Alita: Battle Angel | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Alita: Battle Angel | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

(music) -You told me the
story of the war, when the ground shook, and the sky burned. -Of the ones that survived, who awoke to a different world, where the powerful
prey on the weak, but that’s not the
way it has to be. When I found you,
your very human brain was miraculously intact. -It’s the loneliest feeling
not to know who you are. -In time you’ll remember. Alita is new here. It’s a harsh world out here. You got to be willing
to do what it takes. Alita run! My god! She’s the last of her kind. She contains technology that
had been lost for 300 years. -Let me show you something. -This body, I feel a connection
to it. I can’t explain. -You know more about
me than you’re saying. Alita, somethings
are better left forgotten. No! -Then I’ll find out for myself. She’s threatening the
natural order of things. I need you to destroy her. Alita, they will come for you. I’ll have to face them head on. I’m gonna need you
to stand way back. Tonight is not a game. It is a hunt. I’m with her.

100 thoughts on “Alita: Battle Angel | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

  1. This movie is far better than forced feminism scenes in some current movies like
    In avengers endgame where females assemble against thanos, it was so cringe. Like in mens in black where she said why it's not women in black or in dark phoenix where there was similar cringe

  2. It doesn't bother me that they use CGI. But there are actresses or models who could take the role of Alita. For example: aya shalkar

  3. This is one of the best movies I’ve watched in my life. I’ve never loved a movie so much since Tron: Legacy. This is one of those entertainment for the sake of mere entertainment type movies that turned out to be very good. We don’t get a lot of those nowadays. It’s all agenda-driven fecal matter and it’s been keeping out of the theaters for so dang long. Avengers Endgame was cool and all, but this is a diamond in the rough that needs a lot of well-deserved attention. There are two things in life that I crave fo right now and that’s an Alita 2 and a Tron 3.

  4. I can’t explain why but watching this trailer on a cellphone with ear buds makes me feel like I’m sitting in a movie theatre watching it. Did they do the sound and graphics THAT well? 😂

  5. Absolutely happy I picked this movie up, ALITA in 4K HDR and 3D. I just watched it last night and right from the beginning I knew I found a treasure here this movie. It's right up there with Valerian, Fifth Element, Edge of Tomorrow, Oblivion, Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner and movies of a such that I value as great escape exciting adventure type movies.
    The characters and voice acting was bang on, nothing wrong, the action fit the story and the story was great! I am hoping for a second one soon… as in the next year or two.
    It been a long long time since I wanted to watch a movie again, like right away, like just hit the play and start from the beginning!!

  6. I usually watch youtube at 480p, but I cranked it up to 1080p just for the sake of this trailer. Felt like I should be doing justice to those incredible eyes.

  7. I didn't have much expectations, but this movie is a perfect combination of action, suspense, sci-fi, emotion, intense film all in one. The amount of times my mouth went agape is countless. This movie gave me way too many goosebumps.

  8. I just watched the movie
    You can't end it like this
    I want the characters to visit the outside world and I want to see the war

  9. i am watching this after the movie, i absolutely loved it but what was that ending, it ended in what should have been the best part, i am sad and i am hoping for a Alita 2!

  10. Seen this twice now. Can't put my finger on exactly why but this film has just grown on me. They left the movie in extreme a sequel is coming mode and I'm definitely hoping it will. I'll be buying the DVD in the meantime cause this is just one I want in my collection.

  11. Wait, I thought they said people were intimidated by a strong female character. Fans both male and female are going nuts over this!

  12. This movie was good, but if they would have narrowed the focus a bit and stopped trying to set up a sequel it could have been a GREAT movie. I hope it gets a second chance

  13. sign this petition guys if you want a sequel to this film lets built the pressure on!

  14. I know I'm late kay… 🙂
    Every single comment praised this movie positively,, I've just watched it. And you know what.. They're right!
    I wish I could watch this again for the first time.

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