1Des Daily News: Rapper Heems Exposes Racist Fox Programming

1Des Daily News: Rapper Heems Exposes Racist Fox Programming

Hey what’s up Desis, this is your host Varun
Kumar with today’s 1Des Daily News. Desi-American rapper Heems, aka Himanshu Suri
of Das Racist and Swetshop Boys fame, posted a video from the Fox TV show “Whacked Out
Sports” on his instagram, and I can’t tell whether it’s cringey, racist, unfunny,
or all of the above. In the clip from a segment depicting the Sikh
festival Holla Mohalla, which is a deeply sacred event that depicts the martial history
of the Sikhs, but from a spiritual perspective, the show “Whacked Out Sports” focuses
on a saint/soldier, or Nihang as they are called, who showcases heroic feats from the
ancient martial art of the Sikhs: Gatka. In the segment, whacked out sports’ narrator,
Tom Gottlieb, makes disparaging comments about the Sikh religion and proceeds to embark on
a mock-translation of the Nihang’s Punjabi interview in standard brownface pseudo accent. The clip speaks for itself. “But the star of the show has to be Jagdish
Namshir, but you can call him ‘The Turban Cowboy.’ Yo, yo, yo. Where my bitches at? It’s the Turban Cowboy. Two horse power of love muscle. One night with me and it’s, ‘Thank you, see
you real soon.'” Heems posted this clip on his Instagram with
the caption: “racism still alive they just b concealin it.” The posts’ comments were filled with many
people being in shock and disgust that an internationally syndicated program owned by
the 21st Century Fox media company can be so racist. This is not surprising, however, when you
realize that 21st Century Fox, owned by Australian billionaire Rupert Murdoch, is the same company
behind Fox News and the character Apu from the Simpsons. What is surprising though, is that the Murdoch
family also controls one of the largest Desi cable networks in the world: the Star Channel. I wonder how the over 1 billion Desis who
tune into Star everyday for Hindi language programming would feel about this segment
from the Star Network’s American parent company. Media misrepresentations like this almost
always happen in creative settings where not a single female, homosexual, person of color,
or any other minority is present in the making of it. Desis, do you think we as a community can’t
put all the blame on these media companies alone? After all if we don’t fight to put our own
stories out then why should we mad when others do brown face and put out racist garbage like
whacked out sports? Write your thoughts in the comments below
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host, Varun Kumar.

2 thoughts on “1Des Daily News: Rapper Heems Exposes Racist Fox Programming

  1. it is not as simple as putting out desi culture out there, in a christian world. It brings a warm feeling to every chritsians heart when they convert an indian to christinaity,, and show him he now has access to being accepted by the christain world. When desi put out their culure on the TV, it will not be welcome, unless people are athiest and open minded. desis have to change the phychology of the planet again!

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