Andrew Yang on Dems’ obsession with impeachment, his approach to politics

Andrew Yang on Dems’ obsession with impeachment, his approach to politics

100 thoughts on “Andrew Yang on Dems’ obsession with impeachment, his approach to politics

  1. Stating that the current sitting President withheld aide shows how uninformed this guy is. I guess he can walk and chew gum too

  2. I thought he could be a legit candy with common sense…Then yes I think he was bullying..unbelievably! Do none of the democrats understand the constitutional obligation of the POTUS as to with foreign aid and corruption or possible corruption!?

  3. I am a Trump supporter but after listening to Yang, I would not be angry if he won. As long as another dem clown doesn’t win.

  4. This guy is legit, don't wasting time on trashing Trump, he knows thhe fact and might have what is needed to beat Trump, BTW Trump supporter

  5. Yang has no chance against Trump, but he is very calm and intelligent. He's not the average Democrat, being slightly more respectable, but he still doesn't stand a chance. He's just not relevant enough. If you're gonna run for president, you have to be everywhere. He's not nearly visible enough.

  6. As someone who leans more towards conservatives, I can honestly say that Andrew Yang is the most respectable Democrat running for office.

  7. I liked yang until I saw that video of him fake crying, and the one of him spraying whipped cream into the mouths of a few kneeling guys…it was creepy.

  8. "We nees to solve the problems that got Trump elected"… Does he know that Trump lost the popular vote? So he is essentially saying, we need to solve the "electorial college problem"…

  9. I'm sick of all the sides divides political parties we are 1 nation we either grow or crash and burn as 1. we need solutions to root causes of problems not managing the problem or ignoring it.

  10. I feel bad for yang, they always want to ask him how he feels being the only Dem. Candidate of color. When the guy is probably there best choice, Im not voting for him but he is there best option for sure.

  11. So let's ask why the chances of doing better then your parents has dropped in the past 50 years. Most likely the culture we are in, give ppl everything when they don't have to work for it. That's a problem. What happened to working hard and you'll make it. Ppl don't want to work 60 hr weeks they don't want to push for a better life. They just blame everything on the ppl who are already doing better then they are, it's easy that way.

  12. Your $1,000 dollars will become $500 or $600 because the Government will tax you on it. Apply his 10% tax on top of goods and you have mega tax. It's not a free dividend if it's going to be taxed.

  13. Trump will probably win but yang would be the most interesting to see debate him as both seem to have respect for the other.

  14. Instead of rewriting tax plans for giant tech corps, the idea of giving $1000 to everyone is farfetched and it would result in economic equilibrium for that free money by raising prices up

  15. I wish the dems could nom yang id rather have trump any day but he’s the most sane man I’ve seen run for president

  16. Just wow, like I’m conservative, but wow, this guy has it. He’s the most respectable man running right. If he can unite youtube, he can unite the country.

  17. Mr. Yang & Mrs. Gabbard seem two very sensible people, and actually talk/listen to those with those with different ideas.
    I don't like every view of their policies, but I respect them as regular humans & citizens for treating others w/ respect. 👍❤

    (Anyone else notice how both Presidents Obama & Trump hold their heads? They literally look down their noses during speeches! 😒 )

  18. He's clearly the most reasonable and level-headed of all 2020 Dem candidates….and still he thinks Trump should be impeached. Shows just what lunatics they are as a whole.

  19. Absolutely the most reasonable democrat running for president with the exception of Tulsi Gabbard.
    With that said, Donald Trump is doing a great job for this country and is by far the best option going forward. If President Trump had half of the support from the media and Congress that Obama did, without all the impeachment BS, there is no telling what else could have been accomplished by now.

  20. oh russia was influenced or election, No this whole democrate thing shows votes dont matter cause they just abuse there power and pull the president

  21. Yang isn't going to win. There is a reason why people like Trump and Hilary gets elected. Only the lowest of the low gets to be president.

  22. I'm not a fan of most Democrats but Andrew Yang here came off as very likeable and someone who makes sense. Good on him for coming to Fox and having a good conversation.

  23. I don't agree with everything that he said however I can say he had some intelligent thoughts and reasonable ideas that are worth discussing. He is vastly more palatable than the other nut jobs that are running for that ticket.

  24. For some reason FOX is like the only news I feel is only for white people lmao. Any other news is more diverse. I'm glad they have yang on this show, pretty odd though because they are for trump but a guy like Yang would be the best option over Trump for everyone(Diverse people/world)

  25. Also base on comments Yang has the potential too get alot of Trumps votes. Yang is more understanding and always fires back with a answer and not someone like most who avoids the question.

  26. Whether or not his approach is contrived or not, what I don't sense from him is the seething malice and hatred you feel from the majority of the other Democrats that are running. Most of them are just bad people and you really feel that when they speak, also that everything they say is planned and calculated just like Hillary. That is why the Democrats may loose for the next decade, because they crush organic movements and new ideas and prop up people they thing will win verses people who should win through the quality of ideas and the efficacy of implementing said ideas.

  27. All taxes trickle down to the lowest on the social ladder.

    When the stock market is up that isn't only good for those that own stocks but it is also good for the economy and thus means more jobs and stability in the work place. So that translates to being good for all people.

  28. the fact that the main concern for Fox News and its daily poll was 'should Andrew wear a tie' speaks volumes about its irrelevance in today's News media landscape.

  29. From the little I've actually seen of Mr. Yang, I like him. I don't agree with him on several points, but as a personality I think he has good leadership qualities. It's not like every single Democratic President has been awful throughout our nation's entire history: just for the past few decades. At the same time, I would like to keep Mr. Trump in office so I really don't know if I want Mr. Yang to move forward or not haha. I don't see him as a threat to that per se, but I would be happier if he ran next election year instead of this one to maximize the longevity of levelheadedness and success.

  30. Thank you Fox News for being open minded in hearing out a Democrats opinions for so long. Yang is by far the smartest, and most well spoken Democratic candidate

  31. Yang is so smart that he will make Donald Trump 😂 looks like a kindergarten on a debate! Lol Yang GANG ☺️💪

  32. A Yang presidency is a win for humanity as a whole. The DNC cares about a short sighted win for one half of Americans. Yang has a ton of policies that both sides can get behind. Don’t hate on those who hate on him. They haven’t done any real homework.

  33. If y'all are interested in the freedom dividend…I urge you to take a look at the experiment done in Finland regarding UBI. The results state they do improve mental health BUT they don't add any tangible economic benefit unfortunately.

    That experiment and also a clip of him babbling about penguins getting much needed shade from trying to block the sun to combat global warming rely killed my views on him

  34. Avid trump supporter here, I voted for him in primaries and in general election. If Democrats vote for yang, I will very very strongly consider him for president

  35. I honestly believe this is the most civil discussion I have seen on any news media outlet in the last 5 years

  36. I like the idea of UBI but if you think my landlord won't immediately raise my rent hundreds of dollars every time I renew until it consumes all that money you are kidding yourself. Or employers saying 'well since you make $1,000 extra dollars a month we are allowed to pay you much less'

  37. Getting a job, and having one that has good health insurance and you can live off of is different. We should focus on the people. All politicians want to talk about politics. What about us?

  38. DOES ANDREW YANG HAS TO BE WHITE TO RUN FOR POTUS TO GET IN THE OFFICE?? If it so, then meaning that white people are the MOST EVIL RACISTS ON EARTH!! Seriously!!


    Every races are GOD's creations. You cannot be too favoritism, judgmental, criticism against anyone…in the eye of God. Whoever does hates foreigners — God's wrath will be upon you. Be careful in whatever you say or do to any races. Because God loves everyone unconditionally perfect. God does not favors anyone. Period. If you know God — you would have love others as yourselves. But if you don't — you are a lost soul. God is the CREATOR OF ALL THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. WITHOUT GOD, NOTHING EXISTED!!

  39. How can you not like Yang? But you got to change to Democrats (in many states) in order to vote for him. The Democratic Party is going to do anything to nominate another establishment candidate.

  40. Don't really align w/Yang politically, but at least Yang (&I believe Tulsi, too) really believes what he stands for, &has good honest intentions … The other Dems are smarmy, dishonest, &bend whichever way the outrage mobs blow.

  41. He’s just trying to have his cake and eat it too. People are obssseing over impeachment (appeals to a big group of people). Thinks trump should be impeached still (appeals a different huge group of people) smh. He’s a shmuck.

  42. As a democrat, I love Yang and I think Gabbard would get my vote over Trump, but not the front runners unfortunately. Definitely not Warren if that happens.

  43. Im glad hes calling out democrats dying for trump from being impeached. Yang and Bernie are probably the only sane people in the democratic side. Also, I love how yang is also criticizing wealth taxes. Theres definitely more than one way to have universal healthcare and tuition- free education which includes but is not only limited to taxing the rich.

  44. Hmm… a President who wears an American Flag pin? or a guy that wears a pin that says MATH? MAGA!! Trump 2020!!

  45. This is freedom of press at its best. Does Fox support Yang? Probably no. Is Fox trying to help his candidacy? Probably not. Is Fox doing it to mess up the Democrats? Probably yes. Is it good for American politics to give Yang more airtime? A definitive yes.

  46. I mean the guy is offering $1,000/mo to people to vote for him…kinda pathetic for our republic but I guess its working on people.

  47. He says that he doesn't want a 'wealth tax' because it hasn't worked in other countries. Yet he wants to bring in Universal Basic Income even though it was tried in Finland and failed.

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