and ripe with opportunities for storytelling that it seems likely that Marvel
will want to incorporate Black Panther’s world wherever it fits. The mid-credits scene is also a call-back
to the UN Sokovia Accords meeting in Vienna in Captain America: Civil War where T’Challa’s
father, King T’Chaka, addressed the UN and attempted to make a similar speech offering
Wakandan co-operation and outreach to the wider world. T’Chaka was, of course, killed before he could
finish his speech when Zemo orchestrated an attack on the UN building in order to frame
Bucky. And this takes us to Black Panther’s second
and final post-credits scene that has an even more direct lead-in to Avengers: Infinity
War. In this scene, we find someone waking up in
a small hut in the Wakandan countryside surrounded by some inquisitive children. As the person steps outside, we discover it’s
Bucky, who we last saw being put on ice in the mid-credits scene for Captain America:
Civil War. Bucky agreed to be put under so that Wakandan
scientists could figure out what was wrong with his mind, and in the Avengers: Infinity
War prelude comic, we learn that it’s Shuri who’s figured out how to remove trigger words
that HYDRA inserted in Bucky’s mental programming. Shuri’s treatment appears to have worked as
Bucky seems calm and well. He’s also wearing a blue sling around his
missing arm in the scene and at the end Shuri tells him to come with her as there is “much
more for [him] to learn”, which likely means they need to update him on what’s been happening
since he was in cryo-stasis and get him back in full shape. We know from the Avengers: Infinity War trailer
that Bucky has his missing arm restored at some point, so Shuri probably still has some
more work to do on that and perhaps it’ll be made of vibranium too. There’s also a big hint to what Bucky’s role
might be next in the name “White Wolf” which the children in the scene call out as they
run off. “White Wolf” is an interesting Marvel easter
egg and a nod to the Black Panther comic-book character Hunter who was adopted by T’Challa’s
father T’Chaka when his parents crash-landed in Wakanda. The white foreigner, Hunter, aka White Wolf,
loved his adoptive country and eventually became head of the secret police in Wakanda. So, in this post-credits scene Marvel could
be alluding to the MCU’s Bucky taking on a similar type of security role in Wakanda in
the future. Indeed, in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer,
Bucky looks like he might be heading up a group of Wakandan warriors on the battlefield. And given his past activities, it would be
a natural fit for Bucky to take on black ops-style missions on behalf of Black Panther. Wakanda already operates a network of spies,
or War Dogs as they’re called, and perhaps Bucky could join them, maybe teaming up with
Nakia on future missions. It’ll be interesting to see if Bucky does
take on the new identity of White Wolf, leaving behind his former alter ego of the Winter
Soldier, or whether this is just simply a nice nod to the comics. By the way, given the importance of Shuri’s
tech genius, I want to point out another way in which this could link in to the next Avengers
team-up. We know that Thanos pursues Vision in the
Infinity War movie and that the Mad Titan’s Black Order are seen either attempting to
extract or manipulate the Mind Stone in Vision’s forehead. And it’s been rumoured that Vision gets taken
to Wakanda in the film so Shuri can extract the Mind Stone from him and keep it safe. In the Avengers: Infinity War prelude comic
Shuri boasts that the tech she’s developed surpasses anything Tony Stark has done, specifically
how Stark created Ultron, which seems like another big hint that Shuri could be involved
in removing the Mind Stone from Vision and keeping him alive at the same time. Now, if you’ve seen Black Panther, what did
you think of the movie and the post-credit scenes? And have you got any theories on what the
end credits will mean for Avengers: Infinity War or future Marvel movies? Share your thoughts in the comments below
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100 thoughts on “BLACK PANTHER Avengers Infinity War Post-Credits Scenes Explained

  1. What you did you think of Black Panther and the post-credit scenes?
    Giveaway winner just announced on my new Marvel Soul Stone video! ►

  2. Well in the infinity war trailer we see some wearing what seems to be wakandas tech so I would guess tony got with the program too being how afraid he is of failing

  3. Best movie I have ever seen. Hands down. It was all the emotions in film form. Happiness, sadness, laughter, rooting for the bad guy, etc etc. Going to see it again

  4. I didn’t just love the movie itself, I loved the villain. Killmonger was absolutely my favorite villain and this was my favorite marvel movie!!

  5. This movie has so many lessons to learn from. First of all getting along with our neighbors/other countries, sharing information from technology to helping each other in time of crisis not just one country or countries barring the load. Writing wrongs and making them right no matter how long it happened.

  6. I loved the film….Great story line…..Gave enough back story as well as build on the character and setup for more to come.

  7. I used to manage a comic book shop, and this was never a particularly popular title. I am extremely pleased with how the movie was done and how the characters were handled.

  8. Amazing movie I think the tech that hides Wakanda will be utilized and fully realized by Captain Marvel following the fight w/ Thanos to shield Earth from all the intergalactic attention it's warranted as of late. This would link strong female characters like Shuri and Captain Marvel but also link disparate groups the Wakanda inhabitants and Alpha force that will be connected in the coming movies. Also the way it was shown in Black Panther is similar to how it's been illustrated in the recent comics and I believe it'll be likened as another defensive mechanism that only adds to more problems as demonstrated in Tony Stark's speech following the events of the first Avengers movie. They've really been sowing seeds in these movies and with how self contained Black Panther looks at first glance I think they've really embedded a lot more than people give credit in this film so it truly is important for a number of reasons.

  9. I want to see a team up with Stark, Shuri, Banner and Parker. Without question those four are the smartest of the MCU, but Shuri edges out the others. I absolutely love her and she’s my favorite character along with T’Challa

  10. LOVED THE FILM, 10/10 from me. Extremely well made with appeal to both the young and old. I was so intrigued when they both combined tradition and sci-fi together so seamlessly!

  11. The movie was awesome had fun with my friend and the movie was so well made that i can feel the emotion from it.great movue

  12. Just saw this movie today. Best Marvel movie to date, along with being the most visually stunning. I know the film was mainly about T’Challa, but Shuri hands down stole the show. She was definitely my favorite character.

  13. I can't give this movie enough praise! It was excellent – from the acting to the wardrobe to the visuals! I am now so pumped for Avengers Infinity War! Is it May yet?

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  15. I have a theory that black panther and shuri will fight against each other in the black panther sequel. Shuri, in the end credits was going to catch Bucky up on what happened, and why his mind was controlled by those words, but on the other hand black panther hates Bucky, and will want to inprision or even kill him. Shuri will feel for Bucky, because she knows it was not his fault. But black panther will disagree. He will not want to fight shuri, but she will not let him get past Bucky.

    Fun fact: in the comics shuri used a black panther suit which could be used in this situation, and in her lab she had 3 suits; 1 used by black panther, the other assumed to be used by killmonger. That leaves 1 suit left for shuri in their possible fight

    But that’s just a theory, a comment section theory!

  16. One of the best films I have seen in the last 5 years. I have to say it is my favorite superhero movie now. Loved it, so deep and full of meaning. They did a great job bringing the comic book to life and sticking to the authentic story line.

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  19. The fact that I left before the second post credit scene 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

    I had to call my sister.. we agreed to go see it again tomorrow

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  21. Love the way you explain. It makes a lot of sense to those that are not familiar with the characters. All I can say after I saw the movie on opening day is Long Live Wakanda!

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  24. I think that the ‘white wolf’ could be Bucky Barnes, because a wolf would have white fur in a situation where there is a-lot of snow, especially in winter. Making a White Wolf, a Winter Soldier

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  27. I was not familiar with the Black Panther character. However, my son is a die hard fan. So when I heard about the movie, I was thrilled. When I saw the movie, I was truly blown away by the wonderful way it was brought to life. It was a movie for any and every one to enjoy. It was a drama. It was an action movie. And it was a game changer in the entertainment industry.

  28. Me siento muy orgullosa de ver actores de mi raza negra de mostrado que son tan buenos como cualquier actor Dios lo Bendiga siempre

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