Beautify Your Kitchen and Bathroom With Echelon Cabinetry – Designing Spaces

Beautify Your Kitchen and Bathroom With Echelon Cabinetry – Designing Spaces

Whether building a new home or redecorating an existing home, there are a lot of decisions
that need to be made. One of the more challenging ones is choosing cabinetry. With so many cabinet
makers and a plethora of styles and colors to choose from, it can make your head spin.
Well, on this episode of Designing Spaces, we’re going to try to make choosing cabinetry
less stressful and give you some tips that will hopefully make this process more enjoyable.
We’re here in Eastern North Carolina just outside Wilmington where one of the premier
home builders in the area, True Homes, has a new development under construction, and
True Home Showroom Consultant, Jessica Seljan, was faced with those same decisions.
We are kind of branch style one-story floor plans. Really the kitchen is one of the focal
points of the home, so really we have to make it aimed towards the design portion of it
but also make it functional so that they can entertain but also work in the kitchen as
well. True Homes selected Echelon Cabinetry for
this development, and the decision was a fairly easy one.
True Homes decided to use Echelon because we do value what they have to offer. They
give us a great product at a great price. They also have a lot of designs that we can
pick from, and not only can we use it in the kitchen but we can have a different theme
going in different areas of the house that really ties into the overall theme itself
but really creates kind of a warm inviting atmosphere.
Consumers and builders alike know and trust the Echelon brand to deliver exceptional craftsmanship
and value. Echelon Cabinetry offers a wide range of semi-custom fine quality kitchen
and bath cabinetry. Echelon’s Beth McCollum worked with Jessica to help design the cabinetry
in this model. Whether you’re a builder or a dealer, Echelon
wants to partner with you to develop the best kitchen possible for the end user. We think
about the functionality of the kitchen, the colors, the door styles, what that end user
is looking for in developing their dream home. You know, Beth, I really love how we were
able to use stock cabinetry to look like a custom built-in in the home, and that we were
able to use Echelon products. Essentially kind of the soft-close drawer actions and
the roll out shelves that you all have to offer. It really adds to that custom feel
and upscale feel of the home. Also, being able to use stock cabinetry to be able to
hide the refrigerator so that it truly does feel like a custom built-in.
It really is a great feature and flexibility that we have to be able to do that. Over here
with the glass, we’ve put in seeded glass here for a different texture. I really am
excited about how that turns out because we’ve got this huge hood here, and this gives us
a little contrast to that. The hood is absolutely my favorite. It is the centerpiece of this
kitchen. We have great symmetry here, and it anchors the whole place. I also love this
island. It looks like a piece of furniture. We’ve put in some custom legs, and we’ve also
put in the functionality features you want like the trash can. This is a great place
to entertain. It’s a nice big spot to be able to bring all your friends and family in and
have a great time in your new kitchen. We really want to appeal with different design
styles, so we have different profiles within the other rooms. However, overall, the color
tone, pallet, the same essential style is the same throughout to create that kind of
theme throughout the house and give it that same inviting atmosphere as you’re walking
along into the different rooms. Beth, in this bathroom in particular, we really
wanted to translate the same feel that we had in the kitchen. And we were able to do
that by modifying the same stock cabinetry that we had out there, but in this bathroom
we did certain things and made additions to it.
Absolutely. We were able to take our normal vanity base cabinets and add legs to it to
give it a custom stand-alone feel. Then, we turned around and we were able to take our
base cabinets, our wall cabinets, stack them with elegant stackable moldings, even a wood
top to match. So, it looks like a custom piece, but it was all done with Echelon stock cabinetry.
What makes Echelon unique is our flexibility. We will meet the customer’s needs. We will
partner with our dealers and our builders to find the door styles, the colors, that
they need to progress their business. We are also very committed to our new product development.
Every six months, we’re looking to innovate, add to, and keep our product on trend. This
is unheard of in the cabinet industry, and this is where we’re leading the way.
The partnership between True Home and Echelon is wonderful. They’ve actually worked hand-in-hand
with us to kind of develop new product lines that we find that would fit our clientele
a little bit better that other companies may not have to offer. They’ve even worked with
us to develop new color lines that we necessarily didn’t have before that we thought would be
important to our clientele. Echelon’s brand advantage is three-fold. We
have a team approach where you’re not just getting a sales rep. You’re also getting a
designer, you’re getting a customer service team, an operations team, and a logistics
team that makes sure your product gets to where it needs to go. We also have a plant
that has been retooled to the tune of millions of dollars. We keep ahead of the curve. We’re
making sure it’s state of the art so that you get a quality product developed and sent
to your home in a timely manner. At Echelon, we don’t just deliver cabinets. We deliver
peace of mind. Our on-trend quality cabinets are delivered to your home for a finished
kitchen that you will love for years to come. You won’t find Echelon cabinetry in the big
box stores because it’s only sold through builders and dealers. So, if you’re redecorating
or building a new home, consider American-made Echelon Cabinetry. To view this segment again,
visit DesigningSpaces.TV and click on the Echelon Cabinetry video. You’ll also find
a link to the Echelon Cabinetry website. (music).
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