A new Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines Game by Paradox Entertainment!!

A new Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines Game by Paradox Entertainment!!

what’s up gamers is there going to be a
new vampire masquerade game next month? let’s find out. you guys probably know
maybe not the Millennials but I think a lot of you who are watching this know
vampire masquerade or sorry
or vampire masquerade bloodlines I hope I’m pronouncing masquerade in a proper
way I’m not sure but anyways recently there has been some news of paradox
interactive that kind of like made subtle hints so they made this ARG it’s also
called a alternate reality let me check an alternate reality game yeah I got
that tablet here so I would say it correctly but this is the second attempt
I’m gonna try to make this video and it’s a dating app and apparently like it
started dropping hints and people think that its dropping hints for a upcoming
vampire game just to read it up quickly tender a recently launched dating app
that matches people via their bloods via their blood type I’m sorry
may look legit but fans soon discovered that players with a paradox
account could somewhat inexplicably log in now there is this memo that has been
written and excuse me it’s here blabla codes hidden within some of the videos
in the app along with suspicious leaked memos from tender CEO Malcolm Chandler
which just so happens to be the same name as the author of vampire brides
from Planet hell all adds to the intrigue not least because the latest of
Chandlers memos uses a heap of vampiric terms furthermore this clip which I
can’t click on from a recent tender live stream shows
Santa Monica Pier which is also one of the key locations in bloodlines of
course curiouser and curiouser well here it says blah blah so mark the date as in March 21st
Wanted to read that up quickly so I would not
F**K that part up so I’ve been a vampire fan for a long time I really always
loved the atmosphere like especially like the Victorian style like the
houses and like the feeling to it Dark it kind of gets you to the vibe like
you know like being a vampire eating people and you really feel strong
right you know not very long ago we got this game right Vampyr and I’m not sure
if you pronounce it as vampyr or vampire but as far as I know because there’s no
E behind it’s vampyr but you can correct me if I’m wrong I loved it
except the combat was kind of clunky but other than that I I liked the story and
stuff and I really loved my time in the game apart from that game before that I
also played vampire the masquerade bloodlines not to be confused with
vampire masquerade because that one was a table-top game so it can’t you know
so forget about that it’s this is really either a remake of vampire masquerade
bloodlines or perhaps another entry in the vampire masquerade series now for me
I’d be happy with both I’d be happy with either a remake of bloodlines or a new
entry in it why I will tell you the bloodlines was a very good solid story
driven game right the combat meh was kind of a meh meh meh it was
kind of 50/50 for me but other than that it was a good solid game I really
enjoyed my time in the game and it makes me just super excited just to think
about it like another vampire RPG sort of game that I mean that they’ll be
absolutely fantastic now what to expect we don’t know yet
because you know they’re gonna like it’s like one of the biggest announcements
for the company so I’m really curious how they’re gonna announce it I hope
maybe like maybe beginning of March which will be very soon obviously we
will get a teaser trailer or something kind of like what they’ve been doing lately
you know like kind of teasing us so if that’s in the sort of style like this
sort of vampire style that we know that we will get a new entry in the
vampire bloodlines series obviously the Santa Monica Pier like that was like you
know like it was like bloodlines just like where everything took place
locations and stuff so that should already be like another actually a
subtle hint but an actual actual hint to what it could be but on the other hand a new entry will be cool too like vampire masquerade bloodlines 2 or something I
don’t know as long as they keep the character creations and stuff and like
have like a proper storyline to it that’ll be perfect anyway you’re not kind of
like maybe branch out a little bit to like maybe you could do more maybe even
a this is gonna sound stupid but maybe like in a GTA sort of style like you can also
like get into cars and drive somewhere maybe have like a headquarters you
know where you can recruit vampires and stuff even Ghouls I mean that will be
fantastic but it is me dreaming being dreamy and like thinking about it but
this this news is really like I’ll be one of the first youtubers that would
once I see like a teaser trailer or a trailer if if it’s so if it’s gonna
happen I’ll be one of the first to like be jumping on it and like make a
reaction trailer to it because like I said I loved myself in these worlds like
in these sorts of characters and like it’s the vibe it creates this sort of
dark goth-ish feeling even though I know I’m not a goth I don’t you know dye my hair or like I
like put makeup on but I like horror right I like survival horror i like the genre
and it would be cool to get another game like this you know like bloodlines
it would really like it would be almost I think like a day one buy for me
depending on what they will do with it hopefully not a multiplayer game co-op
I’m cool with that but I prefer it to be a single-player game that its
story-driven they can make multiple choices that we can do our own character
creation or maybe like a maybe like an high-end like a rich vampire or like
a middle class vampire or like a a human turned into vampire and yet like work
your way up maybe even as a ghoul like kind of like in the bloodlines one where
I played as a Ghoul and did not end well for me I will tell you that I was
really I wasn’t really good as a Ghoul anyways I suck at a Ghoul just not Gollum
maybe I will suck as Gollum too but as a Ghoul I will definitely suck
anyways so guys are you excited are you excited have you played those games if
you maybe played the tabletop game that The vampire Masquerade Game
if you did leave a comment below have you played masquerade bloodlines
the RPG if you did it have you like bought it have you played it ihabe you completed
it multiple times leave a comment below what are your thoughts on this do you
like will you be excited for a remake of bloodlines or are you more exciting if
there will be a new entry in that masquerade series that’s all up to you
leave a comment below so I could respond to you I’m really excited I really can’t
wait super cool and I like the idea I like
this alternate reality game kinda like it’s kind of funny you know that they’re
kind of like sharing little hints there so people would be like well maybe
this or maybe that could be nothing obviously but there’s definitely
something anyways I’ll leave the the article I’ll leave the article of
the one that I read in the description and in the comment section
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really really help me out anyways I’m kind of looping and repeating I’m sorry
thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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  2. "Maybe not the millenials". You do realize that its exactly the millenials that played this game, right?
    Millenials are all people born from ca. 1980 – 1996. What you mean are the zoomers/Gen Z. Either way, good vid man. Let's hope its really VtM.

  3. I don't know if you Heard but there will be an event in San Francisco on 21st, I think, and they will stream it on twitch of course.
    About Bloodlines: man I would actually go as far to say that Bloodlines is my personal favorite game of all time. Currently I'm playing as ventrue for the first time, even tho I completed the game like maybe 12 Times.

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