8 Ghost Recon Breakpoint Tips And Tricks To Conquer Auroa

8 Ghost Recon Breakpoint Tips And Tricks To Conquer Auroa

Hello. Welcome to Rock Paper Shotgun. I’ve spent the last four days on my belly
crawling through virtual soil of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint for our review – coming
next week – but I thought I’d share some quick tips that have helped me enjoy the game
a bit more. From easy skill points, to quick XP, to finding
the best sniper rifle and getting around the island quickly, hopefully these would help. I’ve put time codes to specific tips in the
description, but I’d obviously love it if you watched the whole video – and I’d be even
happier if you give it a like and subscribe if you find it useful. Now onwards! I’m going to start with the cheesiest tip
I have, because it gives you some juicy toys right from the start, and Breakpoint gets
better the more toys you have. It’s all about robbing the Behemoth sites
– the ones guarded by the game’s toughest drones. Now, the idea is to power up your gear and
murder these giant killbots to gain access to their loot towers – but you can sneak by
with a low level characater. To do this you need the Panther class – which
you can unlock with your first skill point. If you unlocked something else, don’t worry,
just use another skill point. This gives you access to the cloaking spray
which hides you from Drones – and you can probably see where this tip is going. Ironically the drone can;t see where you are
going. The spray only lasts 60 seconds so you want
to be quite close to the loot before applying it – I like to travel in by vehicle, park
just outside of the drone’s line of sight and then crouch walk towards the tower. Apply the spray when you are within 100 meters
of the steps and you can run over, run up the stairs, loot the crate on the first floor
and then climb the ladder to reach the higher crate. If you do this early on it’s an amazing
way to collect loads of skill points and some rare weapon blueprints, and the skill point
are very helpful for speeding up levelling, which is another reason to rob these big stupid
robots early on. Suck it technology – you’ll never be a match
for my anti-robot lynx deodorant. Once you’ve reached Erewhon you’ll have
a handy helicopter outside, I’d take that for a trip round all the Behemoth sites and
rob them before even starting any main missions. And if you run out of Cloaking Spray, just
camp at a bivouac spot to restock. Easy. Follow my first tip and you’ll have heaps
of skill points to spend – opening up a huge chunk of the skill tree. Personally, I focus on things that speed up
XP gain early on, so that you gain even more skill points. To start with buy Experience Upgrade for a
20% boost to XP. Nice and obvious. Then I’d buy a Parachute to open up the
next tier of the skill tree. From here I buy the Pistolero perk, which
gives you 40% XP gain on pistol kills – do remember to equip it on the main loadout screen
– it goes in this slot here. A single pistol shot to the head will kill
any human enemy – two shots if they are wearing a helmet – so it’s quite easy to stick with
it while taking on smaller patrols or clearing out bases with lots of buildings and cover. Not only does it give a big XP bonus but it
lets you pretend to be Benicio Del Toro in Sicario, which is always cool. Now you need to buy another perk slot – these
icons over here. With that done I’d buy Recon Mastery – this
is a drone perk, so add it to your new perk slot – which gives boosts the XP gain you
get from spotting enemies. Just flying your drone over an enemy base
will see that XP come rolling in – slightly inflated in this video as I had an XP booster
on, but it’s still juicy. You just have to get into the habit of using
your drone to spot everyone – using your sniper scope, for example, won’t give you any XP
gain. Yes, it’s silly whipping a drone out for
just two guys, but don’t throw away free XP. With Experience Upgrade, Pistolero and Recon
Mastery you can really climb through the ranks. Another quick way to boost your XP gain is
to make sure you always have an XP booster working from the bivouac. You do this by setting up camp – there’s
one in Erewhon if you’ve not found any more – and selecting preparations. Yes, it’s only a 10% boost for the hour,
but it’s more worthwhile than the other stat boosts, early on. One thing to mention – if you die, the boost
will deactivate and you’ll have to hop back to a camp for more. Don’t worry – i’ll talk through that in
a second. Less of a tip, more of lifestyle advice – with
all these XP boosts working, it might be worth spending some time on the ground, rather than
flying – think of all those skulls you aren;t shooting from the air. Spend a couple of hours moving between points
of interest and you’ll run into loads of little groups to shoot with your pistol, and
you’ll be finding sites to loot, thus speeding up your gear score improvement. While I think you should spend time on the
ground, I also think you should make it one of your first jobs to unlock bivouac sites
all over the island, as they work as fast travel sites and make the whole game much
less of a chore. Once you’ve reached Erewhan you gain access
to the helicopter – hop in and aim for the pillars of smoke you see over the map – these
tell you where there are campsites to discover. Once you reach the smoke you need to descend
until the campsite is discovered – you won’t need to land, but you won’t unlock it just
by flying through the smoke. Now you just need to leap frog from smoke
to smoke and you’ll unlock a network of fast travel points – the only thing you have
to watch out for are SAM sites that will try and shoot you down in more dangerous regions
– just drop to the treeline to lose their tracking or any missiles and carry on your
way. You can also identify bivouac sites from the
ground, using your drone – you just fly up and aim the camera at the smoke – but I found
it sometimes wouldn’t identify the smoke – maybe it was out of range – so I prefer
the helicopter approach. Another benefit to touring the map is discovering
points of interest – these appear as question marks. Unless you’ve turned them off in the options
because you’re more hardcore – in which case, why the hell are you watching a beginners
tips video? Weird. If you fly close to these points or point
your drone at them you’ll find out what they are, but more usefully, looking at them
on the world map shows exactly what loot they hold – from blueprints and skill points, to
the gear inside the random crates. It’s only a quick tip, but it’s worth
doing this to see if the facility is actually worth infiltrating to begin with. Focus on the stuff you actually want and Breakpoint
stays fresher longer. Breakpoint is clearly made for co-op, so no
one will judge a single player for wanting to swing things in their favour. If you get tired of sneaking into enemy bases
and picking off people one by one – and then watching them all respawn the moment you die
– you could use this violent helicopter technique. For this I use the Mark 2 Rocket Helicopter
– you can add it to your garage by buying from the Erewhon shop. It costs a lot of skell credits, but there’s
nothing else you should be using them on in early stages of the game. I pick this helicopter as it has homing rockets,
which are handy in aerial battles. Fast travel to campsite nearest your target
– this is why I recommend unlocking them early. Use the bivouac and go to garage to spawn
the helicopter near your fire. Once you’ve flown to the base you need to
prioritise targets – the most important one is to get the guy who calls for reinforcements,
as this brings enemy helicopters and they are a pain. Two ways to pick him out – fire a missile
and alert the guards, and then when he calls for reinforcements you’ll see his radar
symbol blinking on the map. Feed him a missile to cancel the call. If this feels too panicky, park the helicopter
and use the drone to spot him first. With no threat of reinforcements you can strafe
the base with missile fire – I like to pick off snipers, then the machine gun turrets,
and the armoured minigun guys, as they can do the most damage from afar. If little drones fly up to you, you can lock
on by hovering over them, or just try and cut them up with your rotor blades. It’s not sensible, but it is fun. Keep dropping missiles until there is no red
fog of war on the map, as this is what shows you if there are still enemies about. Land and enjoy the spoils of war. And fly to the next base. While I do use that helicopter trick when
I just want to get in and out, I mostly play as a sniper – the game’s huge environments
are great for long distance serial killers. For my money – or skell credits – the best
rifle is the Tac 50, because of its killer range. If you are sick of waiting for enemies to
drop a TAC 50, you want to find its blueprint so you can buy it in the Erewhon shop – it’ll
spit one out to match your current gear level. To find the blueprint you need to go to Maunga
Nui Port in Sunken Clipper Bay in Smuggler’s Cove – here. It’ll be in this crate. It has amazing range as it is, but to push
it even further you want to find the bipod attachment – it can be found in Fuel Storage
in the Seal Islands – it’s here on the map. Clear this location out – using a helicopter
if you want – and you’ll find it in this crate, clearly marked when you are in the
base. Attach this in the gunsmith mode – you attach
it down here in the bottom corner – and your range takes another jump. To push its stats even further you want to
upgrade it – Breakpoint has an unusual upgrade system as upgrading a gun upgrades any future
version you find of it too. To fill in these upgrade slots you need materials
from breaking down other guns – annoyingly there’s no dismantle all button, you have
to do them one by one. Unless you are attached to a specific model,
I’d get into the habit of dismantling every gun you aren’t using to work through the
upgrades of the models you do like. In order to upgrade to Mark 2 and Mark 3 weapons,
you will need to unlock that on the skill tree – just down here. But it’s worth doing, as every version of
the Tac 50 I buy from the shop or find in the wild now has these upgrades. If you want to push the Tac 50 – or any weapon
– even further, I’d use the third and final perk slot for Ballistic Advantage – it adds
60 to range, which pushes the Tac 50 as far as it can possibly go. You’ll still need to count for bullet drop
when you go beyond 300 meters, unless you use the Sharpshooter’s Armor Buster ability,
which basically negates it. There’s a really good video on calculating
bullet drop for various weapons that I’ll link to in the description. And those are the tips that have got the game
moving a bit faster for me – you’ll be unlocking more skills and getting to the weapons you
want in no time. Of course, there are loads of ways to approach
the game, so do share any of your own Breakpoint tips in the comments. It’ll be a big tips party, fun for all. And if you found this video useful, please
do say something nice in the comments and subscribe to the channel – we do everything
from tips to reviews to lets plays – all on PC games. Thanks for watching and have fun crawling
about in the mud. Bye for now.

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    turn off HUD and mini-map
    turn off enemy tagging (no more wall hack)
    use "exploration" mode (you have to find most mission locations by reading the description)
    Leave everything off except for player crosshair
    set the stamina bar to "dynamic"
    Leave on the player detection meter (the meter that lets you know you're about to be spotted)
    Use extreme difficulty
    play solo only
    Use minimal vehicles , stay on foot mostly
    Do not use drone , or use it very sparingly

    Turn on friendlies tagging to keep you from killing friendlies

    So in a nutshell , turn every hand-holding ability off except detection meter

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  25. My tips for raiding a base any class: First drone out until the only enemies not pinged are inside. Snipe the reinforcements person FIRST under no circumstances should you try not to snipe him after others. Then take out snipers and rpgs. Now if detected with red/yellow marks shoot the electrical box if that doesn’t disable turrets just shoot em. If undetected clear out a path to disable them. If still undetected use a suppressor still if not then take off the suppressor doesn’t matter. And that’s an easy raid once rpg turret sniper are gone.

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