AOC won’t pay her party dues: Democratic source

AOC won’t pay her party dues: Democratic source

100 thoughts on “AOC won’t pay her party dues: Democratic source

  1. AOC and the four are nothing but socialist communist and hopefully all 4 this will be their last term besides Pelosi all of them is utterly destroying their Democratic Party and the mainstream media is helping and along with the democrats being destroyed you can call them the phony four and the media two

  2. These dues, which are basically a slush fund for the party's designated candidates, go to pay for the campaigns for incumbents/career politicians to keep getting re-elected and stay in office.
    In a way, AOC is correct in that it's tough for new people to get elected without help from the party, but she made a commitment to pay these dues/fees and she needs to honor that.

  3. She is probably the most dangerous person in the world because she's preaching to a generation without a soul and they love the screeching broken wing hand waving. As a nation crumbles from within people like her take the lead because they screech the loudest. Lot of similarities to the speeches of a little man with a mustache in Berlin a few decades ago. Check it out

  4. I would love to see how much she claimed of all of her cash tips when she was a bartender. I suspect she wasn’t honest on her tax returns.

  5. A little bit out of control? That describes the democRats fairly accurately. Now who in the media is this ex bartender paying to talk her up as if she holds any symbolism of help to her dying, dying party.

  6. AOC fraudulently ran as a Democrat instead of being honest about being a Socialist. Run truthfully AOC, you're a F**king Socialist that even Democrats now reject!

  7. The law says that leftover campaign funds should be returned to the Party, the government, or to a nonprofit. Many candidates use this loophole and donate to a nonprofit on which they are on the payroll. That nonprofit loophole should be abolished and the funds returned to the Party or the government.

  8. Throw this trash back to a bartender. Typical arrogant, racist trouble make who thinks they are the solution to the worlds problems. If pelosi would have deal with this uneducated fool they might not have these problems. She’s a Marxist socialist. If this is what she wants, move to Russia.

  9. Simple solution.. kick this piece of trash back to the seedy New York bar where they found her. She and her 'squad' do not belong in a position of power in our U.S. Congress.😡

  10. At long last the juvenile corrupt Dem Cortez shows her disgusting hypocrisy: Take money from every American except me. How could the New York City 14th District voters have ever elected her? As their Representative, she's getting paid $174,000.00 a year for doing less than zero for them. So sad.

  11. Just because AOC has lips that look like she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose doesn`t make her a good leader , but she would make a high priced lady of the evening . Oh wait I think she is to her billionaire benefactor !

  12. Every time I see her I just think of the time she took the fake crying photos starring at a parking lot acting like she’s crying for immigrants 😂😂😂

  13. Why are Hispanics so prone to communism? You'd think after 100s of years of being abused by dictators they'd want something better for once.

  14. You Damarats embraced her, now your little Ms Snotty is stabbing you Damarats in the back. Do you see how its really works now

  15. Aoc primaried the fourth most powerful democrat and beat him. The neoliberals are done for and it's about time. Pelosi is next to get primaried and then maybe the Democrats will fall in line.

  16. The average congress member makes about $180k or so a year, dues are $250k. Welcome to the DNC where they encourage taking other peoples money to pay for things that aren't needed or wanted while their cash is left alone for their own use.

  17. Old Donkey Teeth is at it again. Everybody is sick of hearing hee hawww, hee hawww anyway. Go back to your third work Bronx hole!

  18. AOC is an FDR Democrate that rejects the radical trickle-down hypothesis conservatives love so much, a failed hypothesis that radically redistributes wealth and explodes the deficit.

  19. AOC is hoping Sanders will win the 2020 presidential race and she gets the vice presidency. Then thinking Sanders will pass and she as vice president gets the presidency.

  20. She had no political experience, just like Hunter had no energy experience, our country is doomed with these people who actually believe they can run anything. SUPPORT SEND HER BACK TO THE BAR 2020🍹🍹🍺🍺🍷🍷🍷

  21. Persons running for Congress she mandated to take I Q tests before taking the seat. If you don't pass, you don't take the seat!

  22. Oc course AC/DC is going to keep the money. "Share the wealth" !!?? Give me a break. Her brand of socialism is: What's your's is mine and what's mine is…MINE!!

  23. AOC doesnt have the money any longer to pay the dues, she spent it all on outfits and earrings…and lip stick!!! Anyone running can take the spot away from her and do so much more for NY.

  24. She's a "future President"…I choked on my coffee…I doubt this numb brainless twit could be President even for the Mickey Mouse Club….

  25. This imbecile is on the finance committee and refuses to pay her bills. Her credit score is around 400 like her democrat supporters,

  26. An accused deadbeat (socialist) elected by other deadbeats (socialists)? What are you going to do? Socialists live off other's monies.

  27. She is waiting for more far left contenders so she can push out moderate democrats. She will most likely fund a socialist candidate. That is why she won’t share the money because it does not benefit socialism.

  28. She never pays her bar tab either. Hypergamy is what all women are wired with at birth. Its in her genes. Doesn't suprise me any.

  29. So the party can expel her and remove her from the committees. Deplatform her and run an Democrat opponent against her.

  30. She wont pay dues but she IS putting her puppy that was ripped from her mother and puts it in a cage all day….facts matter

  31. It’s free isn’t it after all she is a socialist everything is free but the rich people. Like Bernie Sanders or some other rich people

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