100 thoughts on “Ari Fleischer gives Bloomberg these debate tips

  1. At this point even a chimney sweep can give Bloomberg debate tips. I've also got a tip for him – buy all your employees health insurance and you will actually make a difference instead of embarrassing yourself further.

  2. debates are just pointless entertainment. Democrats dont care about facts. They think winning a debate is having the best one liners and insults even if they are completely wrong.

  3. Noseberg's biggest problem is that he's physically repulsed by being in proximity to people he doesn't actually own.

  4. He can't do better because he thinks all this is beneath him and two….he is has no personality so he will never do well on stage

  5. "He's not showing courage he says". Well, isn't that an ambiguous sentence. Who the hell is the Fox News presenter talking about? Why do so many commentators and public figures in the U.S., including President Trump and even his so-called hot dog lawyers, constantly over-use pronouns when they speak. Language needs to be precise and direct for emphasis and clarity. STOP USING SO MANY PRONOUNS!!!!

  6. Ari = this show was true about the debated. Bloomberg = dry and unfunny & Karma leaves him a dry mummy character. The pages of history beside his name will be "out of touch" or "out of time".

  7. Bloomberg just goes to show… MONEY CAN'T BUY EVERYTHING. He looked like 'Mike the Dunce' and then a deer in the headlights when Lyin' Liz took him on about Non-disclosure Agreements… Don't you sign an NDS when you are hired, like before your boss treats you like crap? And aren't they usually to protect the secrets of a company and not the assaults of an owner or boss after he abuses an employee.

  8. You pathetic trump shills will only learn when trump loses the election you were had by dirty corrupt sociopath donnie..👏👏👏👏👏

  9. There is a difference in having billions and loving your country and it’s people and being a billionaire and just loving money and listening to your own voice and Our President loves this country and it’s people and Bloomberg loves his money and hearing his own voice. Bloomberg will work on what makes him richer and more powerful His words and descriptions of what he has done in the past prove this.

  10. Only way Bloomberg has a shot is to lie like the rest and offer free benefits.
    Remember this is the Democrat nomination we are talking about.

  11. This was the 1st time I have watched because of Bloomberg, I thought it was quite entertaining, down right funny, Bloomberg had the deer in headlight look and answers, and the rest reminded me of a bunch of junior high students with no direction of what to do next but gang up on the new rich kid, they weren’t sure why, but were told to do so and they did, a lot of fighting and bickering with no real direction, similar to a Chinese fire drill , poor joe wasn’t sure where he was at for sure, won’t watch another but still sadly entertaining just the same…

  12. From the little I watched, Bloomberg came off as an old dithering, arrogant elitist rich-man. Like he really expected his money to protect him from the sharks. Boy did he get a wake-up. He reminded me of Biden, actually – they should be sitting on their porches i n rocking chairs reminiscing about their great past – and leave it (the past) there. Bernie and Warren are both unhinged IMO. The idea of a Bernie/Warren VP ticket delights me. Trump will eat them for lunch.

  13. Ari 'WMD' Fleisher… another Neocon criminal recycled into polical hack, didn't a share of the Bloomberg campaign cake. When will Fox News drain its swamp ?

  14. You better get the FBI right now on the IOWA CAUCUS mysterious who knows what, because the DEMOCRATS are screaming through alleged intelligence report's the RUSSIANS are interfering in the elections, if the DEMOCRATS don't let the FBI investigate,

  15. He cannot bounce back without DNC help. He is a fish (elitist) out of water. "I say frog, you jump!". He is, uinfortunately for the Dem's, what you see…all the time.

  16. He does not need to anything but show up at the brokered convention with a suitcase full of 💶💷💰💳💸💵💴💎

  17. I’m happy for Bloomberg making so much money but he can do so much good with giving his money away on a small local level. He says he’s giving it away, well when? He has $50billion. I don’t get it. My local non profit would go crazy if we had a $10,000 donation. To Bloomberg that’s like giving change to a homeless man.

  18. If you've ever had any doubts about the DNC….when they allow a guy to buy the nomination should be all you need to take a right and not a left when you vote.

  19. Bitchute –

  20. My Advice To All Of Them Running Against President TRump Is, Quit While You're All Ahead. You're Not Going To Beat "The Donald". ken james Can K M A.

  21. Bloomberg's best moment in the debate was when he called out Bolshevik Bernie for owning three homes while claiming to be a socialist.

  22. My Advice To The Dimwitocrats Is To Quit While You're All Thinking You're Ahead. Whoever Is Flagging Me, Give It Up Pal.

  23. So given the lacking ability to preform is probably based on a consistent attitude issue, this is nothing, what kind of pride ride are we actually looking at if bloomberg is faced with the reality of running a coumtry

  24. So tired of John Roberts putting out Leftist ideas in his reporting. He does it in a covert unassuming way. But if you consistently listen to his reporting you can see a pattern of him trying to undermine President Trump and all of US that support the President. John Roberts is a danger to the RIGHT. I urge all of you to listen and understand just what John Roberts is. He is FAKE NEWS and THE ENEMY OF FREE PEOPLE.



  27. He’s at least the only one to say “this is ridiculous ~ we are not leaving capitalism.” That may be the only sound bite that will hold him to the dem, not the loony leftist Dems but the old Dems

  28. I actually enjoyed Bloomberg's answer's. It was funny when he said you wrote the tax law's. And Bernie owning 3 homes was hilarious. Thought I was watching Comedy Central. Thanks Democratic Candidates, for what it's worth, I love all of you, I love laughing, thanks for pointing out the obvious flaws in each other, are you using reverse psychology on U.S.? I would love to see you work on your ideas even if you all don't become a President. I kind of need a President that is honest. It's not honest for any of you to say you love your neighbor's like you love yourselves. And that's really all anyone on Earth should expect.
    But I think Bloomberg did quite well actually. Like he said, he doesn't write the tax law's, they all do, our politicians. Real funny, hilarious, thanks for the great debates. ☮️

  29. Dude when you gave your sister a part of your liver did you lose some of you brain 🧠 hey 👋 stand up to Fox 🦊 news this is all bout truth! Mini mike is trying to buy our country he GFH !

  30. "HELP" Dear Fox news YouTube is taking my rights away from me there not showing full clips of your show's can you do something please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  31. Bloomberg's fooled himself into thinking he could just buy whatever he wanted even when he has the debate presence of a bored boiled cabbage.

  32. What went wrong is the highest paid advisors are not smart they are yes men….Bloomberg needs to hire people with talent not psychphants, it's the emporers new suit…but then that's the DEmocrats…

  33. Trump Racist , cheater on his wife , cheater on the American people, Traitor , professional liar for the last 50 years of his life , Insulting highly decorated war veterans , Coward lied to the Army to escape Vietnam war , Xenophobic , Misogynist , Former pimps used to own a model agency treating model very bad , Worst occupant of the white house , Looser of the election on 2020 ….. END

  34. Mike Bloomberg, a successful billionaire can beat a half wit one like Trump. I like Mike. Mike was right about the debaters. Three senators allowed Armageddon Donald to beat senate trial. Half wit Don likes tweeting/ cheating. Let's hope Trump takes some medication for his runny nose (remember his last debate).

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