Banff National Park – A Wild Year

Banff National Park – A Wild Year

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85 thoughts on “Banff National Park – A Wild Year

  1. I found it appropriate that you would upload this on the summer solstice, since it is rather magical. 🙂

  2. It's amazing to see the diversity of wildlife that comes through that one spot. It's also be a bit scary to see so many cougars(?) and bears! Before I go there, I'll definitely want to learn about what to do if I see one!

  3. So that's why I don't hike in the mountains – huge brown bears and cougars. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. What an incredible idea for an incredible video! No one would ever guess there'd be that much "traffic" in one stationary location over the course of a year. I'd sure give this a 5-Star Plus rating!

  5. I am sad for whomever put that dislike up there. Anybody disliking our planet or the uniqueness of life probably does not think deeply enough into the awesomeness of the chance we have to be consciously aware of the fact that we are alive and can contemplate on it. Life awesome.

  6. @thinkofwhy
    because everywhere, at all times there are brown bears and cougars waiting for you to walk out of the parking lot….

  7. This is such an awesome video! That's a very busy spot and you all have lots of species up there. Are those black wolves I saw??

  8. @DrSaxxy Thank you. You are correct! We changed the video description but can't change the text in the video.

  9. I LOVE this!! It warmed my heart to see all the animals living their lives without us. I prefer watching it in silence, the electronic music imposes our technological world on the wilderness.

  10. did that black bear just take a dear head in its mouth. the small thing all the birds were eatting looks like a dears head …

  11. Lol…kind of interesting, the bears hunch along, the deer cautiously precede, the cougar stops for a nice statuesque silhouette in the dark , the elk -dignified- poses, and the mountain goats just look cute…ALL THE PEOPLE LOOK INTO THE CAMCORDER AND ACT LIKE THEY'VE DISCOVERED THE MOON HA HA HA. B

  12. I cant get over this video, It shows the real beauty of our country and especially Alberta, Just the thought of being only being 2 and a half hours away from Banff makes me happy, This upcoming year I should be able to trek out that way more often and explore the beauty that is out there!

  13. Great work guys. The time compression is a nice effect. Try some cameras with video if you haven't already. Allows more study of behaviors.

  14. Wow, incredible the number of species! And someone asks, "What's your chance of meeting an animal on a hike?" 🙂 Love to know where this is.

  15. I counted 13 species: bighorn sheep, mule deer, wapiti/elk, cougar, black bear, weasel, raven, mountain goat, grizzly, wolf, horse, moose and of course human. There may have been a wolverine on the one frame but it was blurry and hard to tell, might have been a small black bear. Suprised there wasn't a coyote or fox in all those shots.

  16. I was so crazy back in the 80's… going out on day hikes with a small packsac and maybe a small pocket knife (lol).  It's sounds a little funny now but i could have been in deep trouble, just sayin.  But my memories are still vividly awesome

  17. On the video player, click the gear icon, then change the speed to 0.25. Much more enjoyable as you can actually see the animals.

  18. What camera was used? I want to get a camera just like this one and take my own Wildlife pictures/videos. Thank you for this video.

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