Almost THE PERFECT molting timelaps

Almost THE PERFECT molting timelaps

I Have one more video for you, it is featuring the icon to school again Kolkata You know her she’s one of the biggest trade shows in the diagram and she’s probably the fattest at least before molting She was definitely the fattest tarantula in the collection so she bolted but unfortunately I don’t have a perfect time-lapse of her molting because I noticed that she started making a molting mat in advance So I spotted it around maybe maybe 3 p.m So I opened the enclosure put the camera set on time-lapse and let his record and back home After a few hours, I came back to see the progress and she was still on the same place So I left it again went home went back there at like 11:00 p.m. Still nothing She actually went a bit more, but that’s all she didn’t flip or she didn’t do anything So I left it overnight and you know, there is a on the camera that I’m using for time-lapse There is a limit for how long you can record and it stops recording after 30 minutes So after a recording of 30 minutes time-lapse is it stopped recording and somewhere during the night? She flipped and the whole mole thing lasted all the way until the morning You can even see on the time-lapse how there is more and more light that means that the Sun is coming up and actually Lighting the dark then so is she flipped started molting the camera cut off and I don’t have the develops of the actual mode But I came there post molt recorded how she flipped back and also I recorded a few nice nice Close-up shots really nice recording of where you can see that the heartbeat So that’s also really cool to see and there were all a lot of stuff except the actual molting time-lapse. So enjoy that And that was it I hope you enjoyed it if you did thumbs it up and comment something if you want to support this channel even more there is a patreon page if you’re New to this channel, make sure to subscribe our poll every Monday, Wednesday and Friday – see you guys soon. Bye

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  1. For some reason, I LOVE the close up of the heart beat; not for the heart beat itself, but the aesthetic of the reddish hairs against the black hairs. I need that in a wallpaper or something 😍

  2. If you ever get bite buy one ive been bite let me tell you its not like a bee sting its like a speer going in side of your skin petco i have 50 bird eaters i breed them and sell them to spider shops all over the world also if your wondering. I dont vape in my house i vape outside so pls bro becarefull pls read this and feature this on the next video that has never happend to me it would complet my life!! Ok stay safe

  3. This might be my favorite video on your channel so far. Such a great video ! The editing and close up shots were nicely done 🙂

  4. It’s been a while since you did a video about your reptiles. Ps I am from Sweden and I love your videos and you

  5. It was gorgeous! Beautiful.
    I received my first T (G Pulchra), a sling, a month ago! It decided to burrow, and make a tunnel at the very bottom of its' enclosure almost 3 weeks ago. I am assuming due to pre-molt. Since I cannot really see my T, I have no clue whatsoever lol. I hope that he/she is okay. 🙁
    I cannot wait until Sabbath (my T), gets bigger so that I can see his/her molting process!

  6. in a situation where bug bomb is going to be used and dont really have a say so in the matter, we have reptiles and a single tarantula we care for, our plan is to cover the surfaces the tarantula tank goes on, the tarantula be out the house for a week (tank and all things to be used with the tarantula at all as well), and possibly as we basically use a walk in closet with no door to have the animals in, cover the doorway with a sheet to attempt to keep most of the mist from lingering into the door way, (possibly even a shower curtain taped?), if the blocking the door way isnt needed someone let me know but given the situation, as its not our house to decide that it happens as we are just room mates paying rent to be here, is this a valid approach to keep the one tarantula safe. we would obviously do the protocol of ventalation and windows for a few hours after the bombing period is over, the reptiles will be out the house over night as well but weve dealt with them before and theyve been fine but we are concerned specifically for the spider, my gf tried to make a forum post about it but i foresee this as a more possible medium with more people that would see it soonet to answer it ebfore its done. if not these options what could we do with the situation to help make him safer
    but so far
    A remove for week
    B clean all surfaces in that closet in addition to the covering with cloth
    C hopefully cover the doorway
    D making sure everything is done to remove the airborne pesticides that remain
    if theres more i can do or better i can do then please let me know

  7. The best molting video I've ever seen, those macro shots were amazing, makes me appreciate my A. Geniculata, Beetlejuice, all the more!

  8. Hi,
    Personally, I've been terrified and disgusted by these spiders since a very bad event,
    When I see you working with this spiders I get goosebumps. But somehow it fascinates me also wow some of your spiders look really great especially this light brown doll beharte you had in a video very carefully on the hand, I would never trust me … I already scream when I'm in my house see a black angle spider. I would like to lose the fear because they do so nothing but I am stock stiff if I only see that makes me crazy. Please always be careful with the tiren that they do not bite you otherwise you may have a problem afterwards … Good luck continue.

  9. Too bad we missed the actual mulch but that was very close to see. Especially with the camera that can really get the details are tranchulas. It's cool to see up close like that. Cool video!

  10. Petco! Great video my female A. Gen recently moulted a month ago it took her over 15 hours! I really enjoy watching your videos love the similarities between our videos 🌞❤ been watching you for years and was inspired to start my own channel a year ago. Have loved watching your collection grow 😁 if you have 5 minutes check out my A. Gen molt I would be honored. Have a grest day 👋

  11. Petko, this is the most amazing video I’ve seen. I think the combination of the perfect music combined with the progressive natural light, and the UNBELIEVABLE close ups of her tiny hooks on her furry little feet, and the ….her heartbeat….wow. For several moments I actually forgot I was watching a spider! It felt like I was watching a furry mammal. You continually amaze me with your incredible talent. It almost feels like you’re part of our family now! P.s……I don’t like watching molting, they use a death curl appearance, they quiver and it feels like I want to help! I know it’s normal, and amazing, but gosh it seems so cruel. I suppose human birth is just as brutal at times! Thanks for the continual superior videos and I can’t wait for more! Sue (and Mark)

  12. You have an eye for quality, Ill give you that. Its funny, its like the thing you put the least into is yourself…
    Your outro in this video was garbage.
    But the footage is a whole 11/10.
    So its like
    Is this a polished video or just a whatever blog video
    You need to make the two more distinct. Your footage deserves some quality "tvshowness", more than youre giving it/yourself. The footage was really fuckin good.

  13. Hi Petko! I can not remember how I stumbled across one of your videos, wasn't looking for anything related to tarantulas. In fact I am so scared of spiders but since days I've been binge watching your videos. It is so freakin' interesting, I like the way you make the videos and with how much care you treat your animals. This one really wowed me, I do like photography and your macro shots are stunning! All the detail of the tarantula. I am slowly loosing my fear, don't know about it in real but at least I'm getting used to watching them here 😉 Thank you so much! Keep up the awesome work! Best Regards from Austria!

  14. Wow this was my first time seeing a molting for a spider and it was a bit scary like someone having a bad spasm attack, but still really cool T.D.D. was a really good video.

  15. Amazing video as always Petko! I wish my molting timelapse was as good as yours haha. Here's my attempt:

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