Advantium 240 Wall Oven – Cleanup

Advantium 240 Wall Oven – Cleanup

Nobody likes cleaning a conventional
oven. Fortunately, there’s nothing conventional
about your new Advantium. Baking trays can be easily
placed in the dishwasher for cleaning. It’s a good idea to wipe down the inside
of your oven frequently. Spills or splatters can be cleaned with
a paper towel or a damp cloth and don’t forget to wipe
over the glass halogen lamp covers to keep splatters from burning on. For tougher baked-on splatters, see your
owner’s manual. A damp cloth is all you’ll probably ever
need to clean the outside of your new oven. Don’t use cleaning sprays like this,
cleaners with ammonia, or abrasives on the inside or outside of your oven They can damage the surface.

One thought on “Advantium 240 Wall Oven – Cleanup

  1. It's easy to clean a brand new oven like the one in the video but my advantium hasn't looked like that in 2 years! Yes, I wipe it out regularly but really, it's not just a microwave. It is also a conventional oven and stuff really burns on. Really. I have a Whirlpool oven that is similar but after 12 years, the inside still looks new because it is a non-stick surface. Using stainless steel on the advantium was a big design error. Even my large convection/conventional is easier to keep clean.

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