100 thoughts on “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez riles Democrats by refusing to pay party dues

  1. Typical. Little Miss Socialist won’t pay the money she owes…while simultaneously wanting people to pay out money they don’t

  2. More people like her? The woman is a idiot. The entire political establishment , these satanists, luciferians are all fools. Even the Illuminati, free masons, the entire global network of the deep state or idiots, because they don’t even realize the god they serve is only using them, and doesn’t love them. They will all be backstabbed by their own god. Christ, and the real god is loyal and loving. Most of these dead corpse, corperate reporters, are all paid actors, not real journalists, reporters, and just read scripts they are given to present.

  3. You better be real careful because She has a very low approval rating so the only chance she has at another seat is kissing the democrats asses….

  4. Idk about this one either. She seems like she loves to pander She loved Obama then and probably still does. And she loved aoc not so sure but I guess if she’s the best choice of getting a socialist and replacing her with a puppet I guess that’s better than nothing

  5. She's broke that fast. Awesome. No financial literacy from a x ghetto family sibling that got rich by illegal activities

  6. Lol, she doesn’t like socialism. Or she doesn’t understand socialism. Share the money if your a socialist. What a hypocrite

  7. Wait wait wait.. polices are supposed to help me amd hurt you. This is totally unfair, I mean a policy that asks me to help others at my expense? I think you guys have a serious misunderstanding of how socilism…. I mean, Republican Democracy (whew, almost let one slip there), is supposed to work. To close I would like to say, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

  8. Democrats and socialists don't pay, they take. Here is an idea. Make the wrong thing difficult. If she doesn't want to pay, stop supporting her with party funds and stop calling her a Democrat.

  9. I don’t agree with AOC on anything political but what she said does kinda make sense. If the 250k she’s meant to pay would go towards keeping her out of office then why would she pay it? Doesn’t make any sense

  10. I'm a bit confused. Being a congressmen pays what 174k? She has only been in congress for what one year? And her "dues" are 250k? There is some shady math going on here.

  11. What do you expect. she doesn’t want to pay her school loans either. Back to the bar she goes ladies and gentlemen

  12. Traitors can control America remember that.. Trump is a good guy.. He has done more for america then any president in my lifetime… I'm 28 years old.. He built your economy almost more then the entire national debt.. Which Obama doubled almost if I am correct… America needs military supremacy…. It should be number one and a more strong America.. With less sabotaging idiots.. And more checks and balances on society strong or vulnerable.. Not a bs goal of a traitor.. America needs to produce to stay on top.. Create and reproduce and sanction those who steal American ideas.. Threaten America.. Or take american stuff and not pay.. China steals everything.. Including jobs and technology.. Designs… Companies.. Its worth it to build in China because they work cheap to steal ideas..

  13. We need to keep her and her squad and others like her out of our state local and federal gov. But I do wonder about these other so called dems. If a dem gets elected there goes our country. They will say anything to get elected and turn us upside down

  14. Love how everyone from NY claims to be sooooo elite and soooo much smarter than everyone else yet they elect this box of rocks

  15. She possibly doesn't tip fairly at restaurants. Not that this Barista ever depended on tips. She is still over her head as a representative.

  16. I hate to say it. But…. It starts with black listing one group for this reason or that reason. If some of those groups are supporting you…why would you give your campaign dollars to support the black listing.
    I am in no way supporting her or her beliefs. Only that fact that she has the right not to cause her own campaign harm.
    I hope she does loose to a R.

  17. Ok. Am I the only one thinking how do any of them pay 250,000 in dues on a 174,000 salary? Or am I missing something?

  18. What makes her think she can tell me where I have too spend my money? Another display of her two year old mentality!

  19. I am no fan at all of this girl, but to everybody hating on this girl, I am telling you right now, she will make it to levels people will never imagine, she is similar to Trump, she just doesn’t give a Fk! and doesn’t follow the norm, Americans are gullible enough to fall for that behavior. She also seems to fend off all attacks, just like Trump. I know this is a Fox Video, so I’ll catch a lot of flack for this, but once again I am no fan of her, but I do see how Americans buy certain personalities, blindly.

  20. Sooo she's talk about taxing the wazoo out of the rich but she doesn't wanna pay her bill. Do as I say, not as I do. Noted.

  21. Help me out here, she makes $140,000 for four years = $520,000. She is supposed to give $250,000 to Pelosi. Bwaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  22. Duh, she’s Puerto Rican. She’s not here to better America she’s biased with her own race abs country. She’s here to kick white peoples out abs put a person of color in.

  23. She realizes she won't win her reelection. She has some really strong contenders in the district she stole. Very few people in that district actually support her. So it's back being a waitress. So what ever money she stole while in congress is going to have to last her a long time. Hell, even the majority of the people in Puerto Rico dislike her. Almost time for her to pony up a new resume.

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