Why are you naked? Texas! I’m on a diet. Today is our actual fourth of July. You guys went up a hill? I’m making a fourth of July gun. I’m making a red, white, and blue twisty and then I’m gonna wrap it up and turn it into like a ball And use this To make like a snail His name is Alabama. Say Alabama. Alabama. His name is Alaska. Alaska. Arizona. Texas! Yeah! Austin! Austin, Texas. Finishing touches What up fan basic, happy fourth of July, so today is our actual fourth of July We celebrated a little bit early a few days ago. We had the local fireworks show going on So now we’re really celebrating it here at Tristan’s place. You guys remember Tristan our neighbor. This is his property out here, it’s beautiful. Soon as we got here Abram wanted to hop on here. He’s like can I ask him to take me for a ride. That thing is awesome. He’s gonna jump out the window. Whoa! Why are you naked? Because I got naked. First I’m just getting my shirt on, then I’ll just get my goggles on, and then you can put my floaty on. Okay. I got my goggles on and are these the right feet sir. You suddenly can’t see or what? Daddy come on. I gotta put my shorts on and then I’ll come in with you 1, 2, 3 That was awesome! You missed it! No, I saw you. Lies! Did you see me run from way over there? Yeah. Excuse me, are you all done swimming? Yes. I’m on a diet. While you’re eating a cupcake? That was his answer to have you ever had a s’more. I’m on a diet, too. Otherwise, I’d eat it, so. How many of these can I have? Wait is this still recording? Oh, shoot! I didn’t just eat that guys. Alright here we go guys, firework time. Make me get out of this chair. Oh gosh! Look. How many fish do you think that killed? What if we saw a bunch of fish float up to the top. God bless America! Ethan out there with the kids it’s really sweet, gonna scare the crap out of them now. We scared you guys really bad. You should have seen the look on your face. That was good dude we got them good. High five. Alright guys if this doesn’t scare them, I don’t know what will Oh great, they’re are enjoying it that’s supposed to scare you! Symphony do you wanna hold the fountain. Definitely not! Bro just kidding. I can’t believe he actually did it. Mommy what’s gonna be tomorrow? Like is it gonna be my birthday, Abram’s birthday, Christmas? What is it gonna be? Easter. It’s gonna be Easter! Some kid of national day, gotta be tomorrow. You guys look on your phone and see! Tomorrow is national apple turnover day national bikini day and national graham-cracker day July 5th. I want to do National apple turnover day. Abram, what do you want to do? Bikini. You want to do national bikini day? We don’t wear bikini’s Babe? I guess I’ll do it with Abram I don’t wanna be alone in a bikini. What’s a bikini? She loves the fireworks. Alright guys let’s get to comment of the day and it comes from the video where I blew up the firecrackers in the pool and it goes to TheDoctors Whovian. This wasn’t one of the smartest ideas, Sam but then again, It’s Sam so why am I not surprised? Wait, was that supposed to be an insult? Question of the day. What is your favorite national day of the year? All right guys, don’t forget We love you and remember to love each other. See you tomorrow. Don’t forget to subscribe Punch that notification bell! Like, share tell your friends Tell your mom and dad and when you go to the Apple store Make sure you play Sam and Nia on computers and everything and the iPads and everything What else did I say here? Like don’t forget to like this video Jules let me hear you go beep beep. Beep, beep. Let me get a toot, toot. Toot, toot. What? Toot, toot.

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