A Timeline of Ice and Fire (Part 1 of 6: Prehistory – 700 BC)

A Timeline of Ice and Fire (Part 1 of 6: Prehistory – 700 BC)

Before the Migration of Men into the continent,
Westeros was home to the Giant Race and Children of the Forest who worshipped the Old Gods
and as part of their religion carved faces into Weirwood trees. In Essos, legends say the city of Asshai,
and Empire of the Golden Dawn held existed in the far east, while the Fisher Queens ruled
cities along the Silver Sea west of the bone mountains whose descendants became the Tall
Men of the Kingdom of Sarnor. Also the Qaathi people reigned in these times
founding various city states in what would later become the red waste. Of these cities only Qarth survived. The Summer Isles also have evidence of civilization
at this time, with its inhabitants believing that the islands were alone in the world,
surrounded by endless ocean. In 12000BC the First Men Migrated through
the Arm of Dorne and went to war with the Children of the Forest. In a futile attempt to preserve their homeland,
stories say the Children performed a magical ritual, possibly through a blood sacrifice,
calling down the hammer of the waters to shatter the land bridge connecting Westeros to Essos. They later attempted the ritual again at the
Neck of the continent, failing to completely to flood the area, and instead created marshlands. After 2000 years of war, peace was at last
achieved though the Pact of the Isle of faces, which partitioned the land, with the Children
taking the Forests and Men taking open lands. The First men also agreed to stop destroying
the sacred weirwoods, and in many years of friendship that followed, they even adopted
the faith of the Children, coming to worship the Old Gods. Following the Pact, Westeros entered the Age
of Heroes And for approximately 4000 years, the First
Men flourished, founding many kingdoms and noble houses. During this time House Stark, Lannister, Gardiner,
and Durrandon were founded. While on the Iron Islands, the legendary Grey
king ruled following the faith of the Drowned God. And it was during this age that the Islands
known as the three sisters worshiped the lord of the skies and lady of the waves. In 8000 BC The Long Night came, and for a
generation Westeros suffered from a harsh winter and Darkness. In the uttermost North a race of strange creatures
known as the Others or White Walkers, marched south against the realms of Westeros. Stories describe them as tall and gaunt with
skin as pale as milk and eyes that shine bright blue. They wore camouflage armor and wielded razor
thin swords of ice imbued with magic allowing them to freeze and break enemy armaments. They were also able to summon ice spiders,
and raise the dead, riding reanimated horses, bears and direwolves into battle and reviving
fallen enemies to create an army of undead warriors known as Wights
For years they wreaked havoc across the land until the legendary Last Hero journeyed deep
into the North, possibly wielding dragonsteel, in search for the Children of the Forest,
recruiting them to help humanity in their struggle. As the war continued on, an organization known
as the Night’s Watch formed to fight against the invaders finally achieving victory at
the Battle for the Dawn. The others were then pushed back to the lands
of always winter, not seen again for over 8000 years. Although stories say the Children of the forest
fought alongside humans during the long night, some have believe that it was in fact the
Children who originally created the Others in a magical ritual years earlier, with the
intent of raising a powerful army to fight on their behalf against the First Men, only
to lose control of their creation. While Westeros suffered greatly during these
years of war and darkness, the devastation of the Long Night was felt all across the
Known world, seeing the lands of Essos endure their own hardships, establishing their own
legends and mythos concerning the events of these years. In the lands of the Rhoynar, stories say a
terrible night fell upon the world, causing the waters of the river Rhoyne to freeze,
until a Hero emerged to unite the Children of the Goddess Mother Rhoyne, to sing a secret
song which brought back the day. Beyond the Bone Mountains, in the Golden Empire
of the Dawn, legends say it was under the reign of the Amethyst Empress that the troubles
began. Believing she was betrayed by her brother
who crowned himself the Bloodstone Emperor, his corruption led him to betray the gods
of their people and worship a black stone fallen from the sky,* caused the Maiden Made
of Light to turn her back on the world. This then led to the Long Night, when the
Lion of Night came forth to punish the realms of men for their wickedness. The Demon armies of this vengeful god caused
great devastation, until a hero emerged, wielding the sword Lightbringer, to drive the enemy
back, restoring light to the world. The story of the hero who fought the armies
of darkness with a flaming sword spread throughout eastern essos, with many cultures adopting
their own version of the tale such as the Patrimony of Hyrkoon and its successor Realms
who claim the man was known as Hyrkoon the Hero, while other lands give this figure names
such as Eldric Shadow Chaser, Yin Tar and Neferion. The most well known story however would came
out of the mysterious far eastern city of Asshai, where the followers of the Red God
R’hllor, claim the hero was Azor Ahai, believing he forged his magical sword by driving it
into his wife’s heart, imbuing it with her soul and naming it Lightbringer, the Red Sword
of Heroes. With Lightbringer at his side he led humanity
to victory against the demon armies of night restoring light to the world. The ancient prophecies of Asshai, then go
on to claim that Azor Ahai would one day return, reborn to fight against a new darkness that
would threaten humanity, and should he fail, the world fails with him. The chaos and years of war led to the collapse
of the Great Empire of the Dawn, replaced by a successor state in the Golden Empire
of Yi Ti. Back in Westeros, after the defeat of the
Others, stories say Bran the Builder of House Stark led the effort to build up a great defensive
wall with the Night’s Watch as it’s eternal guard. Years later, the 13th Lord Commander of the
Night’s Watch, betrayed his oaths, seduced by a beautiful woman with skin was as white
as the moon and eyes like blue stars. The woman was said to have skin as cold as
ice, leading many to believe she was linked to the Others, possibly one of their kind
herself, or else an undead servant. The Lord Commander then took his seat at the
Nightfort and declared himself King and the woman he loved his Queen with the Night’s
Watch as his personal army. The Night’s King as he became known ruled
committed barbarous atrocities, until the King in the North entered into an uneasy alliance
with Joramun, King beyond the wall attacking together and defeating The Night’s King,
freeing the Watch from his brutal reign. King Joramun led an army of Free Folk, also
known as Wildlings, who lived north of the wall when it was constructed and were cut
off from the rest of the continent. Some legends say King Joramun would go on
to find the Horn of Winter, blowing it to awaken the Giants. Although estimates vary as to when exactly
the age of heroes ended, many date the start of the Andal invasion to 6000 years before
Conquest. When Hugor of the Hill was crowned the first
king of Andalos, uniting his people under the Faith of the Seven. Slowly the Andals migrated into Westeros,
first sailing into the Fingers of the Vale, then expanding to conquer all of the continent
up to the Neck, overthrowing various old and noble houses of the First Men. Only the Starks of the North fighting alongside
the children of the forest, were able to resist them. And as a result First men blood remained strong
in the north, while the south largely mixed with the Andals. The Children were nearly wiped out in the
wars as the Andals slaughtered them wherever encountered, burning the sacred Weirwood Trees. The few of their kind that remained fled far
to the North, going into hiding and as a result the race of men came to believe they died
off. For thousands of years the Andals ruled the
south raising hundreds of petty Kingdoms that would eventually transform over time into
larger regions known as the Vale, the Iron Islands, the Riverlands, the Westerlands,
the Reach, the Stormlands and Dorne. Each ruled by various noble houses constantly
fighting for power. Far to the East The Ghiscari Empire rose and
conquered a large territory west of the Bone Mountains and for thousands of years they
ruled, building great pyramids with slave labor, colonizing foreign lands in Sothoryos
and discovering far off civilizations like the Summer Isles. Until the Rise of the Valyrian Freehold where
Dragonriders and magic users led devastating armies out of the Valyrian Penninsula, waging
a series of 5 wars against the Ghiscari, conquering nearly all their territories and burning the
city of Ghis to the ground. Afterward they laid the ground with salt and
sulphur to stop the survivors from ever reforming the city. The surviving Ghiscari fled to the cities
of Yunkai, Astapor and Meereen along Slaver’s Bay, and formed New Ghis, on a nearby island. Further Westward, the City States of the Rhoynar
Rose to power along the River Rhoyne. Though politically divided, they were united
by their Faith in the Mother Rhoyne and a unique and progressive culture granting women
equal inheritance rights, and tolerating homosexuality. In 3000 BC The Free Folk Beyond the Wall united
under Gendel and Gorne, brother Kings who invaded Stark lands in great numbers, bypassing
the Night’s Watch with tunnels dug beneath the wall. However they were ultimately defeated and
pushed back by House Stark and the Northmen. Though the city had existed before under a
people called the Mazemakers, the City of Lorath was colonized in 1424BC by Valyrian
worshippers of the Blind God Boash Having defeated the Ghiscari, Valyria began
expanding West establishing the city of Volantis and warring with the Rhoynar until 700BC when
they completed their conquest, defeating Prince Garin the Great and his army of 250 000. In 700BC Princess Nymeria led the Survivors
of the defeated Rhoynar on 10 000 Ships, sailing the Summer Sea in search of a new home. After years of struggle unable to successfully
Martell, uniting together to conquer the territory. In the North, after many years of Conflict,
House Stark defeated House Bolton, removing the Red Kings from Power and consolidating
their power in the North After Defeating Sea Raiders from the East,
Lord Karlon Stark was rewarded with lands and titles, allowing him to form House Karstark. In the South, the Ironborn raided the Western
coast and at their height controlled lands from Old Town to Bear Island.

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