5 Things You Should Know About The Eclipse / FULL Moon (January 10th, 2020)

5 Things You Should Know About The Eclipse / FULL Moon (January 10th, 2020)

what’s going on my friends welcome to my
youtube channel my name is Victor and today I’m going to share with you five
things I think you should know about this upcoming extremely not only
powerful but rewarding full moon slash lunar eclipse we have here in January
10th 2020 the main thing is getting more than you think I have a phrase for you
and I want you to remember this because it relates to everyone who watches my
channel shadow work pays off shadow works sometimes what I mean by
shadow work is doing the inner work allowing your life to sort of rearrange
itself for your highest good so that you can emerge an embodiment of your real
potential and be a shining example for those around you when it’s happening
when the transformation is happening it seems as if the opposite is a career can
be challenging it can be unnerving can be unexpected all this is very normal
around these powerful alignments but this one in particular even though there
might be some Arrangements going on and you’re a life emotions coming up that’s
to be expected in spite of that the main theme is that you’re going to really
realize that you are way more powerful then you ever thought and that you’ve
already gotten yourself do the work you’ve already done to a new vibration
if you want to call that a new place of harmony and alignment and from this
point forward your life is going to start reflecting that in a way that far
exceeds your expectations is the extremely rewarding beautiful time of
empowerment upliftment and manifestation so as I always do my friends I always
break down these readings into five more specific themes that will allow you to
get the absolute most out of this this powerful end this powerful cycle that in
particular has so much potential now real quick before I get into the
video I want to give you a quick heads-up there’s something brand new
I’ve never done this in a video before that’s gonna take place at the end of
the video it’s it’s a full moon guided meditation that I welcome you to
participate in it’s extremely powerful I already filmed it it came out really
good and I know it’s gonna help you not only get a lot out of the full moon but
really tap in to your Divine self ok that’s at the end of the video just
giving you a heads up to stick around to the end and I’ll see you there and I’ll
see you inside right now number one I wrote down positive life change a
profound restoration of harmony in your life is what is going to result from
this full moon eclipse cycle now I know a lot of you might be thinking otherwise
saying it Vic no dude there’s actually a lot of random inconveniences spilling
into my life things are coming up in my life that I know I need to deal with but
I don’t know how and quite frankly I don’t want to right now because it’s
it’s challenging but those very things that come up that your awareness tends
to zero in on and and and send you a message of knowing that this thing this
person is career this it could be a smaller little tweak it could be a huge
part of your life this thing isn’t really a reflection of your new
potential this thing is a disruption in your flow and your happiness okay a lot
of times when these things come up we get lost in the initial stress of this
this an inconvenient truth popping in to our awareness but I tell you this when
you finally admit to yourself that I got a deal with this thing and you start
taking action to deal with it whatever way that means for you because you’re
acting in alignment with what your spirit is suggesting regardless of what
you gotta do it’s gonna go fairly smoothly it’s not gonna be bad and I
promise you you feel a million times better dealing with that issue head-on
because you’re in alignment then then like avoiding it and projecting in your
mind of how it’s gonna go it reminds me of when I had to close
down my gym I used to run this personal training gym and for a long time it was
like the love of my life it was like it was my passion it was my joy but as
things change people change it suddenly became something I never intended it to
become and it was now suddenly a source of stress and in anguish and I just
hadn’t knowing you all know how when something’s like trying to fade out of
your life you just kind of know it right that’s how it was for this gym but I
avoided it because it’s like this big thing I made and it would have been such
a pain in the butt to have to close it down and deal with it right so I voided
it well sometimes and this would happen
during full moons and eclipses especially it would be like these things
I’ve been ignoring suddenly I can no longer ignore and finally I was lying
awake one night going over scrolling through my phone trying to like think of
a way to salvage the gym because it wasn’t doing well and I finally stumbled
upon this this woman’s website her name was Samantha and she was a very
successful multiple location gym owner and I saw what Samantha was doing to
succeed and I was like oh she’s doing this this and this this well the problem
was this this this and this were things I knew I could not see myself doing you
know I was like the amount of energy it would take to get this thing succeeding
again I didn’t have it in me it was it was that the actions needed to be taken
were too out of alignment with where I wanted to be and who I wanted to be and
what I wanted to go so that moment when I saw that it was like oh no I could no
longer ignore I could no longer delay the inevitable but that thing finally
compel me to do what spirit was asking me to do the whole time saying you gotta
close down the gym it’s not making you happy it’s a source of stress and you’re
gonna be free and feel good if you do this one thing that your mind says it
will be tough and finally when I started to break down the gym and then told the
trainer’s and told the clients it went extra
quickly and extremely smoothly and to my amazement even though I was doing all
these things that I was a completing doing because I was in like this I felt
like I was finally back in my flow finally back on my path it didn’t really
matter what I was doing I was like having fun I was listening to music and
the breakdown phase went very smoothly very quickly almost effortlessly almost
in Joe it was almost enjoyable and then after that there was all this space all
this harmony all this room for new things to manifest in my life that
brought me so much more joy so much more passion so much more freedom so much
more abundance and that is exactly the type of energy I sense for this powerful
full moon and lunar eclipse a restoration and even an elevation I
would go to say of harmony and peace in your life but you gotta do what you’re
telling yourself already it’s time to do number two this one’s gonna seem a bit
out of left field I wrote down here transcending the idea and obligation and
chains of karma we’re living in a time when spiritual knowledge is at an
all-time level of abundance and sometimes I think we forget just how
spiritually adept we actually are on uncocks Vick law and universal truths
they become part of our common sense part of our vocabulary part of our
normal thought processes as sometimes we don’t
I think realized that profound game-changing implications of the
spiritual growth we’ve been on and I was just talking to my friend the other day
at the gym Erin heat my friend Erin is on this numerology kick and we were just
he was tell me all about it as he does he gets free he’s we call him the hype
master he’s hyping up new morality but I’m a fan too I’m not dogging it but he
was talking about the idea of a karmic debt number and we were discussing
amongst ourselves how it really does feel right now
that the idea of karmic debt is becoming obsolete because we’re starting to think
we’re starting to look at our life more so from the vantage point of the soul we
can almost see our karmic debt coming a mile away
with with like it’s different synchronicities different insights
different divine assistance where we have now the freedom to really live a
life free of the past because we are living more in the now than ever before
the idea of karma at least in might in my experience and what I see when I
sense take it what you will it really is becoming an obsolete concept that is
more so germane of going through lifetime after lifetime after lifetime
primarily unconsciously needing these physical ramifications to learn these
soul lessons it’s no longer like that we’re realizing now as above so low as
within so without what’s happening and the outside is coming from the inside
and it’s becoming more of a common sense to go a natural thing to correlate our
life with what’s going on inside and as we do that we can avoid these big
challenging lessons and live a life where we are just more free to create
and have experiences that bring us fun and joy and excitement and learn these
soul lessons in a much much much much softer way let me know I know how that
sound I’d be curious so I’d be very curious honestly of your perspective on
all the things I just said this is just my own perspective here so if you would
if you don’t mind please share in the comments below what you think about what
I just said number three all of us would really benefit especially now from going
with the flow and letting more of that 5d type of lifestyle it’s really good to
have plans I have goals and affirmations all over this wall will be mine all over
my office and I’m reciting them and I have these I read myself a fairly
specific sequential to-do list the night before every day but what I’m realizing
now my life is that it’s becoming more obvious
what really strongly seems right in that moment or on that day or for that week
for example as I was closing out the New Year I had I had want one major thing on
my mind and that was it’s time to write the book I was all about writing the
book you’ve all are probably are all probably sick of hearing about it but
turns out as the year as we’re in this new year now I’m finding myself with
this impossible to ignore just disgust out this passion there’s this resonance
with focusing I’m speaking I’ve been shooting these long instructional videos
when shooting way more YouTube videos and regardless of what I had thought and
what felt right at the time in this moment what feels so right is just doing
what I’m doing now speaking that guys like I hope they’re not have to cut this
short I uh I just wanted to psych this had to squeeze this video in because I
just feel like this undying passion to do it in the past the three can I tell
you that is because I would I would live my life more from like a cerebral
logical level up they will know I said this this is what I already concluded I
don’t want to have to feel whimsical and in the unknown and I would ignore what
what at the time even were more obvious inspirations to do things maybe against
what I had previously thought but as most of us know this is a very energetic reality we live in and we will always
benefit always from simply going with the flow going towards what resonates
trusting our intuition and right now I just have the strong sense that if we
can really do that we can really let go set plans yes make goals great but
really when it comes down to the ultimate authority should be how you
feel intuitively in your knowing in the moment I I made big choices in the
moment in this way and that’s when I made the biggest shifts in my life
that’s what miracles happen and and what seems like divine support
assists number four it’s a time of overcoming the shadow emerging
victorious in the battle against your shadow your shadow it’s so common for
the shadow two to come out and and mingle with us and try to block us and
suppress us whenever we want to make some kind of positive change in our life
how many of you have experienced that maybe a moment of clarity a moment of
inspiration and idea of a positive change that resonates and then you go to
take action on it and it’s you get the synchronicities and it feels so right
like yeah this is a good move I’m on my path and then all of a sudden you’re
dealing with all these blocks and people say the word blocks as if they’re this
insignificant sort of mental abstraction when they’re not we’re living at a time
where we’re so sensitive to our emotions and our emotional blocks the shadow as
it comes out to bother us it’s a real form formidable opponent and it can very
well derail people from doing what they know is right for them in their heart
and I’ve dealt with this in my life I know what it’s like to have and when I
had the inspiration originally to get on to YouTube it was like this was clear as
day what I’m meant to do but every time I try to shoot a darn video it was I
couldn’t do it I could be in this awesome stay all these ideas flowing all
day but the one I would turn on that camera it was like I was a different
person it was like I was my little inner child with this accumulation of
emotional baggage that made it impossible to do what I just wanted so
desperately to do what we are living in a time where there’s enough momentum
there’s been enough spiritual progress and growth in you to where you don’t
have to shy away from these battles with the Eagle these battles with the shadow
it’s a time to not fight in this like conflicting sort of way but it’s a time
to not let your fears derail your plans and prevent you from doing what you know
in your heart is right for you at the time where you can remain you can emerge
victorious I promise you as a matter of not giving up and be
persistent and just having that knowing that it’s normal turn into yourself turn
into your past as you try to go forward but it’s something that if it’s
happening it means you’re ready to do it you’re ready to win lastly number five
is a time of realizing truly just how far you’ve come now this doesn’t always
mean like my life is perfect and I have manifested all this cool stuff initially
these these powerful signs of progress come in the form of your behavior your
the way you react and respond to circumstances that might have initially
in the past produced a very different response and how quickly you move on
from things and just your spiritual now mastery and how it’s sort of influencing
your character and your behavior in the way you conduct yourself sometimes
recognition of that can be infinitely more satisfying than getting a new house
a new car the new job the new girlfriend or boyfriend okay and those are awesome
things and it’s cool to go for those a night set goes all the time as I always
talk about but realizing how much you’ve changed is is what really I believe is
ultimately produce a lasting and real and deep degree of satisfaction to to
not just your life but tears soul to your spirit it’s what we really are
after we’re here to learn we’re here to grow and we’re here to expand beyond
what we previously were and into more of ourselves and this month will be an
opportunity to really do a lot of that to really realize even if things aren’t
you there maybe try some things in your life that you’re in the process of going
through it and rearranging and letting go of and some blocks and the shadows
over there I’m poking its head out once in a while all life is gonna do what
life does but you are always a constant you are changing you are growing you are
transforming and you are becoming more and more and more and more empowered
each and every day and for that my friend you should celebrate okay my
friend I hope you enjoyed that video it’s now time to the guided meditation
that’s going to allow you to experience experience your divine self and
specifically it’s gonna lead you to a state of awareness where you can then
pose a question which is gonna be Higher Self God spirit guides source whatever
you want to call out to give me a message that I need to hear that will
help me at this particular time in my journey I’m gonna guide you to a space
it within yourself a state of consciousness where you can connect with
your Divine self and all you have to do is sit back relax close your eyes and
listen along so the first thing I’m going to ask you to do is a bit of a
challenge how fast can you relax yourself how quickly can you enter your
own version of the meditative state I’m gonna help you but what I want you
to do is relax yourself right now yes quickly as possible bring your awareness
to your shoulders consciously choose to relax take a nice powerful deep breath
in hold it and let it out slowly as you breathe with every inhalation
imagine yourself drawing in beautiful healing and uplifting white light energy
into your being and as you exhale allow yourself to release any tension or
negativity you’re carrying we’re after every single exhale you feel lighter and
lighter and lighter and more and more and more free and liberated and at peace take another beautiful powerful deep
breath in with me right now drawing in that positive white light
energy into your being and letting out the tension letting out the stress
letting go of the worry putting down the angst and the frustration in falling
effortlessly into alignment with the silence that always exists within your
heart space okay my friend I want you to now imagine yourself as a bird
imagine yourself transforming right now into a bird
imagine beautiful impressive wings extending out of your back and coming
all the way down to the floor giving you a sense of power and freedom and grace
you’re a young Bern you’ve never yet flown but your bird parents have trained
you well and they just came over and said to you little burn it’s time to fly
for the first time and I want you to imagine what that little bird feels like
I want you to embody what it would feel like to know your moments away from
lifting off and ascending into a whole new paradigm of experience
just filled with an almost unimaginable amount of freedom and joy and
expansiveness how is it going to feel to fly for the very first time you’re
moments away you’ve done the training and you’re ready to go and you’re about
to lift off my friend how do you feel feel those feelings in your body that
you’ve earned imagine how liberating you’re about to
feel as you lift off for the first time ever in your life my friend is time I
want you to extend your wings out wide and flap them down and cause yourself to
lift up imagine yourself as that bird lifting off taking flight for the first
time ever and instantly tasting that freedom feeling in a visceral way that
expanse of mist I want you to imagine yourself now getting higher and higher
and higher and soar and well above the ground well above the earth you’re now
above the trees and everything as you look below yourself is getting smaller
and smaller and smaller and you’re continuing to flap those beautiful wings
and go higher and higher and higher and as you get higher and how you feel more
and more and more free more expansive more yourself I want you to keep flapping those
beautiful wings and enjoy this state of being that you’ve now cultivated within
yourself as you ascend into this higher plane of experience this higher realm of
existence that’s a part of who you are and now you’re getting so high you can
barely see the clouds as you look down and you’re getting close to space oh
that cool expansive beautiful peaceful space you’re a special bird so now
you’re among the stars and you feel more peace and more love and more connection
than you ever have in your entire life right now my friend from this state of
awareness you have an opportunity to experience very deeply a connection in a
communication with your Creator with your version of source your version of
God you are now very close to that source creation
the source of divine guidance is here with you right now
and I want you to ask is there a message you have for me what do I need to know
for this next leg of my journey what do I need to understand what do I need to
see what do I need to know for this next leg of my journey I want you to allow
yourself to let in this communication of divine guidance that’s going to assist
you in this next leg of your journey I want you to open up spread your wings
trust and let it in what message do you have for yourself
today my friend take a moment and just be with this
experience I want you to thank yourself for this
experience for it is you who created the state of being on this elevated state of
consciousness that has allowed you to receive a powerful message to carry you
in to this next leg of your journey with the wind in your back and all the
confidence and excitement and joy anyone can ask for wanting to feel yourself
descending back down getting lower and lower and feeling a sense of completion
and pride that you just did that and now you’re lowering down through the clouds
you can peek through them and see the trees now appearing before you as you
get closer and closer you’re feeling more and more solid more and more
grounded more and more ready for this next leg of your journey now armed with
maybe something new a new insight a new revelation a new source of divine
guidance is now with you and will be with you as you take this next leg of
your journey head on full force with all the confidence and excitement and joy
one could ask for first up lowering down now now level
with the trees and you see a really sturdy branch you can go ahead and land
on and I want you to imagine the feelings of what that bird feels like
right now it just flew it just headed them but you just have divine encounter
with your higher self or with God or have you come to define it just fine and
now you feel more ready than ever for this new year this this new cycle
there’s no arrow this new leg of your life I want you to imagine yourself
coming down from the tree and landing on the ground and then reforming back into
your human self nice it is to have arms and feet and legs and heart and a face
imagine your feet feeling grounded and one with the earth and you can now
slowly open your eyes I saw two together take a breath thank you my friends I
hope you enjoyed that take your time coming out of this state be patient with
yourself they have an amazing day an amazing week an amazing full moon cycle
an amazing year a phenomenal new decade and an amazing life namaste

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    There is no good or bad, only wanted and unwanted. And these things vary greatly from person to person. It's the reason why thousands of years of law enforcement, punishments, and harsh kings never actually elliminated criminals. One set of laws cannot account for everyone. But that's exactly how the aliens run our planet. They're the Annunaki. They're also the gods and goddesses of ancient times, as well as the Abrahamic God and Angels. Same beings.

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  31. Wow, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this video, Victor! It's incredible – just before I watched it, I shuttered a business venture that I had been working to start since last year – for EXACTLY the same reasons that you closed up shop at your gym: The thought of chasing down advertisers and investors now feels so out of alignment with my present state. I had a few lingering mixed feelings about it – because I still love the core idea – but intuition was SO STRONG that I couldn't ignore it. Thank you for sharing your experience – it really helped to put those mixed feelings to rest! I'm TOTALLY STOKED about where we're headed, woohoo! πŸ˜€

  32. What do you do if you didn’t get a message? Such a BEAUTIFUL meditation but I didn’t pick up on anythingπŸ₯Ί peace to everyone πŸ™πŸΌβœ¨ enjoy this beautiful full moon energyπŸ’•πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ§‘β€οΈβ˜―οΈ

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    β€œBe love and trust the process.”

  35. I had so much anger come up during the meditation it’s scary. I know I have to move through these emotions it just seems unending. I’m also terrified to β€œthink positive” that got me further away from what I actually feel. I know that’s not what this is teaching but so much of the self help world taught me to deflect not feel. Never struggled so much during a mediation it is a great one though. Trying to let the anger be so it can move out of me but I’ve spent a lifetime holding it in. Thank you for your help and these videos let me know I’m not alone. For the first time I’m even mad at my spirit guides and doubting their existence. Haven’t dealt with this much doubt in over 5 years it’s scary

  36. I have had a Super, super hard times. Man O Man….. now I'm moving to a place I feel is going to explore and explode my life completely.
    A bit scary but the new, especially the mega new….. is always scary, like the roller coaster ride, just enjoy it Baby!!! D~.
    Thanks Victor and btw I heard about you from the Wondrful Eric…. Divine Conversations xoxo thanks guys.

  37. Thank you for your time and love. I just had a conversation today with the events you are speaking of. We all have that knowing and know what our purpose is and we are all very excited to be a part of this. Thank you!

  38. Just as you said in your video, I totes agree we can learn lessons in a softer way. In my latest plant dieta, Aya and lavender πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’– both showed me that healing and learning lessons don’t have to be hard/painful. Curious what other people think too!

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    As I'm currently still in that big Life Changing period where need to and want to be brave to manifest that Life Purpose in form of entrepreneurship and still feel the need to release resistance, most of what you said I can build in well and just go stronger and hopefully wiser forth with it.
    Thanks, keep the speaking flow going!πŸ˜ƒπŸ’

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    Most of what you’re saying makes complete sense of where I’m at. Very glad I found this vid πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ™

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  47. This past year has been eye opening for me, iv learned, cried, smiled, my whole life is so different than I ever thought. This has been overwhelming at times but rewarding the no less, I just want to think you for all that you do to help guid all of us on are path

  48. Brooo I think your amazing to share this not only is today my first time viewing your vid I had no knowledge about this wolf moon yesterday. But let me tell you u I wish I had your email to send you the Vids I recorded last night. The moon was really charging the 🌎 last night I felt it saw it and connected with it on great levels woke up this morning and on my google feed their it was… Wolf moon January 2020 🀯 had to go to YouTube lol

  49. THANK YOU DEAR VICTOR!, that was so empowering and so helpful! you don't know how important this was, thank you again!

  50. Thank you for doing what you do, especially the way you do it. Your positivity & acknowledgment of hard times has helped me tremendously.

  51. I just had this insight about Karma out of the blue and it completely changed the way I view it, if you wanna consider Karma, then consider it from a non-dualistic perspective, keeping the Law of One and the principle of correspondance in mind, you can only reach to the conclusion that Absolute Infinity/Nothingness is the only karma you have, any other idea you might hold is an illusion created by the dualistic nature of mind.
    And this might be one of the most liberating insights I've ever gotten. Thank you Victor for the amazing content !

  52. I resonate with karma no longer affecting us. I also cut all my hair off on the day of the eclipse. Let that shit go yall. We're doing big things right now. <3

  53. HAPPY 2020 VICTOR



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