Animal Behavior Research on Fox Squirrels

Animal Behavior Research on Fox Squirrels

A squirrel opens a box containing a walnut, and then
eats the walnut. Fox squirrels are easily trained to open
a box for a favored food item (such as walnuts). A squirrel opens a box containing a walnut, and then
eats the walnut. But when the box is empty, locked, or the food
is changed to something less desirable… A squirrel tries to open a locked box, but fails. squirrels showed increased aggressive signals
such as tail flags and biting the box… and tried new ways of interacting with the box. Findings from a recent UC Berkeley study
published in Journal of Comparative Psychology, 2016
By Mikel M. Delgado and Lucia F Jacobs

23 thoughts on “Animal Behavior Research on Fox Squirrels

  1. So!.. Now mockery of squirrels is called "science", right ? Some people in universities can do it, receive payments for it, win grants ?.. And position themselves as "scientists" ? Very interesting.

  2. Опять кругом эти душевнобольные защитники животных, видящие во всем издевательство над нашими братьями меньшими, а не полезную для ЧЕЛОВЕКА научную деятельность.

  3. "Дрессировщики" явно использовали наркоту…..в "работе" с обьектом…

  4. Чета уровня начальной школы эксперимент, только у нас в зоосаду даже выдры были. Вот это хитрожопый зверь.

  5. Why so many dislikes? What did u expect? A squirrel opening the box with tools from the toolmarket?

  6. Oh the wonder of stupidity in the comments section. Yeah, all of you work in a lab, you know where funding comes from, and the details of the research. Yall must have read the publication right? Funny comments always when people try to judge and comment on things above their IQ and paygrade. Lol yall sound like that bimbo Sarah Palin making judgements on "fruit fly science" totally oblivious to the knowledge and technology the research has produced. You idiots that think any scientific study gets funding have never experienced just how competitive it is to try and get research funded. Seriously, yall think it's gonna be "Hey I wanna play with squirrels and study something we already know about squirrels. Fund my research 'cause it's cute!" LOL you morons!

  7. In other news, UC Berkeley announces that a team of researchers, using a battery of spectroscopes, multi-band cameras, chromographs and government funding, have discovered that, to the human eye, the sky appears blue.

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