A Skunk With a Limp | The Incredible Dr. Pol

A Skunk With a Limp | The Incredible Dr. Pol

[music playing] DR. POL: Keili has a pet skunk. This animal came from a farm. When they are born, they take
the scent glands right out. It was raised on the bottle. It’s very tame and acts
like a long-haired cat. She has a habit
of getting spooked, and she jumped off the
bed and started limping. Come on in. She’s a good size one. [chuckles] So she jumped off the
bed and hurt her leg? Yes. DR. POL: Let’s put
her on the floor, see how much she’s limping. What leg is it? Come on. MAN: I think it’s her rear–
DR. POL: Right. MAN: –right leg. DR. POL: Yeah, that’s
what I thought. OK, bring her up on the table. Yeah. Hello. So how friendly? [laughs] This skunk was, of
course, very tame so we could roll it over like a cat. All right. Put her down as
far as you can. There, just– that’s perfect. You’re OK. DR. POL: So this is the
leg she’s limping on. That’s a scab. That’s more than a callus. I don’t know. This is what hurts her. This was an old injury. She got a scrape on
something or other. And what I’m trying
to do is get– there it is. See?
– Oh, no. That’s like a– MAN: Oh, no. Something was stuck in there. I’m just going to see
if I can get that callus off and see what’s underneath. Oh, gosh. Don’t faint on me. I won’t. I just don’t like when
my baby’s hurting. [chuckles] DR. POL: Ah, now see here. [gasps] What is that? I don’t know, but
it’s pretty hard. KEILI WOODRUFF:
Is it glass maybe? DR. POL: No. MAN: A wood sliver? DR. POL: I think
so, a wood sliver. KEILI WOODRUFF: Oh,
that’s not what I would’ve guessed that I thought it was. No, I know. I guess she got some wood
stuck in the bed of her skin, and that’s why
she’d been limping. Now, put her on the floor. I bet you she’s
walking better already. NARRATOR: Rosie’s
still a little tender. DR. POL: What did I tell you? NARRATOR: But getting
around better. OK. Ha ha. [laughing] No hiding place. [laughs] Once she heals up, I
think she’ll stop limping and be a lot happier. So get the Neosporin at home. Put it on there, put it
on there, put it on there. Every time she runs by you– OK. DR. POL: Then
everything will be fine. OK.

30 thoughts on “A Skunk With a Limp | The Incredible Dr. Pol

  1. A closer look at Rosie's foot is needed to figure out what's wrong. What are your thoughts on Rosie's visit with Dr. Pol?

  2. Weird that she only started limping after jumping off the bed, becuase that wound must have been there for a while.

  3. I had a wild one around my house and it had one small bald spot on it. I always wondered if some one shot it. I never grew after a couple of years. It Loved cleaning out my roaster after I made Chicken.  I would leave the roaster out in the yard and it would hop right in. LOL Yes I filled the roaster with water and boiled it to loosen the rest of the crunches after the little rascal was done with it ! 🙂  I would see it and a doe in the yard some nights.

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