2019 BEST Range Hoods – Inside Look | IQ Blower, Downdraft Hoods

2019 BEST Range Hoods – Inside Look | IQ Blower, Downdraft Hoods

Hi this is John with Designer Appliances –
today I’m here with Frank Carroll President of BEST Range Hoods and he’s going to talk about why best range hoods are the best hoods to consider when
renovating your next kitchen project. Thanks John, it’s great to be here at
designer appliances we’re so happy with our partnership. They do a great job here
if you haven’t been here and seen the showroom it’s incredible and we’re so
fortunate to have our best brand here and on display. Most people don’t know we’re the largest manufacturer of hoods in North America.
Air quality and home solutions is a division and we think about air quality
whenever we design any one of our products, so the best brand obviously
brings that forward. We have features and benefits in all of our products that
really step above everybody else in the marketplace. Not to be too
proprietary and maybe cocky about it, I would tell you, we have almost every
style that you need we’ve got that the chimney hoods, we’ve got the wall hoods,
we’ve got down drafts that our downdraft is one of the best that’s made in the
marketplace. And I say that because it has great ventilation. If you ever get a
chance to see a working model or a demo, it has dual ventilation where the
capture on this unit is very good. We have ventilation out the back, out the
sides and we’re just coming out with a new ventilation where you can actually
vent from the bottom also. So, a really cool product one of our stars in our
lineup. Inside of our range hoods, you know you heard about Intel Inside and computers – we have inside of our range hoods a program that’s called IQ
Blower. We have the ability in our IQ blower but actually if we say it’s a 600
CFM blower or 1200 CFM, it will operate at 600 CFM because it
will measure the pressure it needs and how fast that blower needs to go in
order to push to that CFM. Competition when they tell you a 600 CFM and if
someone doesn’t install it exactly right, it might be 350 or 400 CFM. It might not
really be what you what you thought you were getting. So really proud of some of
the features of benefits we have in our product. Again, great partners here
and we appreciate the support. If there’s every any questions about BEST, we have
an outstanding technical service department. Any of your questions or comments or anything that you have suggestions for
us because we’re always looking for great ideas!

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