[ Airsoft Argentina ] DMR Scopecam Public Game! #004

[ Airsoft Argentina ] DMR Scopecam Public Game!  #004

Lau: there! Mike, did you see it? Mike: I’m going to your side! Lau: What? Mike: I’m going to your side! Lau: Do you see it, do you see it? Mike: I saw it! the sniper.. Lau: You saw it? Mike: Ay ay ay!!… Lau: Hum!.. yeah… Mike: That’s the sniper! Lau: you shoot him? Lau:he hide right away, when you shoot him Lau: Hello!
Mike: I got it , i got it.
Lau: Ok! Lau: can i cross? Lau: There is another..
Mike: Go Go! Mike: There it is, is hit Mike: there there! Mike:Keep it there, changa! Mike: HIT Mike: the guy that was there, just get hit Mike: Hit One.. Mike: There’s one more there? Liwen: There! Enemy: HIT! Mike: Hit him. Mike: You see someone there Liwen? Liwen: YES! Liwen: i hit him Mike: Good! Mike: Let’s enter, hey where are all? Mike: There is it.. Mike: Hitted! Mike: ready, Go inside go go! Lau: Grenade! Enemy: u missed missed. Lau: i hit the wall, i thought that is fine… its ok… Enemy: ……. Lau: no problem, no problem Lau: Grenade! hahah Lau: Are you okay? haha. …….
Enemy: Yeeah yeah! Nico: GOGOGO!
Mike: Thanks! Changa: Mikee!! Mike: Wait.. Mike: I got it, i got it Mike: I don’t know if he dodge it or hit him.. Mike: HIT!!! Mike: Only two on this floor, all of the rest first floor. Nico: Already two here? Mike: Yes! Mike: Set here! haha Fran: LIVE? Mike: Yes! Mike: They coming! Mike:in front in front Mike: HIT! Mike: They hit me here Mike: Hitted my gun Mike: You can fire, if you see some one! Mike: We already 5. if you see some one just shoot! Mike: Watchout! tano!

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