Big Wolf Band – Darkest Of My Days

Big Wolf Band – Darkest Of My Days

* Red Grey Matter All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws In order to avoid copyright infringement, please, do not upload this song on your channel. Enjoy your day! On darkest of my days Sunshine falls like rain I’m trying to find myself Don’t know where to begin These tears dried my soul Leaves me standing here With an empty hole And I said to myself Cry me some tears Let all these memories just disappear { Music } On the darkest of my days My tears fall like rain Been trying to save myself Don’t know where to begin My fear drives my pain Leaves me standing here In the pouring rain
And I say to myself Cry me some tears Let all my fears, just disappear oh [ Music ] On the darkest of my days
On the darkest of my days My tears fall like rain
My tears fall like rain I try to save myself
I try to save myself Just don’t where to begin On the darkest of my days

100 thoughts on “Big Wolf Band – Darkest Of My Days

  1. Thank you! What a stunning blues song. Lyrics, playing & backing just spot on. Fantastic sound.
    Big Bad Wolf should be really proud of this. For me it absolutely hits the spot.
    Hope to catch a live session before you hit the big time!
    Well done!

  2. Man does that picture bring back memories. When I was about 30 many many years ago I dated a Chinese Woman (Selene) who had legs at least this long. Tall leggy Chinese girls are a gift from God.

  3. The Darkest TIMES or Minutes OF My Entire LIFE ALREADY Are In The PAST ; THOSE ‘Unimaginable’ FOR MOST HUMANS ( at least 95% Of All Humans That Have Ever Existed Since The Beginning Of Man-Kind ) ; SO , Very Gracefully I am Still Alive & Well , Thank-GOD !!! Right Now , As The SONG Says : “ The Best Is YET To COME “ ! When GOD Gives , GIVES A LOT MORE THAN Anyone Could : –
    I M A G I N E !!! AMÉN 🙏 !!! –
    I Believe ( Firmly Sustainable ) WE –
    ( humans) Have , Already , Started Entering Into A Much Better NEW –
    ERA AMÉN & May GOD Bless ALL OF US !!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. I left my kentucky home ,at 17 an my first girl friend looked liked this chick from behind shorts legs an all ,wen i finaly found a place to live in ohio,best hardest days i loved lived and struggled to survive,now 53


  6. These are my blues, these are my days, Hmm there's the gall with those long long legs, ah I hear those blues calling me, hmm

  7. Enchanting music which everyone
    can appreciate !!!!!!
    Yes that guitar is first class and it
    talks if you just listen !!!!!

  8. Thank You Big Wolf Band.
    Great Blues
    Thank You
    Definitely Dark today
    The Blues Cheered
    Me Up though 🌧☔️

  9. The melody marks the words exceptionally well. Truth is the light which helps us see…the darkest of our days.

  10. Только позитивные эмоции… Тёплый и комфортный блюз. Очень хорошо..

  11. Olá MR RED GREY MATTER, sómente o "BLUES" para nos proporcionar um pouco de PAZ "huggs" QUÂNTICO BRASIL

  12. Where do they find these chicks? They aren't in any place I've ever been. And they don't let them out during the day either. I don't under a rock either. Travel to work for about an hour and about an hour and a half back. Nothing. If my wife looked like that I would not goto work. I'd just breed all the time

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