A Game for All Seasons

A Game for All Seasons

One of the things that I really like
about what we’ve been able to do with WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is have
more dynamic weather and, along with that, more dynamic change of seasons. Now in the
Amethyst map, this has not been a complete thing. We have increasing chances of snow,
decreasing chances of rain…over the course of the fall going into winter. If
it does snow, because it’s colder, snow sticks on the ground longer. Things like
that. But we never get into that deep winter look. And we’ve always been
planning to add a proper winter season to Amethyst and we’re finally doing that
now. Partly for Amethyst and partly because that becomes really important in
Slough Creek… because in Slough Creek you start: it’s early February, you have to
establish your territory, it’s deep winter there… and then, as spring comes
along, you have to find a den, and then, of course, have pups, and then everything
melts and it’s green and beautiful! So, we’ve been working on several fronts to
get all this working. And this includes having a new winter season that gets
activated in Amethyst in December. And you can see how that looks…
the snow is deeper so there’s no grass… so it has that nice clean, white,
beautiful, stark feeling of…of winter time. So this is still in development. We’re
working on footprints in the snow – which we’ve been wanting to do for …heh…since
release… but just haven’t gotten to it. We would love to have the animals make
trenches in the snow and that deep snow– because that really is often the case–
but there are just some technical issues with that that (we’ve looked at it from the
different angles) and are just preventing us from tackling that right now. So we
hope that’ll change in the future but, for now, it’s pretty hard-packed snow. So
all the animals walk on top of it. And with that deeper snow, a lot of that
ground clutter in the forest is completely hidden. Those saplings are
just poking above the snow cover. The boulders are half-buried in snow. And
it’ll be similar in Slough Creek! But along these environmental changes,
there’s also other changes, of course. We already have some of those like the
snowshoe hare (actually we had this working and then apparently it broke at
some point …so that I’ll be working again) It’s got a brown coat in the summer, kind
of a fading coat in the fall, and then a white coat in the winter. And that will
look even nicer against this pure white snow. But there is another big one that
we are setting up now and that’s the elk migration. In the late fall, the elk
migrate down from the… the high grazing lands where it has all the good grass in
the summer and fall. They migrate down into the valleys. And many elk actually
migrate on down the valley and out of Yellowstone. But some stay in the park.
And so we’ve got this set up now. So the elk have their summer grazing grounds up
in the highlands…and then they’ve got basically destinations that they will
migrate down to in late November and December and spend the rest of the
winter down there in the Lamar Valley. And if you’re paying attention, you
might… you might see them migrate. It’s not quite as dramatic as those African
migrations. But they still – when they realize the time is right –start heading
down there and –if you don’t notice it you and you’re up in the highlands–you
will start to have a hard time finding elk to eat.
And you’ll have to follow them down and spend the rest of the season down there.
This also comes into play in Slough Creek because the elk are in the valley in the
winter when you’re establishing your territory. But then they migrate up in
April or May –they migrate up into the higher elevations where the grass is
greening up and tasty to eat. And you’ll need to adjust your territory to make
sure that there are some elk herds in your territory. And that’ll be something
to think about when you are choosing your den site. There’s gonna be many
choices of den sites and you’ll want to think about proximity to the elk herds,
proximity to water, and a couple other factors, when you’re making that choice.
We’re setting up other changes too– like the … all the male ungulates are going to
be losing their antlers. The elk keep them through the winter (they don’t lose
them until March). So you won’t to see bare-headed bull elk until late winter, early
spring in Slough Creek. But mule deer and moose lose them in December. So you
will see them if you stay around in Amethyst, well into the winter. You’ll see
them running around with no antlers on their heads. Might be a little easier
targets for hunting. So all this is still in development– but coming soon in
the next couple weeks. Oh and, of course, one of the
biggest seasonal changes is in the springtime when all the babies arrive!
But…they’re not quite ready to show yet… so, stay tuned! Subscribe to our channel
for more sneak peaks of Slough Creek and WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition coming in
the future!

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  1. I’d like to ask you a question because I love wolfquest but sadly I can’t play it very well due to lag. I have a 2019 MacBook Air and it doesn’t run very well. It’s a newer computer so shouldn’t it run?😢

  2. There is still a lag when you hunt a bull elk. I'm not complaining that much because it's a great game, but I do think it does need to be fixed. 🙂

  3. This progress looks amazing!!!! The immersion of this game is becoming so stunning and realistic and I love how much work is being put into this 💖 Amazing job!!

  4. It would be cool if there was a game for the prey so you have to raise elk calf and keep safe from wolves and stay in herds

  5. Ех как красиво но жалко что всё на английском а можно чтобы в настройках менять язык сделать? Пожалуйста и когда выйдете мобильноя версия можете сказать весной может выйти и точнее месяц!;)

  6. Oh yes, trenches in the snow would be amazing but it can indeed be troublesome for game developers to create. I'd be fully fine with footprints already, especially if we get a 'crunch' sound effect with it. Would make me super happy already. <3

  7. It’s super pretty, but it does have a bit too much of a rocky texture, although that doesn’t mean it’s not amazing!

  8. me: W
    thim thalking about it:
    me:*about to go play it but then i dont and watch
    me:then ik see its not ready yeat '^'
    me; seeing the ending its know on pc and mc*
    Me:me i run up stairs and fall and go see if its ready *

  9. Oh yes, I really miss winter, we just had snow for a couple of days this year, so it would be great to run around in deep Snow in Wolf Quest!

  10. (ive already asked this but i'll ask it again since only part of meh question was answered e.e) Maybe, when you have your pups, when you do to lay down your pups will try to bite at your ears, climb over you, or try to get you to play? I know pups will have their own personalities but I am asking regarding how they will interact with you! Anyway, amazing progress WQ team! I'm so glad this game is coming back like this. Thanks for your dedication in crafting a beautiful game!

  11. I’m gonna be honest, the snow looks waxy and melty in the light. It should have little glimmers and glitter reflections from the sun, not like the gross waxy low poly we just saw. I know it’s in development but it’s just my opinion

  12. Will the story end taking the pups cross the river like the old wolf quest? If yes i would be so sad, i'm hoping that we could see our pups grow and go out to their own lives or even stay with the pack and we could be able to have more pups or become one of our own grown pups and start a new life playing as them, kinda like Shelter 2. It would make the game way more dinamic than create wolf – find mate – raise pups – create wolf – find mate… etc

  13. I have a question for future references. When you start working on the Lost Creek map for Wolf Quest, will you still be having a few "Easter eggs"? Also I would like to add that it would be a really neat thing if you could make it so we could enter more of the buildings displayed in the town like actual wolves in real life could do. I think it would be a cool thing to do to be able to go in and out of buildings without having to glitch through. And one more thing is I am wondering how much you are going to be changing Lost Creek? Will it stay mostly the same with Two Step, the abandoned boot and cabin, Alison Acres, and the town in general or are things going to change dramatically so that the town is in a different order, the cabin or trailer disappears etc etc? To be 100% honest I would like most of it to stay the same, just make it more modified and realistic and change some things like what buildings you can enter, being able to walk in the waterfall (Two Step), and other small things that would be really neat. I hope you see this and reply to me or make a video about Lost Creek to answer some of these questions. Let me know if you would like to talk about it more on something over email or some kind of social media. Have a great day.

  14. Hey I have this wolf quest and it still doesn’t work on my computer I have a Mac computer it loads and opens but it doesn’t open open like to play the game

  15. When will this come for the iPhone and Android app? I have the game but it’s an app for the phone and I’m wondering when you’ll put think on the app.

  16. I'm sad, I still for some reason cant get WolfQuest3. I'm on a mobile, android, samsung. Is it able to be installed on that?

  17. Will there ever be a time where this won't be just a PC game? I no longer have a computer that I can play Wolf Quest on, nor do I have money to buy a new computer. However, I do have a PS4, and would love to play Wolf Quest once more.

  18. I love seeing all these check in updates your posting!! I can't wait till it's all done and on mobile!! I can't wait, it's so beautiful!

  19. i think adding maybe a few really sparse sprigs of grass might make the winter look more natural, because for me it feels a little too barren and flat, and ruins my immersion. It looks really nce otherwise though <3 the game is coming along really well!

  20. I just bought the game. There is a problem with the emotes. I sent a bug report about it. Basically when I press the E key tge emotes panel shows up but immediately closes. I tried holding tge E key which did keep it open but I couldn't select an action. (I have touchscreen and I still couldn't select an emote). I just got on tge mate quest so I hope you can fix it soon.

  21. The wolf fur is so fluffy I just wana reach out and pet them behind the ears and say whose a good wolf huh? like I’m talking to a pet I wouldn’t do that irl but I just love the fur details so much

  22. I know I commented this before, but, it would be cool if you could have a pack mate, like, you can have some young adult offspring, in your pack, and some subordinates in slough creek

  23. Hey! I played Wolf Quest like 10 years ago and I was sooooo happy to see theres version 3!! Downloading right now. Can't wait to play again ❤️

  24. WolfQuest can you maybe make a mobile version of this because I really want to play this but I can’t because I don’t know how to use my mom’s computer 😅

  25. Uhh I need some help:~:. So yesterday i bought the game(and it's amazing!) But it literally cant run on 60 stable fps! When I'm in the menu screen it gets like 80 on good but when i get back in the game it drops to 30 or 20!! Its the same with the other graphics.
    My specs are: Gtx 1050 ti
    Intel core i7
    8gb ram
    My windows is 64bit
    And I have a lot of storage left,but I cant understand why I cant run it smoothly! Even on the fastest graphics it'll drop frames!! Please help!

  26. Damn… that scenery is so beautiful! I wish i lived in such mountainish place, like Germany/Austria or Switzerland.
    But my country is so flat like my chest 🙁

  27. Me: coming back to see when WolfQuest 3 is put for mobile or if they are working on it.

    WolfQuest: sike we still updating haha you thought.

    Me: cries for 10 minutes

  28. So basically, the pups can't leave the den as well as the mother for a while. Also the pups can't eat the hunted food so they rely on the mother to feed them just like in real life. Whilst the father is out hunting, small animals like foxes could occasionally try to take a cub (which is kinda sad) to add more challenges. Another thing that could make things more realistic is that pups could grow from small, tiny cubs that can only wiggle around to move to larger, more outgoing pups (depending on their personality).
    These are a few times I'm looking forward to. Please keep up the AMAZING WORK!

  29. Light cantrip up stay with us and they'll be more to us other wolves and also can we go on Ardennes with mushrooms plans send flowers and we can probably hide her food in there to two

  30. This is only make me wish the mobile version of WQ doesn't need to pay for pups, a pack, changing weather, a bigger map, etc. 🙁

    I really like the game tho, it's literally the only detailed wolf simulator I ever seen :''''P

  31. Omg. Love This! Btw i dont know what F11 is. I have played since wolf quest 3 was realeased, and i have NEVER gotten snow on my wolf's body, and i have NEVER seen foot prints in scent view 😂

  32. If you see this , add my user – lauren74267 🙂
    also I love this game, I’ve had it on mobile for a good 3-4 years now and even still the graphics amaze me

  33. Ok ok, this might be a bit much but what if y’all made the mouse on the platform a paw? 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 id think it would be cute!

  34. Dear WolfQuest developers

    I am such a huge fan of your work and games I’ve been playing WolfQuest for a couple of years and getting very exited for slough creek and tower fall to come to the new game. I have played the anniversary addition and I was so impressed with all the things the wolf can do on it. You guys are doing such an amazing job❤️.

  35. I would like to buy a PC so i could play the game without having to play on fastest with 12 fps, but I don't have any space for it… Also a decent PC costs about 8k.


  36. Youre game is my favourite its the best! Keep up the great work!! And are you gonna be able to keep your pups and start a pack? Love ur channel WolfQuest!

  37. Sorry if a questions like this has been answered before but I was wondering if the puppies grow up and will it be an actual pack where you can hunt and patrol? Also in multiplayer will players be able to play as puppies?

    ive always like the idea of getting a group of people who you could play with on wolfquest and help your friends grow keep them safe, when they grow up they can help the pack or even run off to create their own pack that you could interact with?

  38. Will you be making it so that when the pups grow up you can have a proper little pack? Unlike the last game, I know it might be a bit difficult to do but I just thought it would be interesting to run around with a pack by your side when you hunt and stuff? Just my thoughts

  39. Are you gonna reply to me abt when wq3 mobile will come, a date estimate. At least.
    I already asked. I did. Did I? I think I did.

  40. AHHH IM SO EXCITED FOR SLOUGH CREEK!!!! Ive completed Amythest Mountain a lot since i got the game lol, i haven’t plsyed it in a while but i checked last week and slough creek still wasn’t out so i watched these 😀 edit: and the ranch, will thst be in WQ3? It would be rlly cool if it is

  41. I have a question:
    When is the update coming out for IPad?
    Cuz this seems so pretty! Its honestly one of my favorite wild life games

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