Arctic Fox in Norway | Wild Nordic

Arctic Fox in Norway | Wild Nordic

[music playing] NARRATOR: Arctic foxes
are built for the cold, with thick white fur that even
covers the pads of their feet and ears that are
rounded to make them less susceptible to frostbite. [music playing] These captive foxes are
part of a government funded effort in Dovrefjell
to preserve the species. [music playing] Arctic foxes are critically
endangered in Norway, and this breeding program
in the [inaudible] Mountains is trying to bring them
back from the brink. The senior scientist
here is [inaudible].. SCIENTIST (VOICEOVER): Because
the arctic fox has a very nice and valuable
winter fur, it was hunted down to a
very low populations in the beginning of 1900. A nice blue arctic
fox skin was paid with 800 krone, which equals to
one year’s salary at that time. [music playing] NARRATOR: Climate
change makes the Arctic regions warmer and more
inviting for the common red fox. It’s slowly migrating north. The Arctic foxes lose
their dens to the invaders and are sometimes attacked
by them, even killed. Here in the enclosures,
they breed and grow strong before being
released into the wild. SCIENTIST (VOICEOVER): We
started to breed in 2007, and today, this is
the largest Arctic fox population in– in Norway. [music playing] NARRATOR: They’ll soon
be able to explore the [inaudible] Mountains
just outside their enclosure. And like the foxes,
these mountains are still growing and
changing, a work in progress.

35 thoughts on “Arctic Fox in Norway | Wild Nordic

  1. Such a beautiful animal, but such cruel living conditions. Glad to see they are finally being taken care of, instead of taken advantage of.

  2. I hope they succeed. But this does not give me much hope for now. Unless global warming is prevented, we will surely witness the destruction of many different species.

  3. We are already feeling the consequences of climate change. Sadly polar species are going to be the first victims. Because of temperature rise the red fox V.vulpes is changing its primary habitat. And endangering its close relative.

  4. Good luck for the reintroduction program, I hope they breed and multiply in nature.
    In summer, by the way, they are grey.

  5. So beautiful!!! Why don't people sell their own skin and leave the animals alone?!.. it makes me so mad to know these beautiful creatures are killed for their fur.

  6. The arctic fox is an incredibly hardy animal that can survive frigid Arctic temperatures as low as –58Β°F in the treeless lands where it makes its home. To learn more, you can read on here:

  7. Beautiful foxes. I'm glad to hear that you are trying to raised more to return to the wild. Are they really being reduced in number by outside foxes or are they being hunted too? Happy Thanksgiving. God bless.

  8. Its fantastic to see programs like this help restore this species to the wild . Gorgeous Foxes an Amazing people with hearts doing brilliant things for wildlife πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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