8 Most DANGEROUS Spiders In The WORLD!

8 Most DANGEROUS Spiders In The WORLD!

this is top 8 most dangerous spiders in the
world! Number 8: brown widow spider
our first creepy crawly spider sits at number 8, the brown widow. this spider has been said to of been originated
from south Africa, and has been spreading further and further into the united states,
entering into states such as Florida, Texas, Mississippi, California and even Hawaii. This spider will ultimately find its way to
any state that has a environment it can survive in. The brown widow has tiny hair like bristles
that extend through the tips of its legs and feet. female brown widows are seen to be almost
twice the length as the males, reaching up to 10 mm in size, with Colors that can vary
from dark to light brown. this may look like a black widow, but you
can see the main difference by the color of the spot on its back. the brown widow will carry a yellow or orange
mix of color, as the black widow has a bright red spot. no matter what the color is, i still wouldn’t
want to run into one of these spiders. do you know how spiders communicate? through
the world wide web! Number 7: brown recluse
slithering into number 7, we have the very dangerous brown recluse. the brown recluse is not only deadly due to
their extremely poisonous venom, but one of the scariest looking spiders you’ll ever see
in person. I have personally been chased by one of these
spiders on multiple occasions, and one thing that will freak you out is the speed of these
things. They will attack, dip duck and dodge you to
no end, with a surprising intelligence about them. The size of the brown recluse can vary anywhere
from 5 to 20 millimeters long, with the rare cases of even bigger ones being spotted. unlike most spiders with 8 eyes, these carry
6 total. They have a semi short lifespan, reaching
anywhere from 1 to 2 years old. They are very strong and resilient spiders,
with the ability to survive in harsh conditions, and even no food or water for up to a half
a year. You can find your favorite brown recluse hiding
in your garage, closet or areas with a lot of untouched wood lying around. They prefer a much dryer and private area
to relax at. The brown recluse has been found in many states
such as Ohio and Nebraska, all the way to California and Nevada. What do you call a undercover spider working
for the government? a spy-der! Number 6: the wolf spider
the menacing wolf spider has our number 6 spot in the list. These spiders are called the wolf spider since
they have the hunting abilities like a wolf, in some cases could be even more dangerous. This is the big boy hunter of the spider world. The wolf spider has very distinct eyes bulging
out at you, with 2 of them being overly large compared to the other 6 eyes below. spiders usually do not have the best vision,
but in the wolf spiders case they have amazing eyesight compared to others. This spider is known for their very unique
method of carrying their baby eggs, which hangs on their stomach area, giving them the
ability to be right there when the eggs start to hatch. Even while they are carrying their eggs, they
will still hunt. It will take several weeks before the eggs
begin to hatch, which at that point the mother will let them fight for themselves. I couldn’t imagine the mother being able to
take care of hundreds of wolf spider babies at once with efficiency anyways. Their bites are not to be taken lightly, as
they contain venom that will leave your body uneasy, with noticeable discomfort and swelling
in the areas that were targeted. Do you know what part of a computer the spiders
use? The webcam! Number 5: Brazilian wandering spider
crawling into our number 5 spot is the Brazilian wandering spider, also known as the armed
spiders. This is one of the most venomous spiders in
the entire world, and could potentially kill you if bitten by one of these. This spider actually holds a few Guinness
world records for being so venomous. The Brazilian wandering spider is a more general
name for the 8 different species of spiders they represent. This species is not like your regular spider,
as they tend to kill and eat their prey without the use of webs. how vicious! In the spider world, males are always smaller
then the females, and the Brazilian spider is no different. When it comes to the mating situation between
these spiders, the female tends to kill the males after they are done with them and got
what they needed. Once the female lays eggs for the hatching,
you can expect to see up to 1000 eggs at once! The age of these specific spiders can reach
anywhere from 1 to 2 years, which is the typical lifespan of most spider species. what do you get when you cross a spider and
a piece of corn? cobwebs! Number 4: yellow sac spider
resting in the number 4 spot, we have our very unique yellow sac spiders. This group of spiders are named by the way
they sleep during the day, inside their home made personal spider sac retreats. You have to watch out for these sneaky spiders
as they love to prey on people or insects distracted or sleeping. You do not have to be to concerned about their
bite as its one of the more least venomous spiders to infect you. You can find these creepy crawlies scavenging
around in south, north and central america, along with Africa as well. These spiders are just like the previous wandering
spiders when it comes to how they approach their prey, with brute force, without the
use of their webs. When the yellow sac spiders want to reproduce,
they release a much smaller group of babies, with litters reaching only 20 to 90 eggs per
batch. What do you call a spider that can dance? a jitterbug! Number 3: false widow spider
sitting in the number 3 spot on this list is the false widow spider. These commonly can be mistaken for the well
known black widow spider. This is another species that the female is
much larger then the males, reaching up to 16 millimeters in size, and males reaching
a small 9 millimeter size. You can find your friendly neighborhood false
widow spider relaxing in your trees and walls at home, or in your beautiful garden beds
full of food. The reproduction size of these spiders can
give the females over 190 eggs to incubate and hatch, and gift us with their presence
around the house. You cannot necessarily die to a bite from
these little guys, but will definitely be irritated if bitten. Having a small first aid kit in house will
sure come in handy if ever bitten by any kind of spider, false or not. how does a spider kiss their secret crush?
they spin the bottle! Number 2: funnel-web spider
The number 2 spot is held by the funnel web spider family, which contain over 30 different
kinds of species of funnel spiders. These are much larger then your usual spider,
and are no stranger to the lands of Australia. One of the largest funnel web spiders found
has reached over 10 cm in length. This is another spider species that could
be deadly if bitten and not treated quick enough, due to the high amount of venom injected
into your system. You can find your favorite funnel web spider
in the most humid areas with bushes and trees, over the regular dryer areas spiders can be
found in. This spider is known by the funnel type webs
it creates when it finds a place it wants to call home, and also uses it to catch prey
when able. Funnel wed spiders are very fast, but they
do not have the capabilities to jump like some of the other species, nor can it swim
if it finds itself falling into a pool or water for whatever reason. what do you call two just married spiders? newly webs! Number 1: the black widow
and finally our number 1 most dangerous spider, the world famous black widow. This amazing spider is known for being one
of the most toxic spiders in america, but only the females, and the males are practically
harmless. The females can reach up to 1 and a half inches
in length, with males being only about half of the size of the females. you can recognize the black widow by the hourglass
shape on its back with a red color throughout. When black widow spiders have babies, they
are not this color right off the bat, as they have a white or yellow color instead, which
turns into the red over time as the black widow ages. You can find the black widow in most of the
hotter areas in the world, specifically in the america areas and Africa. This species is another potentially deadly
bite if bitten, and you should receive medical attention as soon as possible if ever in that
situation. black widows like to use their webs to catch
their prey, unlike some of the more savage spiders that attack full brute force. When the widow decides to hatch eggs, they
can hold up to 800 babies per batch, and take about a month to turn into baby black widows,
as long as they haven’t been eaten by their own mother by then. How brutal! Why are spiders bad at driving? because they
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  1. Brezilian wandering spider should be #1… And funnel wed #2 …. Not #5… I can"t imagine what spider that is more dangerous than those 2…

  2. False widow isn't even a threat to humans either.. This list SUCKS!!!
    #1 Funnel Web spider ( only cuz it actualy has killed ppl before, although apparently the wandering spider is 'supposed" to be more dangerous..
    #2. Brazilian Wandering Spider
    # 3 Black Widow

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