Almost Family (FOX) Trailer HD – Brittany Snow, Emily Osment drama series

Almost Family (FOX) Trailer HD – Brittany Snow, Emily Osment drama series

[music playing] My official title is
communications director to this incredibly difficult doctor. No matter how hard I work, it’s
just never good enough for him. He’s my dad. Oh. I talk a lot when I’m
nervous, because you are the hottest guy that
I’ve ever matched with, and I do this a lot. Not a lot. I mean, like, a normal,
healthy amount of a lot. [MUSIC – ANDY GRAMMAR, “DON’T
GIVE UP ON ME”] I will fight. I’ve seen my dad
turn countless women’s despair into joy and hope. [MUSIC – ANDY GRAMMAR, “DON’T
GIVE UP ON ME”] I will fight for you. In order for the miracle
of conception to occur, one sperm must win
the race for life against 250 million competitors. So I made it my mission
to improve nature’s odds, to combat infertility. Excuse me, sir,
my source alleges that you used your own
sperm to impregnate a woman at the Beckley Clinic. As soon as he gets the
recognition he deserves, the crazies come out of the– I think I’m hurt. Dad. [MUSIC – ANDY GRAMMAR, “DON’T
GIVE UP ON ME”] For patients of
the Beckley Clinic, the whole story of
how they came to be could turn out to be a lie. Patients are taking matters
into their own hands so they can find out the truth. [MUSIC – ANDY GRAMMAR, “DON’T
GIVE UP ON ME”] Even when they say
there’s nothing. You OK? It’s just a little more
truth than I was ready for. Did you know? Classic Leon. Leon Beckley, Julia’s father. I grew up with them. I’m your mother. I carried you. I cared for you. That’s what matters. When I started out,
and fertility was a dead-end street,
I became the last resort for desperate patients. I stacked the deck. You did terrible harm. [music – p!nk, “walk me home”] Something in the way
you roll your eyes. Julia actually does the same
exact tooth-tapping thing. No, I don’t. So does Edie. I do not tap my teeth. What if it’s like, a shared
genetic trait, like rolling your tongue into a cigar shape? [music – p!nk, “walk me home”] But now you’re the
only thing that’s good. Do you guys want to
get a sister selfie? [music – p!nk, “walk me home”] Walk me home in
the dead of night. I don’t know about
you, but I’ve kind of wanted a sister my entire life. Somebody that gets me,
somebody that I can share with. [music – p!nk, “walk me home”] ‘Cause there is so much wrong. If they take me down,
it’ll destroy you, too. [music – p!nk, “walk me home”] Walk me home in
the dead of night. I was always jealous of you. You had a dad who would
come home and sit down with you at the dinner table. I spent my whole life
looking for that. [music – p!nk, “walk me home”] So say you’ll stay
with me tonight. You’re welcome to stay
here as long as you need to. No one’s ever been
this nice to me. I’m going to need my own
bathroom, though, with a tub. If I don’t get my soak on once
a day, I’m like, no bueno. [music – p!nk, “walk me home”] ‘Cause there is so much wrong. I can’t believe it’s
not just me anymore. I have sisters. [music – p!nk, “walk me home”] There is so much wrong
going on outside.

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  2. I ll just say that when I was young I happened to watch a movie inspired from reality where a doctor actually did this impregnation thing with his own sperm and behold, all kids showed up in court, wearing pirate eye patch, cuz they all inherited his bad eyes.

  3. Omg! i literally just read Emily Osment and immediately pressed to watch it <3. Can't wait to watch it!

  4. you know what would be better if they just guaranteed us the second season of sisters I mean I like Brittany snow but there is no way this show is better than the Australian one. Why can't Americans watch shit that doesn't sound like themselves and why does any Australian bother with normal tv get Netflix put down the reality shows for fuck's sake.

  5. SOOOO like it's the same writers, but tell me why this doesn't look as good as Parenthood, Friday night lights, or desperate housewives

  6. Many rotten fertility doctors have done this. Being so desperate to have a child is a form of selfishness that makes a stupid woman blind as fuck. Adopt, you selfish jerks.

  7. Not 100% sure this will work with Americans and as a straight-up drama. I would say that I have more confidence in it because I love Parenthood and Desperate Housewives, but the Parenthood folks lost my trust with Rise. I’ll probably try it though.

  8. As an IVF child myself who grow up with a single mum and as an only child. I have alway dreamed of finding either the donor or those out their that are my half sisters or brothers. Shows like this are hard to watch because of that. But I’ll give it try.

  9. So they all share the same father but have different mothers and where all raised by single moms who allowed him to donate his sperm? I dont see a problem. Im confused.

  10. So… why doesn’t Megalyn get credited in the title of the video, but Brittany and Emily do? The only reason I clicked on the trailer in the first place is because I recognized Megalyn Echinkunwoke.

  11. Finally something I can watch… I am bored of just seeing trailer and not finding the right movie to watch

  12. So its like sisters on netflix? Actually its exactly the same but the father in sisters was old in bed sick of old age. The part he was having a heart attack killed lol bruh you was about to tap out like that?

  13. I remember that last day seeing my dad like that in the hospital. I'll never forget those sad memories

  14. Sisters (Netflix) : Copy, just change something so it dont look the same.
    Not Just Me (Fox) : Okay.
    * Changes the Tittle. Done. Kkkkkk

  15. This may really happen because of "Joe donor". This man donated sperm in various part of the world, about 2500 children. This would be a much larger family than in this movie🤦

  16. We watched it all on Netflix already. Even the names and the hair colors are the same but because it is an American movie, we have more people of color than in the Netflix tv series. Couldn't they shake it up a bit so it's at least somehow new..

  17. The uneducated, will love this garbage!! This is why I stopped watching TV!! Nothing but garbage, what are the intelligent people, suppose to watch??? I'm waiting!!!!

  18. I was about to give it a ❤ and give a long press to the 👍 button because it's beautiful….and totally forgot yt just has this 👍..
    My bad

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