Biden fires back at Trump over Iran: Quit blaming Obama

Biden fires back at Trump over Iran: Quit blaming Obama

100 thoughts on “Biden fires back at Trump over Iran: Quit blaming Obama

  1. Donald Trump inherited a terrible mess from Obama and Bernanke but in my wildest dreams I never thought he would make everything
    worse. Trump has blown the biggest, fattest, ugliest bubble ever.

  2. So true, I've never seen a president so jealous of predecessor as Trump. That, shows his insecurities, he's so durty!

  3. I would not blame Obama but be thankful I'm not the president because I would not stop at one threat. If you do not like Americans few do not like America I'm talking about Iraq Iranians it's just time to wipe you off the map I'm sorry I would have never thought I would be a person in favor of genocide

  4. I wish Biden the arrogant, mentally inept, corrupt moron would sit down and shut up. His circular lying is ridiculous, Democrats have never thought straight. Accept it.

  5. Biden isn’t wrapping himself into the Obama presidency blanket. Pretty sure that’s what Trump did. Biden is only responding. Derp

  6. LET us not blame the fools we have elected to lead us past or present it's our responsibility to keep them in check

  7. It would be interesting to see trump take responsibility for ANYTHING except the stock market, when it's trending up… Because he only makes it go up… I'm so tired of the tweeting windbag… he thinks windmills are bad??? At least they don't blow hot air… Expert on everything. No facts. No education… Fox news licking his boots. Brian Kilmeade leading the charge…

  8. you all blame trump for everything and blamed bush for years after he went out of office so basically you are being the typical hypocrites you always are

  9. Why the hell should we quit blaming Obama whenever the guy did nothing to really hurt Isis in fact gave them vehicles and funding excusing it as using a proxy to fight a war in Syria

  10. Look if you gave me a Pallet load of Cash I would say anything too :)…. yes yes I promise LoL
    no no we wont build a Bomb…. really we wont… anymore cash ?
    meanwhile Bomb making material is next door 🙂

  11. The childish thin skinned orange face baboon always blames others and cries when he doesn’t get his a_ _ kissed. His own cabinet are nothing but whipping boys who are not allowed to disagree with him.

  12. OMG! Does no one remember how much 0bama kept blaming Bush? All 8 years.

    I guess now that it's not benefiting him anymore, it's not allowed. Rules for thee…

  13. Sorry biden, u and your former boss made us a laughingstock to the Islamic regime. We had no face. Now, u want to tell this president how he shouldn't lament on your failure as former VP. U r such a shameless man.

  14. Hey Pervert Joe, Trump’s blaming you too! And he’s correct to do so. Getting nervous old Joe? All of your corruption, slowly but surely creeping up behind you, just the way you creep up behind little girls? Think your Boss can protect you from the light?

  15. His crack head son used his dead brothers identity to pose as him as he checked into a Prescott, AZ rehab center.

  16. The buck stops at Obama, lol. Notice how they blamed Obama again instead of noting the executive deficiencies that are actively ongoing?

  17. No maybe it's because we're all saying the same thing an the fact that he was vice president. Santa Claus

  18. Biden: 'It's time he stops blaming President Obama for his failures'.
    Trump: I've been busy making the country great again, but I'm not supposed to talk about it.

  19. Biden doesn't know better than Trump they both can't get Obama off their minds we don't need Trump as a president and we don't need Biden is President neither it's about Obama to both of them

  20. I'm about to advertise a candidate
    If you don't wanna here it move along please.

    Try checking out Andrew Yang

  21. biden.
    The only reason you want a strategy laid out is because YOU and the ENEMY dont know whats coming for ya.
    Its called MILITARY TACTICS you muppet.
    Why on earth would anyone ADVERTISE what will or could happen
    Unlike you, hussein and clinton who adverised to your enemy friends,
    when where and how many.
    biden youre covered in innocent blood and all just so you can fill your bank accounts using your own kids just like pelosi

  22. Giving your money to the bully to have peace only gives the bully the strength to bully again. Bubb.

  23. Hey Trump how bout you realize if you kept the nuclear deal Iran would be friends or friendly… It's your fault they are hostile because you pushed them there with pulling out of the nuclear deal and sanctions

  24. Biden had the easiest time as VP as any previous VP seeing as how he did it under Obama, the media’s chosen one. Praised no matter what

  25. President Trump do bring President Obama up too often. Someone need to tell the truth about that money that Obama RELEASED. I like a lot of what President Trump has done since he’s been in office. Both parties need to stop being so partisan and with together. The Republicans are saying the Democrats loved Soleimani and that is not true. Hate is destroying this country. United we stand divided we fall.

  26. The Obama/ Biden record is not real good. Obama just another dirty, career politician. We all know Biden actually did strong arm Ukraine. "Just ask Obama".

  27. If Obama were still President, he would have allready paid Iran billions to leave us alone ,and threw in a blowjob to seal the deal.

  28. If I hear one more person who doesn't know what they are talking about, say "President Obama gave the Iranians a bunch of money," IT WAS THEIR MONEY! WE HAD A HOLD ON IT AND RELEASED THE HOLD WHEN THE DEAL WAS MADE! Somehow, though, it doesn't surprise me…our government is so corrupt right now, why not praise being thieves, also. Trump has spent a good portion of his time bragging about how much money was poured into military defense but we think that we can dictate what other countries spend on their military… it seems that the world has gone crazy and a good percentage have become deaf and blind by choice. TRUMP NEEDS TO GO… the sooner the better!

  29. Biden once for all you will never be a president ever God will never let you take care Of our country peace Donald Trump is doing things that is necessary for God’s return

  30. Hey Joe! How about you worry about that dead beat Dad son of yours who has not paid a penny in child support! 🤬

  31. wait didn't the Obama administration admit this could happen with the Iranian money? I think it was suasan rice in a interview who admitted it on national television

  32. Obama was an ILLEGAL PRESIDENT. He wasnt even a naturalized citizen. His Pops was born in KENYA. Also Obama did so many illegal things we will find out in 2021!

  33. Yes quit blaming Obama, he shares the blame with all of his corrupted administration , including members of the CIA, DOJ,and the FBI

  34. The Dems don't want the American people to know that part of that 113 billion Obama gave Iran to know it came back to people in the u.s. plus the technology that was given to Iran.

  35. Obama was the worst president we ever had!!! Litterally was acting like a celebrity!!! Never should have been in office. Why would anyone give 151 billion dollars to terrorists??? Obama should have never been a candidate to be in office.

  36. So what would Biden do send some more pallets with Billions of dollars of our hard earned tax dollars. I don't want some pansyass running this Country.

  37. Somebody clue Biden that he might as well quit kissing up. Obama deliberately picked a dull non-entity for VP. That doesn't translate to endorsement.

  38. President Bone Spurs send those grifters you call children to fight in Iran…no body in the Trump family has ever served…all they do is cheat lie and steal…frigging coward. Even his sister who was a federal judge resigned from the bench to avoid being investigated….the whole family are devious devils

  39. That’s not what this is about. it’s not about Biden’s campaign. He’s just clarifying the record. This isn’t news, this is just another republican trying to bolster Trump and blur the lines on Trump’s failures and epic screwups.

  40. Obama was a horrible president, perhaps especially in foreign affairs. A doormat who appeased others at best, and a traitor at worse.

  41. Biden should just keep his mouth shut . He will lose his nomination by himself . He wont be fondling younger girls and young women much longer . It is getting bad when Biden is the best nominee for the demorats to run !!!!

  42. Joe and Hunter are out of the game….. they got their $156M by exporting Ukraine. They both have years of sniffing little girls hair a Cocaine, but there is no White House in their Future, and we American Voters will make sure of that !

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