5 Animals That Could Defeat A Rhino

5 Animals That Could Defeat A Rhino

5 Animals That Could Defeat A Rhino Rhinos actually have no natural predators (except for humans of course) due to their power, tough hide, horns, and aggression when provoked. But we’re talking about all the animals in the world so let’s go through the list. 1.Lions Yes, lions can kill rhinoceroses. Notice I said “lions”, not “a lion”. An individual lion won’t mess with a rhino because they’re too big; they also won’t target adults normally. They target rhino calves. Any adults that may attack are probably weak, sick, or dying. Don’t expect them to target a healthy, well-nourished adult rhino bull or cow, unless they’re really desperate. Their skin is too tough, and they run the risk of being gored by a horn or being stomped on. 2. Hippo The hippo might also be a match because of it’s massive teeth, bite force and bulk that would withstand the charge of the rhino. In fact I believe that it’s aggressive nature makes it even more powerful than the rhino. I think a hippopotamus can kill a rhino! 3. Elephants Elephants have been reported to attempt to mate with rhinos and killing them when failing. Rhinos are quite commonly killed by elephants, particularly young bull elephants. This is due to both of the animals population decreasing making their social groups more broken and causing skirmishes between them. 4. Crocodile A Crocodile could probably kill most animals in one bite. The guys saying the rhino would trample the crocodile is wrong. The crocodile is strong enough to not even feel the pain of the rhinos trample. Remember the crocodile isn’t little either. He can grow to 20 feet and 2 tons. If the crocodile takes a bite its over! 5. Tiger The Bengal tiger shares its habitat with the Indian rhino in many national parks across India. Although a tiger may ambush and kill a small rhino calf when the protective mother is off her guard, he will hardly ever challenge a healthy adult rhino. Even though tigers are strong enough to take down a rhino, they avoid fighting with the males!

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  1. I think only elephants can kill a healthy rhino and a hippo if the fight is near a body of water.

    A crocodile would probably only kill weaker rhinos if near a body of water also.

  2. African Elephant is the most dominant land animal on earth. No Animal can defeat an African Elephant in 1VS1 fight, not even Hippo, Rhino, Kodiak, Grizzly, Bison or Polarbear.

  3. did you listen to animal tv-shows a tiger cant kill a rhino and also not a crocodile could kill a rhino only 2 animals could kill a rhino-like a hippo and an elephant

  4. If a Hippopotamus is smaller than a Rhinoceros it can still kill a Crocodile so you are correct a Croc can defeat a Rhino. Well only in the swamp but not on land unless the Rhino is oblivious or a baby or if it’s horn is not big. I kind of disagree with you that a Crocodile can’t feel the powerful attack from the Rhinos big horn.

  5. You are so off base with the Rhino vs. Hippo scenario. The Rhino kicks the crap and/or straight out kills the Hippo almost every encounter. The Rhino seems to only be at a disadvantage when the park rangers cut off the horn and leave them defenseless. . . 😢😢😢
    Otherwise it's ass kicking time….

  6. Rhinos can kill a Kodiak Bear or a Polar Bear and any other Bear species and if a Kodiak Bear can kill a Crocodile then for sure a Rhino can kill a Crocodile. WHAT THE CRAP HIPPOS ARE SMALLER THEN RHINOS AND CAN KILL CROCODILES AND THE RHINO HAS THICKER SKIN THAN THE HIPPO AND THE RHINO SHOULD KILL THE CROCODILE.

  7. "This is due to both of the animals populations decreasing, making their social groups more broken and causing skirmishes among them."
    This is true for many species..naturally or unnaturally.
    There is no good reason for a hippo to ever even encounter a rhino in the wild..
    Blame this on Earth or on homo sapiens… but 'tis true, and is very sad IMHO.

  8. The Giraffe should be thrown into the mix. I saw a Giraffe battle a Cape Buffalo at the San Diego Wild Animal Park and that Giraffe swung it's head…….knocked the buffalo back to Africa.

  9. An adult white rhino is more than a match for a hippo. It is over a ton heavier, has a horn that can be six feet long and can rip through a hippo's hide like paper and it can charge at 25 miles per hour.

  10. Now there is the biggest load of rubbish I've heard… One bite of a croc and it's over? Where on earth would that bite take place to kill an adult Rhino? Calves don't count. Lions and Tigers, only calves. Elephant is the only animal known to kill adult rhino's period!!!!!! A hippo is the only other animal that is interesting. Otherwise total crap.

  11. 10 Dogs That Could Defeat a Hyena
    1. Rottweiler
    2. Doberman
    3. Pitbull
    4. German Shepherd
    5. Cane Corso
    6. Presa Canario
    7. English Mastiff
    8. Caucasian Shepherd
    9. Great Dane
    10. Kangal

  12. one on one I don't think a lion can beat a rhino. I don't think that a animal should be on the list if it's not one on one.

  13. No way a single tiger even if its siberian can beat a rhino
    The only ones in this list who can win is hippo and elephant

  14. Still don't think a crocodile could kill a rhino with one bite even a fully grown croc…yes maybe if the rhino was a calf certainly not a bull rhino

  15. 1. No. Lion can't take down Rhino unless the Rhino is sick or young. Even a Pride can't.
    2. No. Hippos are smaller and less heavily built, Rhino have very strong bone structure even stronger than that of an Elephant. Rhino powerful horn would seriously harm Hippo. Hippo sometimes kill Rhinos but not more than the other way around, plus usually sick, old or young Rhinos but a Mother Hippo can protect her Calves from a Rhino.

  16. "الببر قاتل الفيله وكبار وحيد القرن🔞 Tiger Killer Elephants and Senior Rhino" على YouTube

  17. You see where a rhinos horn is located perfect for spearing an elephant's heart the elephants tusk are spaced the rhino horn can fit between them

  18. You kept bringing up the Rhino's young which is irrelevant, when you talk about who can kill who it should ALWAYS be Adult based facts. An adult hyena can kill a baby lion, but one-on-one the adult lion will win EVERYTIME!!

  19. I noticed a lot of stupid idiotic dumb moron here doesn't know that a Tiger can take on a Rhino. Poor stupid idiotic dumb moron afraid of facing the truth.

  20. In the African bush there is a documented case of a black mamba killing an elephant but not a rhino even with bite attempts due to the skin thickness resulting failure of fang penetration…

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