4ft Long Samson Is New York’s Biggest Cat

4ft Long Samson Is New York’s Biggest Cat

JONATHAN ZURBEL: He is the biggest cat in all of New York City. COMM: Meet Samson, a huge Maine Coon cat from New York, who weighs in at 28 pounds and measures
4 feet long. JONATHAN ZURBEL: I inherited him from my brother, kind of made him a celebrity on Instagram
and now he is a famous cat. He is the largest cat in New York. So, I’m waiting for a challenger
to step up and say they got one bigger. It’s going to be tough. He is a big boy. JONATHAN ZURBEL: He is a very gentle cat. People call Maine Coons ‘gentle giants’,
he does a lot of funny stuff, but he likes one movie on my iPad. He doesn’t stop watching
it – Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. COMM: The size of a dog, Samson even has a few canine characteristics. JONATHAN ZURBEL: He will follow me from room to room and just kind of hang out down by
my feet, you know, near me. And he is known to have been growling at the door before. COMM: The four-year-old eats six cans of food a day. JONATHAN ZURBEL: I got to get everything bigger. I have a huge litter box for him, he uses
a lot of litter and he eats a lot of food. COMM: Rounds up grooming bills of $120. COMM: And has his own unique mode of transport. JONATHAN ZURBEL: Usually when I walk my cat in the stroller, people are assuming I have
a kid in there. JONATHAN ZURBEL: People, when they see him, I hold him up and they’re all staring. LADY: I see a lot of cats and dogs but that is by far the biggest cat I’ve ever seen.
It’s crazy, my dog is smaller than the cat. LADY: He is very gentle. MAN: Yeah. Biggest cat I’ve ever seen.
LADY: Yeah, for sure. COMM: The massive cat has over 100,000 followers on Instagram. JONATHAN ZURBEL: I think he is, you know, a stunning cat and I want to make him as famous
as possible, and get him involved in some more cat opportunities. It’s nice that people
appreciate him like I do and so, I love to share him with people. COMM: And he’s been a great wingman to Jonathan. JONATHAN ZURBEL: He changed my love life completely. Can’t tell you how many girls want to come
over and meet him. He is 100% playboy and he gets me a lot of dates and admirers, he’s
priceless to me. I love him. To me he is like my son, he really is. I don’t have any kids
and I’ve just completely bonded with him. To me, he is like a family.

100 thoughts on “4ft Long Samson Is New York’s Biggest Cat

  1. Used to see a cat like this but black & white in a Felix pattern, on the way to school. Tried to tell people but no-one believed me how big it was.

  2. Did you ask the vet why he is so BIG?????? Tireoide or some other problem? Check his health because been too big maybe shortened his life. I hope not.
    It's his heart ok?

  3. Awe!! Great video!!!Thank you!🐈👍🦔🙏🏻🧘‍♂️😘🏃🐇😍❤️😊😻💕🍉🦋

  4. Wait he takes a walk in a stroller… Doesn't that basically defeat the purpose and leave the poor kitten without any exercise

  5. By the way, it isn't just a dog thing to follow their owners room from room. Both my cats play fetch too. It's not un common. Jeeze.

  6. Beautiful cat you are blessed with. My local shelter has a orange tabby weighing in at 21.9 lbs.5 yo. Thought about getting him don't know if I could pick him up lol. In my 70s.????

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