Benjamin Green Introduction – VTM 5th Edition

Benjamin Green Introduction – VTM 5th Edition

BEN: Oh, hello! I’m Benjamin Green. I’m an artist. About two years ago, my career took off. I, uh, enjoyed some critical acclaim, the odd article in the paper. I even made a little money! Not as much as my sister, of course, but as father always used to say, “She has a real job.” The only trouble with fame, even the modest kind that I enjoyed, is that it made me visible to the public, and some of the responses I received… There was this one man. I’d noticed him sometimes. Exhibitions or standing across the street just… Watching me. But sometimes he’d follow me. Once he even followed me home! There was something I didn’t like about him. Something hungry in his eyes. Well, just as I was going out of my mind with worry, Edmund St. Claire paid me a visit. That’s right. THE Edmund St. Claire! Well it turns out he loved my work, and wanted to show it in his London gallery. He said he could arrange things so that I wouldn’t have to worry anymore. About anything! He said that we could have a great future together. And I said yes! Of course I did. It was only later that I discovered what he really was, and about the blood, and cravings, and the rest of the sordid business, but by then it was too late. I’m a vampire of Clan Malkavian now and Edmund is my Sire. True to his word, he’s kept me safe But sometimes I catch glimpses of someone watching from the shadows, biding their time. But for what? I don’t know and I’m afraid. Can you help me? Please?

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  1. At first glance, I mistook Ben for a Toreador, most likely due to his demeanor and career. But he feels like an intriguing mix between a Toreador and a Malkavian.

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