Australian wildfires blamed for at least 17 deaths

Australian wildfires blamed for at least 17 deaths

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  1. Look up The CLARA Plan. 'Consolidated Land and Rail Australia'. New Smart cities and high speed railways. This is a privately owned plan. This is a land grab for this project. Also, Diane Feinstein's husband won the bid to build the High Speed Railway; he failed so far; but they will continue to try to get this done. The Railway will go up CA, around and come down through China and down to Australia. The people in Australia have to wake up to this and begin fighting it.

  2. Yeh…because the dumb beer swillers wont burn off in the winter. Then they get wild fires. Happens EVERY ten years…on cue. And everyone crys. They put you in jail if you burn off around your property and remove trees. Those that did it last time saved their houses. This is a manufactured intentional process.

  3. This is what happens when you reject God's message of holiness and you reject God's messenger the Apostle Gino Jennings, they didn't allow the man of God to come to Australia and preach!

  4. Fire Trucks do not MELT, idiot! Here in CA we had DEW weapons directed at houses and cars…. that caused the melting of car parts and houses burning to ashes. Those "Military" Tests or "Resettling" Tasks of the globalists are simply EVIL.

  5. this is were an aircraft carrier battle group would be very helpful i hope we have one close enough to help.

  6. These fires are deliberate chemtrails spraying Aluminum, Barium, and Sulphur the ingredients for fireworks. Private Dams stopping the aquifers and river systems no back burning for years. This is deliberate and this Australian Government is toast.


  8. Heatwave be damned! Our failure to conduct appropriate burning to reduce fuel loads and arsonists responsible for a percentage of the fires lit. Questions to be raised in parliament once this tragedy has been secured. The climate alarmist narrative has been outrageous!

  9. Where are they getting 17 from? as of 1 hour ago it was 8 confirmed dead and 28 unaccounted for. Maybe it is 17, but I'd like to know where they're getting their figures?

  10. When the corrupt Democrats and deep state are overwhelmed by exposer they create wild fires and shootings to divert attention

  11. The comments are absolutely moronic(arsenists, liberals, etc…), clearly Fox News brainwashed idiots…
    40-45C(104-113F) for 3 months over Australia(that’s almost the size of US) – just imagine 113F over the entire US for 3 months… And this is expected to continue for the next 3 months.

  12. Three firefighters have died from fire truck roll overs. This has happened before. Mandatory roll bars for these trucks.

  13. RECENT UPDATE:(480 Million Animals due to the drought, bush fires and Heat have died in Australia since September, this information is from an ecologist from Sydney University but, it will be sometime before more accurate information can be known.

  14. I feel so sorry for all the hundreds of thousands of animals that have perished in the flames.
    As for human losses, well, we arent going extinct any time soon, so who cares.

  15. Let me tell this to the Socialist and Liberal leaning Australians, is it the fault of Mr. Morrison that you didn't prepare for the bushfires by blocking the clearing of the extra load of dead branches? Whose fault is this?

  16. In the UK Guardian media, the Socialist and Liberals are all heroes and experts in fire and rescue by blaming Mr. Morrison and demanding him to resign.

  17. One person posted to forget the love and waffle, an attack to me. But I helped in the spirit of evacuation that almost all people now are in the road on the way to shelter and safety.

  18. I don't support any political agenda, my own concerns that the Australians in general can be in safe locations, love and support each other at the times of crisis.

  19. Hello, if you got your way and Mr. Morrison resign from his post, what will you do next? What kind of language will you use to communicate with the victims and for the people to take shelter? Will you scream and shout at them and blame them for not listening to you?

  20. Some real Men and Woman in Australia/ this prime minister sucks, get rid of him first chance you get. Its obvious they want him to let it to Burn.

  21. There are many stories of love in this bushfires, an Afghan family helped putting-out the fire in their neighbor's house, a young man putting-out the fire on his neighborhood, a bakery prepared rolls and breads for the evacuees, food trucks are availble and many more…

  22. A mother volunteered to stay and helped in the community, her son is safe with his father… where are you great Liberal stories about human compassion? You should be more encouraging and building the spirit of one-ness to keep each other safe?

  23. When a person is sick, he/she needs immediate help, this is the analogy of problem-solving, whatever caused this person to get sick is irrelevant at the moment. Are there other sick people, they must be treated immediately. This is the logic of love.

  24. I wouldn't shake CFA (country fire authority) hands either….those guys are useless firefighters .More like weekend warriors who make fires worse in some cases

  25. Heart breaking to watch the millenniares built cyborg robots tower building upon grave of WTC.

    Wow fires spread from califlornia chicken65 to australia. Australia great desert is catching up heat because of it's geographical location at the bottom of the earth. What has google earth done to Australia? Moved the equator on australia for catching suns direct-straight rays for skin tanning? 🤦🏻.

    There is a Islamic witch in Australia who is lighting up wildfires in association of super squad team who are green new deal and burns the timbers having plastic-fiber pads. What a squad🤯🤪🧚‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧞‍♀️🧞‍♂️🧘‍♀️🧝‍♀️🧛‍♀️

  26. There's already a mixture of hot and cold air in my place… if only moisture advection prevails and the cause of the pressure down rate…

  27. Please take extra precautionary measure, I don't know why I am sad… there's always a reason and I will find it later in the news. There's so much chaos in our world, I am still a human being that has to mind my own welfare. I empathize in your plight, it is so inconvenient and difficult to have nothing, rest assured that I have nothing too. My clothes are gifts, my bags are gifts. I bought two shorts to replace the worn shorts with holes. I bought a new pair of slippers after the old slippers had holes.

  28. I can't comment on Jakarta's flashflood, the danger had passed and their next action is cleaning-up, rebuilding and recovery from the losses and preparation for the next and near future event.

  29. Our publicly funded, billion dollar a year, taxpayer funded and very Left bias national broadcaster (ABC), hosted a panel discussion a couple of months ago during prime time.

    A feminist and based on 'her' appearance, someone who is left of Left, made a few comments…..
    The one that shook me and many others when reported by Sky News, was that 'We should burn the place down'.

    Direct action being called for and obviously unmistakable.
    A criticism of and a reaction to government then, for its apparent lack of action on climate change.

    Arsonists have been arrested with more to come.
    Would like to find out their real motivation ….. before execution.
    They deserve far more.

    Thanks to the US for all the support in sending your people across to help and those wonderful comments.

    My city is not near the fires yet, but has had smoke in the air for weeks now and was considered the worst globally only yesterday …. 20× the max recommended and high grade masks are in short supply locally and nationally.
    The fire season isn't over.
    Praying for rain.

  30. I have watched the video of fire twister, the scientist's modelling are off the track if they based their model on the wind direction, it is very clear the wind was rotating, thus the fire movement were everywhere and unpredictable… PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS PHENOMENA AND WHY?

  31. This is a fire storm and fire tornado phenomena with the scary sound that was heard by the people, there was lightning storm too.

  32. The heatwave caused this fire storm, when a heatwave occurs, this is a closed entropy of heat that can't converge with the cool wind.

  33. The scientists in Australia were lost in their analysis… the Greenies must not be trusted. I have read one article in ABC that the scientists were simply lost in their logical analysis and their computer simulation were as confused as themselves, their AI programmers are simply dumb that they're so scary, the Greenies cum Socialist-Liberals want to rule us.

  34. The atmospheric spraying of heavy metals is causing these fires to burn hotter than normal. Melting fire trucks? Com'on!

  35. Environmentalist policy caused this. They stopped letting farm cattle graze the forest once a year. Can we report on that? California did the same type of thing. Anyone shocked at the outcome?
    If you don't clear away underbrush, it builds and burns. Lesson learned yet?

  36. Years and Years of not spending money on fire breaks, and controlled fires by Government's Forest Management , is the blame, not high winds, or temperature.. Fort McMurray Alberta same story. Back in the early 90s Yellowstone National Park, burned, same story. We could see the smoke over head On USA, Canada border in Port Huron, Michigan. To blame the lack of decades of neglect on one newly formed government is a joke. People need to wake up. It takes decades of work to repair the Damage created by they Socialist idiots.

  37. Left wing land "management"…. Leave all the dead dry wood, all wood is precious…. Fire starts and burns all the dead AND live wood….

  38. It is bad like every year before, but the one point that the prime minister isn't open is to the environment in general, that is the point many on the liberal or green side point out.

  39. Dont worry Australia its just the chinese burning your country , wheres china with all their fire fighting equipment, making room for bases in your country because your leaders are on the take!

  40. While I’m sure many will appreciate the prayers, if you would like to help the victims, please think about donating to the red cross bushfire relief fund.
    Here in Australia, people are already organising supplies to give to the evacuees and firefighters, but after this is all done, thousands will still need support. Unfortunately, we’re not sure if it’ll come from government, but the community is trying its best.

  41. Project fear is in full effect down under.
    Crisis and fear are the friend of the state.
    These fires were caused by lefty policies that prohibited back burning in case it upset a few koalas. Now half the country is on fire and the left wing are blaming the climate change conspiracy

  42. Scott Morrison could recall history's claim that Nero Fiddled while Rome Burned. It's too late to save his political career or his personal reputation. He lost that opportunity months ago. It is not too late however for him to save lives. First he needs to stop saying 'I don't take this criticism personally". Until he accepts he has failed in his fiduciary duty he fails to take responsibility. (= has no ability-to-respond). He could seek to hire additional water planes from oversees, supply and support additional ground crews, pay volunteer firefighters, mobilize the armed forces personnel, support and supply animal refuge and rescue personnel, throw some resources at these fires etc etc. But I don't think he will. I don't think the fires are real to him. He just doesn't understand what is happening. He's immobilized, not with fear of the magnitude of the national disaster (because he just doesn't see or feel that) but political conceit. It's why he failed and continues to fail to understand the pregnant woman or firefighters who refused to shake his hand, its why he said, it's them, not me, Fires are a state responsibility not a federal one.

    In America's time of greatest need our PM John Howard was the first national leader in-country and he stepped-up-to-the plate and said, " whatever you need, whenever you need it, we're here for you, we've got your back." In Australia's time of greatest need our own prime minister has said, I'm on holiday with my family I can't disappoint them, and to hecklers, It's you not me, and to past fire chiefs, your opinion is of no account to me now, and to his critics, I'm trying to be sincere and It will last for months until we get good rains, watch the cricket and you'll feel better, and to reporters and the public who are asking if he's organizing more resources and overseas help its a yes! and to what specifically? it's an , I don't know yet. The USA and Canada are already using their own initiative and have sent in volunteer firefighters. And our PM ? He has shown himself over the past 4 months to be, not just absent, not just confused, not just ineffective but, in the face of adversity, a self-serving coward. Let's hope he takes that criticism personally and pulls his head out of the sand..or rather ash.

  43. The hot smoke from fires can generate thunderstorms as the water vapor cools and condenses on the combustion debris. The lightning starts new fires when it strikes the parched bush.
    Also, the people fleeing the fires are climate refugees.

  44. It is hell here. Pray for us. Lives and homes are being lost every day. It was 117F today and the smoke makes it look and smell like the hell these fires are.

  45. California has wildfires 2 yrs in a row. And now this? Prayers.for all of Australia. … someone is committing arson. Lord help🙏

  46. Let’s keep polluting our planet. Global warming is a hoax made by democrats to take our money. Candace Owens told me so and you know she has an Einstein like IQ.

  47. Just heard the sad news that like a half billion animals in Australia may have been killed from this devistating fire. MAY GOD BLESS AUSTRALIA.🙏

  48. Hard to imagine that an area twice the size of my home state of Connecticut was already destroyed by the Friday this report was made. Lord have mercy, and bring the rainy season early this year in the Wonderfully Beautiful and all Powerful name of Jesus!!!

  49. I feel sorry for the poor animals ! Yet it's strange that this is a annual summer fire season outbreak – the air is dry static slight breeze ignites it these regions of Australia [ The outback ] why no canals criss crossing it ? allow the ocean to isolate parts & firefighters can take water from those sources , it could also be used for cargo trade not that much lies lower than Australia but N.Z however take the cost to the country & the environment & it seems cheaper in the long run to have these canals cut could also regreen the outback. Obviously not a solution for now but add to this the burning of the Amazon forests & we can see bleak days ahead wrt Climate change, throw in a few volcanoes ready to explode + our human contribution & you got a tinderbox. I just don't get it – part of the function of Governments that run countries which have vital global elements need to understand that via the UN a global fund to aid these countries should be setup & projects to ensure we don't reach these catastrophic levels again. The impact is across the world – last time an ice age happened was when a massive volcano erupted in the Indian ocean , it's " thumbprint" ash has been found as far as alaska. Governments of nations can't fight these levels of disaster's alone – we watch on TV & feel for all of the life impacted & yet we are powerless because of Bureaucratic egos ! @ moments like these I question the role Governments play in the world !

  50. So many people in the comment section sending 'thoughts and prayers'. Why not actually do something productive like send their relief charities some money? Your invisible friend doesn't exist. We are on our own here.

  51. These fires are horrific. It has to be one of the worst natural disasters we have suffered this century…
    1. It was preventable. The "greens" and bob carr closed all the national parks. No back burning allowed .lots of fuel on the ground. The bleeding heart nature greenies caused this because of lack of proper park management!!!

    2. USA,our ally ,will send firefighters to help us…its a token gesture but a heartfelt one!!!

    3. Where are all the countries like indonesia,japan,thailand etc that we sent millions to in their recent natural disasters….??? Not even one sound of condolence from indonesia!!! Not one!

    4. Scott morrison is a good PM, these fires just took off…how disgusting is the ALP (australian labour party- progressives) for not being partisan and using this tragedy to destabilize government. Traveling to hawaii ,not a good move though. 80% of fires started are arson. The rest ,lightning strikes etc.

    5. Could this be a kind of warfare like cyber crime. Its difficult to retaliate against an enemy you cant see

  52. so much ignorance and blatant stupidity on this comments thread. just some simple facts for you lot;

    1. most fires are not deliberately started but are ignited by climatic conditions, such as lightning storms and hot winds combined with years of drought and dry fuel loads.

    2. leaders including the Morrison government are responsible for decades of under-funding firefighters, mismanagement of water supplies and propping up the coal industry instead of heading the advice of experts who predicted these events.

    3. firefighters are literally socialist organizations set up by the collective community to protect the environment in which we all live in. when conservatives cut funding they cannot keep up with the back burning etc that needs to be done. they need resources. not thoughts and prayers.

  53. Idiots think these fires are real lmao. These fires are just CGI and the "victims" are actors trying to stir up support for the climate change hoax.

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