A Day with Ring Fit Adventure from a guy who doesn’t exercise [Nintendo Switch]

A Day with Ring Fit Adventure from a guy who doesn’t exercise [Nintendo Switch]

100 thoughts on “A Day with Ring Fit Adventure from a guy who doesn’t exercise [Nintendo Switch]

  1. Nice. I want one so bad. (Can't afford it, but with the exercise aspect maybe I can convince my wife. You see, I am fat, I have a physical job, but could do some extra work)

  2. I bought Ring Fit adventure and I love it. I have back issues so even tho I hate sports I had to, now I have this game and there are the exact same exercice I do for my back it's way funnier. (Also it doesn't feel as lonely) I really thought that the game was genuinely good! I ran 3 km the first day( I bought the game 60 €?)

  3. Dude, Nintendo is just caring for us and our health at this point. Pokémon Go for walking, Pokémon Sleep for a healthy sleep schedule, and now this. Now just balance a diet.

  4. they missed the chance to use this as a steering wheel, maybe as an addition for mariokart, maybe using the squeeze and pull for using items or drifting

  5. I am a mom who works full-time, Monday – Friday (08:30 – 06:30). I honestly do not have the time to jog before work or go to the gym. I have been waiting for something like this for a long time!

  6. As someone who is overweight but gets bored with workouts way to easy even with music. I think this is a great idea for me

  7. lmfao dude i just bought this game and as soon as i opened the game the first thing i did was lick the cartridge and did the same face u did there, im watching this video after obviously cant stop laughing at how can someone do the same stupid thing i did (i just wanted to know if they still taste that bad)

  8. Honestly based on your review, you’re just lazy. If you’re going to buy the game, be motivated. My whole body is sore just from adventure mode. If you feel your difficulty in adventure mode isn’t that hard, change the difficulty to intense or extreme.

    Day 1 I chose moderate and Day 2 they ask you if you want to bump up the difficulty. You will continue to unlock moves. Even though my body is sore, I still want to play more.

  9. I'm really interested in trying it, getting it set up, and playing it daily. But right now the $80 is too big a price tag, what with Luigi's and Pokemon coming very soon. Maybe I'll toss it on an Xmas list, I'm sure my mom would love to see me do it.

  10. I really enjoyed the game so far. I do this game for a little amount at a time, and it complements my walks with my dog.
    I think it's great for people who don't have a gym membership and need some resistance training at home.

  11. Unless you exercise quite often, start at moderate and adjust up or down with the questions on the following day. Moving from moderate to intense triples the amount of work you have to do and totally killed me.

  12. I'm actually pretty stoked for this. I understand where you are coming from. But in the Pacific Northwest it's a bit wet. I'm hoping this will give me an excuse as you say, to get less fat. Cheers,

  13. There are more exercises for your arms as you unlock more stuff….the four exercises you start with greatly expand to include some from many fields of exercise. Even with the four exercises, you're gonna get your ass kicked.

  14. SMH do your research guy. "Needs stuff to unlock, progression" it has unlockable customization, a skill tree and more. Too many leg workouts — there's over 40 to unlock and they're spread across many different categories. It's because the first yoga one you get is chair pose (WHY???) that it feels there's more leg stuff going on. Also, no sweat? You need to bump up the difficulty — I was doing 30 reps per turn for my first day (turned it down a little bit the next day because my legs were destroyed) and I was sweating my ASS off. You should keep playing!

  15. Ok guys I know this is reallyy off topic but Im having a really hard time choosing between dbfz and mk11for the switch. What should I buy? Thanks! P.S. i know this is late as hell. But Im hoping for someone to reply!

  16. 2:27 as a person with the red and blue joycons, I though that you were joking by saying left joycon on the leg strap and putting in the right.

  17. Well I hate to say it but I might buy this. I broke my knee recently. Now that I can walk again this may be a decent way to rebuild my lost leg muscles.

  18. It's OK if you are not interested in the game. What is NOT OK however is giving it a go for half an hour and then doing a "review".

    There are so many objectively false claims in your review it's astonishing. Just a few examples. For cooldown, you don't need to go in a complicated menu, just press the +Button. Also the game asks you every 20 minutes if you want to make a break. This alone shows, you almost did not touch the game at all. Also, the first world focuses on leg exercises. Then come arm exercises, then core exercises. So the claim it's heavy on the legs only once again shows you hardly played it.

    From a fitness standpoint, doing focus sessions for a body part absolutely make sense. The jogging in place through the worlds is just the warmup for the actual exercises, disguised as the battles. I could go on and on, but this is honestly the worst review I have ever seen.

  19. omg i need it! I play volleyball and I am a dancer so I workout 6 times a week, and I want more workout! and I like games. so I would be playing it on extreme lol.

  20. No offense, but it doesn't seem like you played very far to make the kind of judgement you have… some of your complaints get addressed as you progress beyond level 2 which it seems a lot of your footage shows as the farthest you got

  21. Hey, thanks for showing a bit of the resistance of the ring itself!! Most people in my searches have been giving vague "it's very strong", but having an actual weight value is so much better. Same with talking about the alarm at the end, or the sending of info back to the Switch when TV is off. Didn't even know those were a thing. Very interested in being able to use it without needing to turn the whole thing on, especially. Cheers, man!

  22. There is more progression once you get out of the first few worlds. It’s a bit slow to start, but it’s a great workout.

  23. You didn't really play long enough. You didn't get into feature such as smoothies. The workouts target legs early on but you get more moves later that target other areas (that you said you didn't even use). That means you only played adventure mode for maybe an hour and a half, tops? Not nearly enough to get a good review.

  24. It’s hard not going back to the house but on the road I’ll pick you up at five or so I’ll let her know when you’re ready and let you go eat breakfast with a therapist or a bean burrito

  25. For someone who can't go to the gym anymore due to a chronic illness, this might actually be really nice. Even just a bit of playing this game a day of few times a week could probably help keeping the body at least a bit in shape. Which sounds really nice, just wonder how long it takes for all those accessories to break down

  26. Nintendo could make this game more complicated and lean towards the gaming aspect, but then it would distract you from the exercise itself, and also make it too challenging for people of older age group.

  27. legs i.e thighs have the biggest muscles in the human body. hense recovery rate takes longer, meaning you burn more calories

  28. 3:33 From what I've seen in other videos it's not really possible to break it with your hands. Your hands will touch before it breaks.

  29. I sit all day at the office, working and sit all night at home, playing video games so I have a pretty inactive life. I think I can squeeze (pun intended) some exercise into my life with ring fit. Waiting for my order to arrive, so we will see.

  30. I preordered it for me, played a couple of levels a day for 7 says so far and finding it a very inventive way of getting me to exercise and not just get bored and quit. So yes I'd say it's working for me. And most of your issues with the game are solved by clearing the first two world's.

  31. I mean if accessories for your character are something that's gonna keep you playing, they literally have those…

  32. I'm really interested… Every level is a new thing. New exercises with more power attack… Strategy for battles. Items (drinks) . Even gear (cloths) . New enemis with different skills… Some do healing, Double attack,… And my goal is put in harder mode. It's very interesting each level.

  33. You did one level… Has many harm attacks in battles… Shame on you for 17 minutes of gaming and stop playing a game… Dislike

  34. If you have a SO party mode makes sense. I imagine if you have like 6-12 year old kids they might want to join as well. It's not something I would do with my friends though.

  35. I still use wii fit about once a week but only for the yoga and exercises, not the mini games which are too easy so this seems like a fun upgrade to that.
    I also like DDR, the one I play has a calorie counter so that's helpful 🙂

  36. I remember back in the Wii Fit days when people would rag on the games and Nintendo, and especially the people who enjoyed them by simply saying "OR YOU COULD JUST WORK OUT/GO TO THE GYM" over and over again.
    Well, fast forward past Pokemon Go, and suddenly something like this is legitimate.

    Technically, it always has been legitimate. What Wii Fit/Wii Sports was all about wasn't getting people to exercise: It was to give people who had no interest in exercising, a reason to exercise beyond health benefits. That's what Pokemon Go opened the eyes of many to. Most people had no care to walk around their neighborhoods, not because they hated walking – but because there were other things they'd rather do. Give them a goal in mind, suddenly the neighborhoods are far more interesting to walk around. THAT was what Wii Fit/Wii Sports was all about – it was to set goals for things that were more wantable than simply 'health benefits'.

    And before anyone goes down that old, overused railroad track again: No, 'health benefits' isn't a goal that entices most people.
    My wife has higher endurance than me in work outs, at peak form she can beat me in a race, and at peak form she could beat me in most physical challenges (difference in body types makes all the difference).
    However, between her and I, I love exercising more than she does. She can be pushed to do a diet and exercise regimen for six months and at the end of it all, would gladly throw it all away and go back to being a couch potato who watches cat videos all day. If you ask her to go out on the town, there better be milk tea or snacks involved, because otherwise she thinks walking with no particular destination in mind is a huge chore.
    Of course she cares about her health… but enough to throw away time from her beloved 'relax and enjoy small things' time? It's counterintuitive in her mindset.
    … Throw in a virtual goal and reward system for things that are cute and simple: NOW you have her interest.

    Some people are wired differently. Actually, excuse me, EVERYONE is wired differently.
    Not everyone can be expected to simply go play a sport or run laps or do stretches every day and ENJOY IT. Trust me, I've tried to rewire my wife's habits for years. You could try to rewire yourself for years, but inherently, you'll always be the same person underneath. If you don't enjoy exercises and force yourself to exercise for years, you'll still enjoy exercising significantly less than a person who has always enjoyed it.
    Video games like these are meant to give an incentive that's enticing to people who aren't wired to exercise for fun. And they should never be dismissed simply because it offends you (whether you hate or love exercising).

    I'm just honestly a little sad that it took a decade for people to start understanding this concept.

  37. Hold on a sec! A review of a weird Nintendo idea that actually reviews the game itself instead of just shitting on it because that makes for easier content cough most Labo reviews cough ?

  38. I'm into this game for three days now. Still not sure about it. It is nice (same "nice" that Granny uses, when she inspects modern fashion), but at this time I think I likes Wii Fit better. It came with a bigger package of exercises I think, at least more different exercises.

  39. For people who watched this video, don't let his opinion sway you too much. 1 hour with this game is not going to give you a good idea of all it has to offer. Things like accessories, health items, and even a skill tree open up as you progress in the game, among other power boosts. More exercises also end up un-lockable and you can swap them out so you don't have to do any squats if you don't want to in the adventure mode. It's really just a matter of unlocking these things as you progress. I think it would have been better if this was called a first impressions video instead of a review, because playing for one hour tells you nothing about the overall quality of the game.

  40. There''s like 45 moves total and the game takes 40+ hours to beat…
    There's plenty of arm movements my dude. You did the bare minimum to "review" this game… lol

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