ASOIAF: Jon Snow (Complete – Spoilers!)

ASOIAF: Jon Snow (Complete – Spoilers!)

Two decades before the War of the Five Kings,
Lyanna Stark daughter of the Lord of Winterfell, and the betrothed of the Lord of the Stormlands,
disappeared, supposedly kidnapped by Rhaegar Targaryen heir to the mad King Aerys II. Tensions rose throughout the Seven Kingdoms
but in 282 AC, after the king tortured and murdered Lord Rickard Stark and his heir Brandon,
war erupted, with Houses Baratheon, Stark, Arryn and later Tully raising their banners
in rebellion. The war led to the death of thousands, culminating
in the Battle of the Trident in 283 AC where Robert Baratheon killed Rhaegar Targaryen,
and the rebel army defeated loyalist forces. With the war all but over, Lord Eddard Stark,
led a small party to Dorne searching for the Tower of Joy, where he hoped to find his sister
Lyanna. After engaging in battle with the 3 kingsguard,
all were dead save Eddard and his companion Howland Reed. Ned then ran up the steps to find his sister
Lyanna dying in pool of blood. Although she was very weak, she spoke some
final words asking him to make a promise before passing away. Sometime later, Ned returned North with the
body of Lyanna, accompanied by Howland Reed and a baby boy named Jon Snow, who he claimed
was his bastard son, while refusing to speak further on the issue. Some came to believe Jon’s mother was a
Dornish wet nurse named Wylla, while others believed the mother was perhaps Ashara Dayne,
who Ned was rumored to have been involved with in his youth. There are those however who claim the truth
is more complex than previously imagined. Although all of Westeros believes Jon Snow
to be the illegitimate son of Eddard Stark, it is possible the Lord of Winterfell may
have misled everyone about the boys parentage, in order to respect the promise made to his
sister Lyanna on her deathbed. This theory states that the boy was fathered
by Rhaegar, and Lyanna, knowing that Robert might have the child killed for his Targaryen
blood, asked Ned never reveal the child’s true origins. This would mean that Jon Snow is really the
child of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, who may also have been married beforehand,
creating an argument that Jon may have a stronger claim to the iron throne than Daenerys Targaryen,
who would be his aunt, a younger sister of his father Rhaegar. Despite the many questions surrounding his
birth, Jon Snow was raised as a son of Ned Stark, brought up in Winterfell alongside
his true born siblings, tutored by a Maester and trained to fight by the Master-at-Arms,
becoming an expert swordsmen. Jon grew to be a kind and graceful young man,
with a lean body and long face, as well as dark brown hair and grey eyes, inheriting
many Stark characteristics. He was also observant, quiet and reserved
always feeling like an outsider because of his illegitimate status. Though he was close to his half brother and
best friend Robb as well as his younger half sister Arya, he had no inheritance rights
and no real prospects. In addition his step-mother Catelyn Stark
despised the boy, seeing him as constant reminder of her husband’s infidelity. So as Jon grew into a young man he resolved
to go North and join the Night’s Watch, where the manner of his birth would be of
no consequence. It may be possible, that Eddard Stark had
a plan for the boy, which involved resettling long abandoned fortresses in the New Gift,
where Jon could go and rule as Lord of his own Holdfast, but the end of a long summer
and the harsh winter approaching laid waste to his plans, eliminating that possibility. At the age of 14, while accompanying his father
and brothers they encountered a litter of 5 Direwolf Pups, which jon pointed out may
have been meant for their family, as Eddard Stark had 5 legitimate children. Lord Stark agreed and when they discovered
a 6th albino Direwolf, it was given to Jon, before returning to winterfell. He grew close to the animal, naming him Ghost,
and over time creating a deep connection that awakened an ability to warg, and through this
mysterious power able to see through the eyes of his direwolf while he slept. When King Robert Baratheon travelled North
to visit his old friend Ned Stark in Winterfell after the death of hand of the king Jon Arryn,
a great feast was held in his honor. Attending the event was Eddard’s younger
brother Benjen Stark, a well known ranger of the night’s watch. Jon spoke to his uncle about joining the brotherhood,
and Benjen agreed to help convince his father, speaking to Maester Luwin, who then spoke
to Eddard Stark, convincing him the Night’s Watch was a reasonable option, given that
Lord Stark would soon be travelling south to serve as the new Hand of the King. And therefore could not protect the boy from
Catelyn who would banish him from the fortress. And so it was decided Jon would travel with
his uncle north to the wall. During the King’s visit to Winterfell, his
half brother Bran fell from a tower nearly dying, and had not regained consciousness
by the time of everyone’s departure. And so Jon could not say a proper goodbye,
instead merely visiting him one last time before leaving. He then said goodbye to Robb and gifted a
finely crafted lightweight sword to his half sister arya, who named it needle. After saying a final Farewell to his father,
Jon Snow travelled North, alongside his direwolf, uncle and a party of recruits. Also joining them was Tyrion Lannister, the
younger brother of the queen who wanted to see the legendary northern wall with his own
eyes before returning south. As a dwarf Tyrion was often the target of
ridicule, but he in fact was brilliant and read many books to train his mind so it might
compensate for his physical limitations. However it was also Tyrion who revealed to
Jon the harsh truth about the Night’s watch. Which combined with sorry state of the recruits,
led Jon to grow disillusioned. Jon has believed the ancient order to be a
place of honorable warriors who guarded the realm from White Walkers and wildlings. But the Night’s Watch of the his time was
a den of misfits and criminal, most joining to avoid a death sentence. Nevertheless Jon did his duty, at first having
difficulty fitting in with his peers, but eventually helping to train his fellow recruits,
gaining their respect and friendship. He became closest to Samwell Tarley, an overweight
young man of great intelligence but no skills as a warrior. And so to ensure Sam did not die in training,
he spoke to Maester Aemon of castle black, convincing him to name Samwell his steward,
where his intelligence might be put to proper use. As a result, Sam was accepted into the watch,
and said his vows alongside Jon Snow at the weirwood tree beyond the wall. For a time Jon was upset that he too had been
named a Steward, serving directly under Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, believing that he
should be a ranger like his uncle. But Sam soon explained to him that Jeor wanted
Jon close by to groom him for a position of leadership. After Ghost discovered the dead bodies of
2 rangers beyond the wall, they were brought in to castle black where Jon learned that
the King has died and his father Eddard was arrested. When he overheard Ser Alliser Thorne mocking
Lord Stark Jon lost control and attacked him with a dagger. Fortunately the fight was broken up before
anyone was injured so he avoided serious consequence. That night, the bodies they recovered rose
from the dead killing several of the brothers and attacking Lord Commander Mormont, who
survived thanks to Jon Snow and his direwolf. To thank the Jon for his actions Jeor Mormont
gifted him the Valyrian Steel sword Longclaw, which had been in his family for centuries. When Jon learned that Robb Stark was marching
south with an army to free their father, Jon considered abandoning the Watch to join his
brother. Even leaving in the middle of the night, only
to be chased down by Samwell and his friends who convince him to return. Jon then accompanied Lord Commander Mormont
and a host of rangers travelling north to investigate rumors of strange occurrences,
such as white walker sightings and rumors of a great wildling army forming under a king
beyond the wall. When they arrived at the Fist of the First
Men, Ghost discovered a number of dragonglass daggers alongside a war horn wrapped in an
old night’s watch cloak. Jon distributed the weapons amongst the men,
before leaving with Qhorin Halfhand on a scouting mission to confirm the location of the Wildlings. During the journey, they encounter a group
of wildlings, killing all save a girl named Ygritte who Jon spares. During her captivity she told Jon the story
of Bael the Bard, a wildling of legend who snuck into Winterfell and impregnated the
Lord’s daughter. And so if the story is true, it means the
Stark line had some wildling blood. When Jon is ordered to kill her, he instead
lets her go, and so Ygritte mentions that Mance Rayder the King beyond the wall would
accept Jon as a wildling if he ever decides to leave the Watch. This is later put to the test, when the brothers
are attacked by a group of wildlings on their way back to camp, losing all but Qhorin Halfhand
and Jon Snow who are captured. The man Stonesnake also managed to survive
the attack, climbing up a treacherous mountain into areas no one was willing to follow. Qhorin ordered Jon to feign defection and
then return to Castle Black whenever possible, and even allowed Jon to kill him, in order
to prove his loyalty to the wildlings. After spending time with Mance Rayder he became
impressed by the King beyond the wall, and fell in love with Ygritte, breaking his vows
of chastity. He then joined a party of warriors sent to
scale the wall in order to attack castle black from the other side. However when they neared Queenscrown, they
were attacked by the direwolf summer, creating a distraction Jon used as an opportunity to
abandon them and return to Castle Black. However he was struck in the leg by an arrow
as he departed and barely survived the journey back. Once Jon Snow arrived at Castle Black he told
all he’d learned to Donal Noye, who’d taken command of the watch after the an undead
army wiped out much of their forces beyond the wall, and a mutiny at Craster’s Keep
which left Jeor Mormont and many others dead. Jon then learned that his Bran and Rickon
stark had been killed by the traitor Theon Greyjoy in Winterfell. And while Theon had actually killed 2 other
boys, Jon believed his brothers were dead. Devastated, Jon has no choice but to continue
on, helping his people defend the wall from Wildling attack. Jon was even left in command of their forces
when Donal Noye led a party to defend the gate, sacrificing themselves to kill the giant
mag mar tun doh weg. The Night’s Watch emerged victorious in
the battle of castle black but at a cost of many lives, including Ygritte who died in
Jon’s arms, Yet despite all of Jon Snow’s accomplishments,
most of his allies at the Watch were now dead. And so when Alliser Thorne returned from his
trip South with Janos Slynt and a number of recruits, they had Jon arrested. Claiming he’d betrayed them by joining the
Wildlings and killing Qhorin Halfhand. However given Jon’s popularity with even
Maester Aemon speaking on his behalf execution was not an option, so after some time in an
ice cell, Jon was sent on a suicide mission beyond the wall to prove his loyalty, where
he was ordered to call a meeting with the wildlings and assassinate Mance Rayder. During their conversation, Mance offered to
give the Watch the legendary horn of winter, which he claimed had the power to destroy
the wall, in exchange for allowing them passage into the south to escape the approaching white
walkers. Yet while they were speaking, King Stannis
Baratheon arrived in the North, following his defeat at the Battle of Blackwater Bay. Having lost most of his army in the War of
the Five Kings in the south, he now focused his attention on the North, hoping to gain
legitimacy and a base of power by saving the Night’s Watch from the invading Wildling
army. The undisciplined wildling warriors quickly
broke when faced with an organized cavalry force, and so Mance was arrested, while Jon
Snow returned to Castle Black and given an offer by Stannis. In exchange for bending the knee to the one
true king of westeros, Jon would be named a legitimate son of Eddard Stark, and given
the Lordship of Winterfell when they took it back from the Boltons. Jon was greatly tempted by this offer but
ultimately refused to abandon his vows and stayed at the wall. Further, thanks to the political maneuvering
of Samwell Tarly, Jon Snow was elected 998th Lord Commander of the Night Watch, chosen
as a compromise candidate by rival factions. Although Lord Commander Snow was grateful
to Stannis for his help, allowing him to remain at the wall for a time to house his men, Jon
refused to commit fully to Stannis, claiming the Night’s Watch must continue to remain
neutral in the wars of the south. He does however offer some personal advice,
telling Stannis to seek support amongst the mountain clans of the North, who had great
respect for Eddard Stark and would be honored by a visit from a king. Fearing the plans of the king’s red priestess
Melisandre, Jon sent all those with kingsblood away, with Maester Aemon and Mance Rayder’s
newborn baby travelling south to Old Town alongside Samwell Tarley and the wildling
girl Gilly. However Jon worked with Melisandre to hide
the identity of Mance who they sent on a secret mission south to rescue Arya Stark who was
rumored to be at winterfell. However in truth the girl was Jeyne Poole,
an old friend of Sansa who was posing as Arya. In order to keep this secret, they burned
the wildling Rattleshirt while he was glamoured to look like Mance Rayder. In the south rumors about Jon Snow made their
way to the capital. Before the death of Robb Stark at the Red
Wedding, he named Jon his heir, but having been killed soon after, few ever learned of
this decision. In King’s Landing, Cersei Lannister and
her people devised a plan to send 100 infiltrators to the Night’s Watch to assassinate Jon
Snow, but her plans fell apart before she could even begin. In the north Jon took bold actions to prepare
for Winter and the coming war. He recruited Wildlings into the Watch, appointing
some to positions of authority gaining their trust. He also began repairs on ruined castles, sending
men to man the wall in as many areas as possible, organized supply routes, negotiated a loan
with the Iron Bank, and sent a party to Hardhome, to gather the remaining Wildlings and bring
as many as possible to the Wall. Though many of these actions were wise and
forward thinking, the Men of the Watch grew uneasy with his leadership. And while some remain loyal, many begin to
question his decisions. When Janos Slynt refused an order, Jon Snow
executed him personally, remembering his father’s words that the man who passes the sentence
must swing the sword. Later when Lady Alys Karstark came to the
wall seeking refuge from a forced marriage to her uncle, Jon arranged a marriage to sigorn,
magnar of the thenn, creating a new noble family in House Thenn. However everything fell apart, when Jon received
the a letter claiming to have come from Ramsy Bolton, stating that Stannis was defeated
and Mance Rayder was dead. He then demanded Jon’s fealty while also
insulting him and calling him a bastard. Although the authorship of the letter was
not verified, Jon Snow was convinced he must act, declared to all that he was leave the
Watch with a volunteer army of Brothers and Free Folk, to march against the Bolton and
retake Winterfell. This however was a clear violation of their
vows, leaving many to turn against their Lord commander. Later that night, Jon heard screaming and
ran to see the giant Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun killing Ser Patrek of Kings Mountain, seeing the star
of his sigil hanging above, covered in blood. Bowen Marsh, who had been Jon’s friend and
adviser, then led a group of brothers to use this distraction to their advantage, whispering
“for the watch” as they stabbed him with their daggers. Left to die in a pool of his own blood, Jon’s
last word before losing consciousness, was “Ghost”, in reference to his direwolf.

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