Battle Of Arctic – Ep6 – Havfiske Sørøya (ENG SUBS)

Battle Of Arctic – Ep6 – Havfiske Sørøya (ENG SUBS)

First competition day at Sørøya, in West Finnmark is over. A true fishing eldorado, showing off it’s grand nature on day one giving the team’s an opening for traveling an hour west out to Storskaltaren Chasing cod, halibut and some cusk Checking the status from day one
Team Rapala got a full list on cusk Followed by Villmarksbutikken and Westin while Team Abu had trouble getting the so called “easy catches” on their way The Kings Of Halibut are team Westin and a pretty happy Captain Johan with his first three ever halibuts have been smiling since they came back to shore Team Rapala on second, with Abu on third Villmarksbutikken never got a hang of the halibuts All four teams filled the cod roster With Team Rapala/Storm on first
a few centimeters a head of Abu and Villmarksbutikken So all teams need to replace a few of their catches and fill the list with even a few more all teams are in need of plaice and wolffish the latter being a difficult one as it’s off season To knock Villmarksbutikken off the lead
the team needs to win, as well as full filling the Grand Slam Which is possible as the prognosis predicts a calm and sunny day and the teams are stoked! Day two – last day of Battle Of Arctic We are very happy with our performance yesterday and the results Yeah it turned out ok in the end As expected on the cod, slightly lower on the halibut and a ok result on the cusk We feel like we can close the cod and cusk lists we need bullseye on the other species to go back restocking cod and cusk As a result we will be closer to shore today starting with small plaice hopefully not to small yeah, but compared to the halibuts they are smaller and we aim to finish the day fishing halilbuts Hopefully getting some wolffish during the day but that will be difficult as it’s late in the season but we got a few spots But we will not lower the bar from yesterday Let’s go! Roger – last day of Sørøya Starting off with plaice hopefully a wolf fish Yeah, we got a hot spot on wolf fish that they don’t know about *grin* after that we will head out to deeper water, or what Roger? Yeah we need some cusk upgrade a few cods got a plan for the cusk? Just beating the competition, as we know their results Yeah we definitely need a bigger cod We have a nice halibut list, and got a solid the lead Even though we haven’t gotten that ONE big mama true, but we got more that everyone else It’s not just to go out there and haul em up at least not this time of year would love one more halibut and a nice cod “no fish here” A new day rising Mats we got a nice result on the cod list yesterday ok on the cusk as well you being king of cusk – getting all three and you are the master of cods *giggle* Today we really need to get those Halibuts was a bit unlucky yesterday. Had a few strikes but no solid ones so halibut fishing mid day one doing bait fishing and one shad Let’s see what happens. Hopefully we bag that list quickly but it’s slow fishing. We saw the other teams are also somewhat struggling. so it ain’t gonna be easy even tough we are at Sørøya they are here, but we have to work for it I had a chat with a local guy earlier asked him for a few tips he gave me some nice herring for bait Thats great!
Was a really great guy What an amazing day how quickly it changes. Remember the weather earlier this morning? with the mist and all? thinking this will be a lousy day at sea and then it just opens up Lets head for those islands and start there When doing deep sea fishing I just the Penn Phantom 2 Speed reels Which has this awesome feature, when fighting heavy fish. Press this button giving you a lighter lever getting more power into the reel pressing to switch between low and high gear A real benefit when fishing deeper waters, getting a heavy catch to reel up the biggest catches – having two gears is awesome Penn Phantom 2 Speed is probably
the best buy in that price range of 2 speed reels on the market Been using it for 8 years and I can highly recommend this reel a powerful reel Ready for the first drop. Gonna fish plaice this coming hour Two reasons for that;
it’s possible that we also get in contact with halibuts maybe not the biggest ones, but still a possibility secondly we need big plaice for the Grand Slam Using sliding tackles on the best rods I’ve ever used for this kind of fishing Beast Master Boat Quiver Soft quiver tops, with a good a powerful spine using it up here for halibuts, not getting the biggest ones yet. But I feel the power and action in the rod Baiting with prawns on a double sliding tackle Some pearls and other attractors to lure em in Rapala is just over there. In the lead and currently fishing plaice, as we are But the battle has just begun and the day is young the outcome is still open anything can happen Seven hours of fishing in front of us competing many great fishermen and then it’s the X-factor Villmarksbutikken.. been fishing really good throughout Battle Of Arctic and the competition anglers (Rapala) we are up against have been hauling big cods Something they do quite well yeah they got a good starting point for day two if we beat them we can have a chance Gulp is a great product when fishing in the sea. Massive scent and flavor They say that if the halibuts are picky. Tasting the Gulp they are more aggressive in the strike inhaling the bait One tip fishing from a boat Keep it organized Get your loose hooks and baits in your tackle box Come on! Let’s get a 90cm There! Yes! Right specie Asgeir! Fishing deeper areas with an all round sea rod Penn Regiment 2 really great rods 15-40 lbs.
Great grip Nice action Nice sensitive tip and a powerful spine f*** lost it… only got the smaller one still on These lines are without any stretch So no matter how deep you angle, you still feel the small subtle strikes Really powerful lines but as with all braided lines not the best when it comes to drift in comparison with monofilament which is in turn useless on these depths especially due to the stretch But FireLine is amongst the very best lines also when it comes to durability a really really great line as said really strong lines. This is only 0,32mm and I can easily fight 100kg halibuts on this it’s more about the angler *grin* sadly I missed the biggest one of the two but we might get an upgrade nonetheless 62cm Nice upgrade the right specie We still need a halibut or two It’s like shooting pool you tell the pocket and specie another upgrade? Well done! Continue driving At least a catch.
Decent? I hope so Let’s just get that last one so we are finished with that specie an upgrade would be really nice then we can move inshore and target plaice and wolf fish both lists are completely blank From zero to hero, that’s how it is for great angler Abu Garcia turns it upside down getting their desired Brosme so they can continue the other species needed Let’s not forget that each team are fighting for three good catches, from five different speices. A really though task, even for seasoned anglers – it’s gonna be a race Competition time! First to get a plaice!? There are many other species of flounders out here, but let’s stay with plaice – a competition in the competition But we are a team Jarle! *giggles* You know it’s against the rules to beat the captain?! You need to hold back on the plaice *giggle* I’ve been match fishing for bream and similar carp species earlier in my career this is pretty similar to drifting for a bream the strikes are identical
so is the fight but these fish are prettier! No! A big 3kg+ bream is beautiful Let’s start with hunting plaice! Prawn and a slice of herring I’m using a Westin W3 jerk rod, not a specific deep sea fishing rod – but a versatile rod – perfect for this use. a 2-in-1 rod Westin W3 Jerk rod Fishing on around 20 m? 25 m? Yepp – 25 m Hopefully we can fill the plaice list pretty fast Not my personal favorite how many plaice did we get on test test fishing? 5 plaice So it is possible! Would you look at that! Don’t loose it Roger is it a good one? If it’s the correct specie..
Is is a halibut? Maybe a wolf fish I REALLY hope it’s a wolf fish.
I’d be warm into my bones if it where Nice bend in the rod It’s a flounder of some sort Don’t loose it Hooked wrongly I’ll try to get it’s head Dead center in the belly It’s a small one
But each cm counts 40 cm Got a fish on the first drift of the day It’s a flounder of some sort. I suspect the wrong type NO! I’ts a plaice Get the net please No monster fish, but . a plaice nonetheless I’ve got one as well! I love these rods – makes drilling fish a dream Gonna quickly measure this one. Though I suspect it probably ain’t a counting fish at the end of the day We take each cm Another plaice They aren’t turned ON – they basically float and lay down on top of the bait not striking for food Mine is bigger – in addition it was the first strike. So that makes me the winner Jarle? You beat me with 30 seconds To early plaice They are so beautiful awesome coloring and patterns white stroked fins The Westin guys are so close , you better tilt the engine HEY! Be gone Find you own spot! *giggles* Other people hunt sea gulls. I hunt Westin a small plaice Hold the drift, so we can anchor Just lost two Grand Slam flounders why do you keep loosing them? You got too large a bait?
Difficulties setting the hook? 3. place on our now full list But no big ones.
Need a couple of catches bigger than this one It feels like we are on to something and good to have filled the list Now let’s step it up and aget a good one. Ot three *smiles* Just changed tactics. Was going for the halibut in deeper waters, just changed and now hunting for plaice. Using a 100g weight bait pearl, spinners and a medium sized hook Lifting about a meter, before letting it sink Just waiting for the plaice to get into the strike zone! We see a lot of fish on the sonar Yes, indeed – it feels like a good spot Daiwa Tournament 15-20lbs Ambassadeur 7000 LC That’s a nice combo with a 0,22 braided line to get the maximum connection with my bait We really can’t blame the equipment *giggles* I wonder what this is A flounder of some sort Is it a plaice?
Yes, indeed a plaice Look at that! Our first plaice! Perfectly hooked Look at that Gorgeous! Fish on! Another plaice Fish on! It hooked on the way up This is a better fish Njaaa – probably the same size Maybe a tad bigger No! $%&
Lost it… Satan Shit happens you win some,
you loose some Let’s get this measured Mr. measuring man It is … forty… 47 cm and the last one was? 41 cm Well done Oddvar! We are cone with fishing cusk target now is plaice maybe a wolf fish We are now further inside the fjord
that has a nice sandy bottom With a nice slope in to the deeper water. Here around 20 meter a place we should find plaice Our goal is to get 3 plaice and fill the list maybe a wolf fish – as they also roam this habitat sand, coral, sand.
interesting structures and habitat Baiting with macril, Gulp and prawns Targeting the flat ones with red dots Would love some more action and current. But the tide ain’t providing it at the moment It’s often in the shift between the tides, we see most action We are both fishing for plaice, but I’m also gonna go for the wolf fish but that one can be slightly tougher to fight we really need a wolf fish John Olav focusing on the plaice
I’ll limbo into the wolf fish as well aiming for two different species testing to see how that runs out When fishing these flounders I use a delicate setup Abu Revo Toro S60 and a veritas rod A series that’s changing name and will be upgraded and renamed to what was it again Asgeir? Victis alright. From Veritas to Victis Highly sensitive rod but also a good spine for the bigger catches a pure joy to fish with! and of course Fire Line 0,18 Fish! Hooked it? Decent one Hopefully bigger than the first one we got Take it easy
We can’t afford loosing any a better one! it’s actually pretty nice! nice colors 45 cm Really nice colors on this one Good bye! Good! Got two out of three? If they all came in that size – it would be a breeze Looking at the other boat, we see Team Rapala hauling fish like there is no tomorrow probably using prawns.
So we are also gonna test that out Oi! Nice one! Indeed Head shakes! This is a nice one no small flounder a nice one maybe a wolf fish doesn’t feel like it ages since my last one but this feels like a flat fish Jezz… I’m really excited! Holy crap!!! Nooo
It’s a halibut… F*akk* a nice one ain’t it? no you are getting fooled by the water Bigger than our previous ones?
No not a chance For sure?
Absolutely It really looked bigger than that Another sand flounder
a nice on again Wrong specie – but fun! That halibut looked so much bigger under water one meter ! hehe
Then I would have reeled it in as quickly as I did Fishing for plaice, getting halibuts all the time Awesome fish 70 cm? Something like that Swapped to prawns to get more plaice, that didn’t really work This is a nice of – if it’s plaice! wasn’t as big as I assumed put up a good fight so it’s an upgrade Double prawns, that was made the day Such an awesome fish Great job Jarle!
Got a decent fish here Well done Finally, a really nice size.
Now we are going somewhere 49cm Hæ?
49 cm 49? Not 50? I think you are right, it does cross the 50 cm mark Finally a good plaice. A length we have been chasing. 50 cm That is the one we needed for our Grand Slam list Awesome work Jarle!
Now we only need that large Halibut I would prefer if we got one more I belive we are slightly behind the other teams I agree. We got one nice, and two semi bad I dream of a 60 cm a trophy plaice Getting our nerves under control 10 more minutes gnarling here What’s your thought on the other teams Rolf? They went out into deeper waters, or? I belive Asgeir..
Speaking of the devil Full throttle behind the island over there I think Asgeir in Abu went for cusk and John (Westin) headed out for cod and wolf fish while I don’t think Westin has the best plaice list Probably right. It’s been slow fishing compared to what we had during test fishing With that 50 cm plaice. Team Rapala is heading for a Grand Slam and 2 additional points Westin has also found the plaice, but without a full list and in need of a few upgrades Villmarksbutikken have gotten two Now ABU needs to step up to the plate We’re now out on 300 meter Adding more weight.
6-700 gr Mackerel and some fluorescent sleeves Target species is cusk in the deep Using a Westin W6 jigging rod A perfect rod for this conditions It’s deep and reeling in will be a workload Reeling in from over 300m using a longer rod is heavy duty Hopefully we will get a fish that can help us gain som leverage in the competition Optimal conditions for the Rapala pike masters Rolf Magnus would have loved this This is true deep sea fishing Flounders! I’m hooked on as well! Lot’s of flounders here. Got a strike! Double! I’ve got a double! Another decent over here Go Sørøya! Plaice double and a third one here Seems like we cracked the code However is this a plaice? It’s kinda yellowish. These tiny ones you’re getting.. what are you doing? *giggles* Crashing the plaice daycare center Look at this beauty, so much bigger than yours! 44 cm So that leaves us with 41 – 44 and 47 cm was it? Great! We filled the plaice list. Now we know what we need to do. Find Grand Mother Halibut next Hopefully we will get some luck with that Yeah I think we will need it It’s been slow halibut fishing If you look at the guys thats been here before they’ve gotten some halibuts, it’s been slow fishing. Not an easy task You can’t just go out there are reel em up.
Of course they are present but it’s picky as far as I’ve heard real selective and careful Let’s finish this coffee and get cracking Bullseye! 3 Gulps A nice plaice on wolf fish rig But I had a feeling it might end up like this getting a plaice on a 3/0 size hook a hungry one at that! In this way we can combine plaice and wolf fish hunting on one rig That’s a good combo now 49cm Nice one! a real beauty Swim along now When fishing for flounders, it’s important to have a sliding tackle when the bite comes, the fish doesn’t feel the resistance of the weight and for these small flounders it’s imperative that they get to swallow the bait before they feel the tension of the weight and for plaice fishing I’m using a belly slice of a mackerel prawn and a Gulp Gulp is an artificial bait water based, releasing more scent into the water as well as imitating what the fish are feeding on. here they are feeding on different kind of eels and worms this Gulp imitates those as it’s water based it releases the scent quickly luring the fish to the bait and hook when fishing with Gulp, use slightly more movement that normal. You need to make the movement as it’s a bit stiffer than than pure natural baits but gives a really really good result and effect Using Gulp on plaice has proven to work very well Let’s give it another go Another flounder a plaice again a really big one! They really want the Gulp a decent size plaice Lot’s of food Hungry buggers I felt this one. Look at the size This is a nice upgrade and it took on a huge rig. Squid and the works A really nice plaice I think ‘ill go for the same setup yeah, we got two nice plaice now. and hopefully we can get a wolf fish as a bonus Good idea John Olav!
I’ll be using a light setup 52 cm it was a heavier fish on those 52 cm. Really nice Strike!
You got one?! If it’s on the Gulp – you’ll get a beer! Correct specie Asgeir *giggles* Imagine, teaching seasoned anglers to use Gulp *giggle* This is either plaice or wolf fish this is a nice one! Want to know what I think it is? Stein bit (Akak Wolf Fish) Where is the net? There This is a nice catch Need to weigh and document this one It’s a wolf fish! Fantastic John Olav!
This one we need to land! It’s a nice one! Landing it your self? No you do it please A beauty! Hanging on a small rig under the chin? Yeah, but wait – this one ain’t done yet Easy! Just be cool he haven’t done anything yet – got lots of juice left this is a big a beautiful wolf fish We are winning or loosing with this fish Keep swimming Let’s not loose this one! Want to land it your self?
Just in case So I don’t get the blame for Careful Let it go! Had to just drop it and let it swim away Action!
The gaff is hooked on the fish Get ready to grab the gaff It’s in my line Get the gaff first Give it to me YES! That’s a gorgeous wolf fish on that small rig *giggle* This is Sørøya Look at this! Huge plaice and gorgeous wolf fish! even though it’s autumn and off season on wolf fish Let’s get em back into the water That was AWESOME! One more plaice and a wolf fish I can’t belive we got it on that small rig *giggle* We are at our 2. location Halibut hometown Unless this goes uber good. We are doing halibut and wolf fish the rest of the day on this spot we are entering Go Big or Go Home mode on the latter part of the day Aiming for Go Big *giggle* What’s your thoughts Jarle? It’s a bit hard to be honest. Wrong current going for halibut, but… that’s all about being at the right place at the right time we know we are at the right spot it’s more about a question of timing that’s the issue with competitions one seldom have unlimited time exactly. We got given time intervalls for start and stop not always synced with optimal conditions But of course, it’s not impossible to get a good halibut now It feels like the drift speed increases for the better as the current rises Hopefully one of the ladies down there want to taste our baits I’m not leaving this spot without a fish meaning a fish the size of the hood of my car – 125 cm Yeah we need that, and get that Grand Slam. That’s our goal That would be so awesome! And the wolf fish is a bit off as well However that can easily just give a strike Indeed. Suddenly it’s on Mend! Mend! Loose break, it’s out! You stuck?
Hell no! Then that’s a halibut But it’s probably to much resistance for it This is basically the absolute worst thing that can happen To quote a famous Norwegian fisherman You shall never have a break-off! This hurts. Really hurts… *#$%* We didn’t need THIS! F*** It looked like a nice strike They are here and proven possible to get to strike Cusk! A beautiful fish Gorgeous… Feel the smell 61 cm What a strange day
More halibuts than plaice Indeed and more halibuts than cusk yes Proves that halibut fishing is easy Easy to pick. Especially with prawns That’s the quote “Go to Sørøya and you will get tons of cusk” bullocks I haven’t gotten ONE cusk NOW! New location we didn’t get those cusk we needed. Just some really tiny ones So now.. I’m going for big cod, maybe halibut Roger are targeting big cod and maybe a big cusk We got some nice cod and cusk on the training day not to far from here three more minutes here and we are off using big bob at 730 gr Double treble hooks Looks deadly! Especially for big cod and halibut Regretfully I didn’t bring it yesterday But I had good success with Crazy Daisy got all fish on that with a single halibut that took bait We are out on the deep trying to lure the queen Halibut and this really requires patience searching and waiting But look at this day! Norway at it’s best! Look at this spectacular nature! You are a traveller Mats, seen it all before *giggle* Just had a strike! Checking my bait fish Look at that! Oi! Look who has been paying a visit without getting stuck on those hooks just shy of the treble The halibut is a smart fish Yeah, I had a strike earlier. Just nibbling the tail Using a whole herring as bait and just now a fish has swallowed it as this is the halibut spot, we are allowed to dream. Let’s see what happens Fish on! Stuck? Probably the bottom But It was a fish that took it and swam down Jarle just missed one, I also think I just missed one But now he has another hook up of halibut on his herring She spits it out No need to be a NASA engineer – we are battling the clock and we are simply not getting into the zone we have been in contact but not been able to hook em however we aren’t giving up We only have one halibut on the list as we lost the other one yesterday So we are noe going all in to get two halibuts asap and fill the list rigging a baitfish, and Asgeir is using a shad testing two different techniques aiming for the prize! Using smaller shads, and throwing em before I et em sink thus fishing a larger area When the tide is coming, I start fishing more vertically Got a reading on the sonar. A halibut rising from the bottom, hunting for prey We are drifting that direction Right specie – look at the shakes A small one tough Have to use the break when he turns Here he is Right specie! Yeah but small Gaff it?
Or hand? Don’t pull to hard Easy now.
Don’t raise it above the sea line Go for it One more time
Ready… Let me turn him Small but it’s valuable centimeters! 64 appreciated cm! Good bye Queen of the sea. Go back and grow bigger Filled the roster on cusk Still one plaice short – as we failed getting it this morning Tried a few locations Failed at the two targets we had a big cod and a big halibut Been awfully slow the entire day tbh Gotten a lot of other species and smaller fish Pollock, redfish etc
But they ain’t in the competition So we’ve come back to the plaice spot from this morning Increased wind
Tide is coming Hopefully there is more action in the flounders now. We are aiming for one upgrade Do you belive it has red dots? I certainly hope so! At least that would give us a full list Indeed – we definitely need one on the list It’s a flounder of some sort Yes! It’s a plaice! Great! Ah – finally! Holy f*** No trophy fish but well needed centimeters we really needed to get that 3. fish to fill the list 39 cm Smallest catch of the day – but it gives us that full roster. Awesome! It’s a typical competition ending Everything relies on ONE single fish Thats the name of the game One hour left.
That’s one hour with the shakes… Imagine the feeling when we get that strike! Exactly like what’s happening now? NOW! Yes! Easy easy!
I want to hook her hard Steady pressure Hol* mo** such power! *laughs* Insane! Got a full roster only missing wolf fish To be honest
It was a lousy day %$#”# But that’s fishing No action on this last cast either That was it Nonetheless
We can all agree it have been a nice day on the water *grin* That’s it Jarle. End of day 2. And we have to head back But I’m so excited to see what the other teams have managed to land Indeed, as I feel we haven’t had the best of days At least not as we planned It can have been a rough day for all teams as we have had it today It’s almost the end of Battle Of Arctic Personally I find this as an amazing concept from start to finish I hope you at home also have enjoyed this with action and tips & tricks As a fishing shop we couldn’t be happier and I’m so proud of the boys we have had in the team making this a a journey of a life time The friendship, the teams we are facing social and friendly atmosphere discussions and debates.
Learning so much from each other so many highly skilled fishermen from Abu, Westin and Rapala That’s it! The last cast in Battle Og Arctic Season 1 is done, and the competition has ended.. An exciting but frustrating day for several of the teams Simple species turned out o not be as easy as expected and hard target species was hauled in surplus in a couple of the boats Here are the catches for the two days combined. Rapala kept the distance on cusk and won with 222 cm, giving them 4 points. ABU found the cusk and got some nice catches, gaining important cm a reward of 3 points. A few cm shy was Team Westin with 196 cm Team Abu proved once again their saltwater skills, caught the largest plaice of the competition 52 cm, and secured plaice and 4 points. to Rapla/Storm 133cm and 3 points. Just ahead of Villmarksbutikken 132 cm Westing caught many sand flounders and halibuts, but missed the centimeters needed for plaice The Cod list was won by Team Rapala/Storm, giving them 4 very important points followed by Team Abu and Villmarksbutikken while Westin didn’t get that last big upgrade they where chasing The only team that got wolf fish was Team Abu, and it was a real fine catch! Caught while fishing for hungry plaice and then finally the halibut results As we saw. Team Rapala got their very last strike in the hunt for halibut potentially a Grand Slam specie as they have a cod 131 cm a plaice at 50 cm They need a halibut at 125 cm or bigger Unfortunately the last catch was a halibut on 82 cm and the Grand Slam slipped out of their hands King of Halibut was Team Westin 294 cm! 2 place Team Rapala gaining 3 points Team Abu getting 2 points for 154 cm Total species points for this destination is; 15 points to Abu Garcia 17 points to Rapala/Storm 9 points to Villmarksbutikken and 12 points to Team Westin And the final result for Battle Of Arctic Season 1 is; 4th. place.
Team Westin 6 points 3. place
Team Abu 7 points 2. place
Team Rapala/Storm 8 points 1. place and Winners
Team Villmarksbutikken Led by Captain Oddvar Henriksen
Congratulations! Thank you all for your feedback and engagement, and for you watching these 6 episodes We wish you a fantastic 2019!
Skitt Fische The series is produced in collaboration with Skitt Fiske and all products used in the series is easily found on the landing page Subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn on notifications Thank you for watching! 3>

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