100 thoughts on “A Cover Is Not the Book (From “Mary Poppins Returns”)

  1. I was hoping that they would bring back superkalafragilisticsxpealadosh but I guess this is 2.0? (if your sn OG mary Poppins watcher you would know what I'm talking about)
    Edit: I cant spell ^_^

  2. I can’t NOT enjoy this movie, it’s has musical references, 2-D animation and Lin Manual Miranda. That Jekyll and Hyde reference made me smile so wide

  3. A lot of purist hate this movie but I thought this was a good love letter for the original. My friend hated it because he said Miranda rapped but I don’t think that’s right, he just talks very fast.

  4. mary poppins: no i will not sing
    no, i couldn't possibly-
    d flat major
    audiences' pov: she literally said she wouldn't sing

  5. Just an ok Movie….I will never understand the reason why Disney or other studios try to do a remake of classics or just tepid sequels just like this one…really ? A Hamilton kinda scene ?.. nah..it wasn’t even funny in my opinion..Bad casting ( Lin Manuel Miranda )…and Mrs Blunt did all that she could .

  6. Did Mary Poppins just do a pelvic thrust while singing "Open it up and take a look" ? I promise I'm not trying to cockney block anyone here, but the burlesque seems just a little out of place, no?

  7. My fave lines "You'll be a happy king if you enjoy the things you've got. You should never try to be the kind of person that you're not"

  8. i nEvER rEaLiZeD tHaT Was lIn, tHe gUy wHo pLAyEd aLexANDer hAmiLtoN iN hAMiLtoN! oMgoShHHH. After he made the big chop i never reconize him XD

  9. Im honestly obsessed with this song, I've rewatched it soo many tines i could know the song of by heart.
    I love mary poppins

  10. All these comments about cooling it with the Hammie stuff….and yet hardly any of the comments are about Hamilton on this song soooooh maybe cool it with the anti Hammie stuff😂

  11. I made this reference when our librarian at my school was talkin bout a book he read that he thought was just a stupid book but was actually quite enjoyable and he just looked at me with a face that said “I hate it but awesome timing” and like two people looked at me and carried on with the next two lines it was so awesome xD

  12. love this place the staff has toys are you sure your family will get their life to come back from a new year or something

  13. Disney is pathetic. They take one of the all time children’s classics and include a quasi burlesque musical number with Mary Poppins doing pelvic thrusts to innuendo about a man taking root in a woman to produce seedlings. Watched with shock with my kids the other night. I have ZERO desire for my 7-yr-old to watch garbage like that.

  14. As a grown man, with no kids, I felt silly going into the movies to see this, but I had checked out of my Air B&B and my flight wasn't for several hours later and this was playing……..Holy Toledo!!! I recommend this movie to everyone. I mean seriously, this was great.

  15. Been doing similar work in Photoshop involving crossing live action with 2d animation where I edit my Mortal Kombat cosplays in with scenes from Disenchantment. For example I posed as Scorpion and edited a flame on my thumb so it'd look like I was lighting a smoke for Luci.

  16. I get it, Hamilton is good, and Lin is in here, but let’s appreciate the song for what it is. Not everything has to revolve around Hamilton. I understand the fans, I used to be one of them (and quite obsessive at the time. I now cringe at that phase of mine.), but it’s getting annoying.

  17. Mary Poppins: Oh no, I haven't sang in YEARS!
    So you weren't just singing a few minutes ago about
    the "Royal Doulton Music Hall",eh?

  18. I kinda wish this really good song had more to do with the movie. Like it's kinda weird how even with this song the banker who seemed like the bad guy still ended up being the bad guy.

  19. Fun fact:(well first idk if u knew this or not) the guy singing with Mary Poppins is the person who made Hamilton the musical.😀

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