Amy Klobuchar to end campaign, set to endorse this rival

Amy Klobuchar to end campaign, set to endorse this rival

100 thoughts on “Amy Klobuchar to end campaign, set to endorse this rival

  1. She never was going to win President! How can she stand with Joe Biden! Disgusting! Creepy and corrupt and a criminal! Stole so much money in his life time!

  2. Wow !! Bombshell news !!! A friend at the DNC told me that Sanders can't be the candidate because he only got his Democrat Party membership validated 2 months ago. He has to be a Democrat member for 12 months before running. Obama suggested changing the rules !!! This is a big deal !!!! Don't tell anyone and maybe we'll get away with it !!!

  3. Joe Biden is the FORMER Vice President, Not THE Vice President. Its like they want people to just overlook that Trump and Pence took the Presidency!

  4. We are going to lose. That is how you give Trump 4 more years. They do it all the time. Put a weak contender so the other party can win easily.

  5. Robert Wolf is a CEO and says he’s a capitalist, but would vote for a socialist if Bernie wins the nomination. Makes no sense.

  6. Amy needed to say the magic words if she want to win. It goes like this “Russia if you’re listening please help”

  7. Why can't these media people be just grateful for how well the country is doing?

    Why would they want an incompetent or a socialist at the helm which would send the country back to the stone age just to spite Trump?
    I really don't get it.

    P.s I'm not American, just watching and trying to understand.
    If everyone united you'd be a powerhouse, a force to be reckoned with.

    No-one in the media is willing to acknowledge the achievements to date. Shame, shame.

  8. DNC is desperate to stop Bernie now. Getting Buttigieg and Klobuchar to drop out is clearly orchestrated. She was doing pretty well and Mayor Pete was definitely still in the running. I'm calling that Biden will come out and name Pete as his potential running mate. Very obvious maneuver by the DNC. Tulsi was right. More corrupt organization than the DNC I don't know.

  9. This woman has the personality of a middle school librarian. And she thought she could win the presidency. Hilarious

  10. This was planned from the start, none of them stood a chance of getting the nomination. Warren will wait a little longer now, until Bernie reaches his peak, then she will drop out and support Biden too, pushing him over the top and getting the nomination.

  11. Um, if Amy dropped out, shouldn't she go back to Washington and do the work she was elected to do, instead of chasing Crazy Joe around the country?

  12. Amy Klobuchar dropped out read me Joe offered to sniff her hair. People is it me or does she look stupid. She talks with that stupid smirk. And Buttigieg dropped out, help me the DJ at the White House playing Caribbean Queen. Beto can skateboard around the grounds of the White House

  13. Amy who? She never was any challenge for Trump. She wouldn't even win her own state. That should tell you all you need to know. She sounded scared to speak at all the debates. Not presidential!

  14. David Webb says you cannot parallel Biden campaign to Trump because not everyone wants a corrupt Alzheimer patient like Joe Biden.

  15. Drain the swamp flush all Democrats down the toilet including the MSM and the view
    Democrats are the party of the devil
    Democrats are more dangerous than ISIS

  16. President Trump in a landslide in 2020,period

    President Trump promises made promises kept keep America great and keep America first and build the wall to keep America safe

  17. In a large white house in Washington DC, an orange god-emperor is sitting back, with a bag of popcorn and a Diet Coke, and loving every minute of this fiasco….

  18. Good riddance to bad suss. Klobuchar must have an ego matched only by her sense of delusion that she ever had a chance to get nominated, let alone beat Donald TRUMP. Now we watch as Bernie gets burned.

  19. Fox News had 4.61 million of subs and raising. What happened? How the number dropped 200.000 in just a few weeks ????

  20. Why refer to Biden as VP ???? We have a vP …Vice President Mike Pence . We only have 1 !!! Biden is an X VP. Biden is an embarrassment to even the crooked dems !!

  21. Here I was hoping that vindictive nasty cud chewing cow would stay the hell away from Minnesota just a little longer.

  22. Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to these new Dems. After all; Hillary lost to Vladimir Putin ( LOL) so watch for the wicked witch to reappear before the campaign ends.

  23. Sad, Iowa-New Hampshire-Nevada-South Carolina and look what is left, this is sad how the primaries are set up……little crap states!!!!

  24. The man has stage 1 Alzheimer's Disease. He is going to get MASSACRED by Trump's team. Why the hell can't you people put the only one that can fight and win against the incumbent? I hope Bernie crushes through all of those that are afraid to lose their precious money…including the DNC who have been paying off these three candidates that "miraculously bowed out of super Tuesday". We ARE doing financial investigations of those three and if they are found to have taken kickbacks and bribe money to bow out…we're going to push for hard prison time for them.

  25. All variants of the Democratic equation lead to Obama. Bloomberg and Sanders even. The one that most doubts can bring up is Sanders but without a doubt his admiration for the communism of the USSR and Cuba clarifies everything. The former president carried out actions that supported Castro's tyranny. He did not need to plot speeches. From his position of power he did what he considered right. The Constitution is a stumbling block for Democrats. That is the danger facing the United States of America.

  26. Sanders is not a democrat he's an independent, so why the surprise if Democrats support one of their own?

  27. you dumbacrats need to smarten up, Grab your Bernie Board and ride the Tsunami waves of the awesomeness that is possible. Be part of a generation of REAL change for the people.

  28. Bloomberg is such a loser. This moron should better spend the money for a dominatrix, he would waste less money and have more fun being himiliated.

  29. Meanwhile,Val Demings husband Jerry is under investigation by the department of justice for crimes against poor people in Bithlo!Bet Val won't mention that any time soon. Typical mean spirited unfairness that democrats are famous for in Orange County Florida!!!!

  30. Do we really want someone to have the nuclear code who doesn't know what day it is? What's this button for? I can't remember. BOOM.

  31. Another gun hater bites the dust . She can go back to obscurity with the rest of the loser Democrats. Harris , O’ROURKE, Buttgag , Steyer and so forth. Now we only have to contend with the mad scientist , Pocahontas, Napoleon and the senile escapee from the nursing home. Democrat voters are losers and that’s that. Smarten up and rejoin America. Venezuela and Red China will always be there for you.


  33. her cold dead eyes, maybe she could pop over to the GOP and help with Fuckwit Nation, they can always use more fascist firgureheads…

  34. There is no excuse for Klobuchar not waiting until after the primaries.  None.  And, given her withdrawal the day before the primaries, this is a very negative lesson to all who support candidates based on their research about them, and the realities of voting in the U.S.  It is a kind of disenfranchisement.  I get it.  Only vote once candidates have been decided on by the majority parties.  Will I never vote again for a candidate in whom I believe but may not have the party sanction, or billions of dollars?  If I didn't, I would have abandoned all belief in the U.S. electoral system, instead of 99%.

  35. 8:40– ON POINT. Can't stand Sanders but Klobuchar, Lil Pete and Styer are all puppets on the big Stage as Pawns for Biden. This was the plan that many will not grasp. Nobody knew who any of them where before this race. Blomberg will have to put on some big boy pants like Trump to have any real chance and his moment to try is fading fast. But as she states and so many see Same Game, different players.

  36. Thank God there is a goddess Amy Klobuchar dropped out I couldn't stand looking her stupid smirky idiotic please any more than I have to when they would show some sound bites of her stupidity. I think the funniest thing I heard is she hired listen people she hired Hillary Clinton's stylist towards the end of her campaign, I didn't realize Hillary had a stylist she wears the ugliest clothes that don't flatter her pear-shaped body

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