A mystery spider biting Kauai residents

A mystery spider biting Kauai residents

surrounded by MYSTERY. A handful of islanders are blaming a RECLUSIVE SPIDER… for what COULD BE some NASTY BITES. KITV4’s Lara Yamada traveled to the Garden Isle to see what has some… DESPERATE for answers. A WARNING: Some of the pictures ARE GRAPHIC. NATS: Tommy Sawing A Kauai woodworker and landscaper… NATS: Every morning I go over myself… Tommy Taylor’s used to scrapes, bites, and bruises. But he says, more recently, he, his co-workers…. …even his dog Anvil — have been dealing with something far beyond the ordinary. NATS: It’s healing, almost completely healed up. Taylor says Anvil’s been bitten at least 4 times. And, he’s been on the hunt ever since… …keeping a sharp eye on spiders. NATS: I caught one in my workshop the other day but didn’t have a jar. As for the humans… here’s a nasty wound on one co- worker’s head. NATS: It rotted like a gun shot hole in my leg brah! And last year, scar still visible, SOMETHING brought Ray Kleinman down — for weeks. 522-29 Ray Makua Kleiman/Lives on Kauai Once I picked that open it turned like rock hard and day by day got worse even with a good diet. On Oahu, check out this gorey sore on Dr. Teri Skillman. She’s convinced what’s called a Medditeranean Recluse or sometimes a Brown Violin Spider bit her in her Kalihi home. The Department of Agriculture has confirmed cases of the Medditeranean Recluse — cousin to the more dangerous Brown Recluse — on the Big Island, Maui and Kauai — the first case more than 30 years ago. NATS: 10423 So, there are over 240 species of spiders in Hawaii… The Department of Agriculture believes this one is a relatively harmless Brown House Spider. UH CTAHR Insect Museum Director Dan Rubinoff adds a dose of skepticism to BOTH cases. 519 They’re very shy spiders. 651-02 Dan Rubinoff The problem is that unless you actually catch the spider and even catch it in the act, it’s hard to demonstrate that the spider was in fact responsible for what ever wound you’re looking at. Rubinoff says it’s POSSIBLE spiders bit Tayor and others — but he’s more convinced it’s an infection, Little Fire Ants, or centipedes. 11801-08 If you attack them, one of the things they’ll do is lift their rear, and these two palps at the end here are extended to look like a fake head. NATS: Apparently this is close to a mature size. But after getting bitten pretty much every day… Taylor is in full research mode. And, he says GREEN PAPAYA has become his “miracle cure.” He believes the enzymes in the fruit neutralize the bad stuff and prevent a nasty wound. If only… he and others knew FOR SURE … what’s causing it. CLIP 02 My motivation is to get the word out there. CLIP 02 We’re all super concerned and trying to get to the bottom of this. Lara Yamada KITV4 News. The Department of Health says there’s NO solid research — that papaya enzymes stop the damage from a spider bite. As for WHAT’S biting — Rubinoff says YOU’LL KNOW if you’ve been bitten by a Centipede or Little Fire Ant. But, he says Recluse Spiders have weak fangs — so chances are you WON’T feel it — but you will start feeling the pain 2-3 days later — as the venom soaks in. And here’s something to think about…. Recluse Spiders typically hang out where their food sources are — termites and roaches. So without the spiders — you might end up with more of

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  1. We have cane spiders in Oahu, and they look similar. I even got bit by one. Idk that was 7 years ago. I hope I wasn't mistaken it with the recluse!

  2. I live on oahu and I see cane spiders and other tiny spiders, and I think I may have seen this recluse once but I never give spiders a chance, once I see them I kill them. Hate on me, I don't care lol spiders are evil devil made creatures. No way did god make the centipede and spider ect. Good to know about papaya being good on the bites. I'll keep that in mind as I have small kids that may not notice a spider near them or on them.

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