All About Reptiles: Black Throat Monitors : Caging Black Throat Monitors Later

All About Reptiles: Black Throat Monitors : Caging Black Throat Monitors Later

That baby monitor that you bought and you
took good care of is going to end up getting very very big. He’s actually going to need
his own room so you are going to have to dedicate a leftover closet or corner of a room. You
are going to have to build some kind of enclosure for them now when he’s medium sized we have
a medium size up here he can live in a plastic enclosure or very large tank, 100 gallon fish
tank. When they are a little bit smaller than this guy when they are 2 feet they can live
in a 75 or 55 gallon tank and as they grow they’re just going to need bigger enclosures.
If you use a room you are going to have to use a heater inside the room to keep it nice
an warm and you are going to have to be careful to make sure that heater is not somewhere
where the lizard can not knock it over. If you notice the lizard has very big nails and
he can climb up just about anything you give him to climb on. You can give him a nice big
branch or even the trunk of the tree or even grapevine on the side of the highway and they
will climb on that. So these guys are going to need cypress bedding they are going to
need a source of heat whether it’s pad underneath this or a radiant heat panel on the inside
or even a whole room with a space heater. So it’s very important that they have a basking
area for light and heat and enough room to walk around so this is a pretty big commitment
to get into.

6 thoughts on “All About Reptiles: Black Throat Monitors : Caging Black Throat Monitors Later

  1. @tory56 he probably knows what he is doing but when it come's to the enclosure's……….the enclosure the monitor is in on the vid. doesn't fit its needs!!! FOR SURE. ik have two Varanus exanthematicus and they need a much bigger enclosure.
    For a black throat monitor it will even need a bigger enclosure.
    Monitors are (when they are fit end healthy) some active reptile's that love to explore and hunt for food!!

  2. @tory56 Water monitor is the biggest in the pet trade. This guy knows how to sell lizards, NOT how to take care of them. Pretty much everything he's saying is wrong. This guy is giving great advice on how to kill your black throat in a month.

  3. @flipserijer he just said a "2ft black throat can live in a 55 to 75 gal tank"….BULLSHIT!
    I really REALLY hope nobody takes this guys advice!

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